3 days

Holy moly!!! 3 whole days left until it’s WEDDING DAY!!!!!

Here is the SQUEEEEEEE-worthy promo:

Can you all believe we only have 3 days to go until we hear the words:

I do.”                 Me: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I now pronounce you Husband and Wife.”                         Me: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

You may kiss the Bride.”                          Me: <I just faint and the kids revive me with some water thrown on me>

I now present to you Mr. and Mrs. Michael Corinthos.”                        Me: <Ro runs around grabs all SnBers and gives them a huge hug and kiss while each of them, including Ro are sipping on a glass of champagne with a strawberry at the bottom>

Wedding day…. Yes, I was fortunate enough to have one of my own and have been to many others while being a wedding photographer’s assistant BUT this is different… This has been FOREVER, 18 years in the making. 18 years of being loyal and faithful. I never cheated on my Sonny and Brenda. I have never LOVED another pairing of either of them. I always felt SnB should be together. And now????????

This wedding and aftermath are going to be amazing in so many ways. The wedding will be glorious and the reception a lot of fun… As much as I wish TPTB didn’t do the Lippy-redo, it adds so much depth to Sonny’s feelings for Brenda… Hell hath no fury as a pissed off Sonny Corinthos once he finds out Brenda was kidnapped! Once he realizes Brenda was not left in that limo…. EEEEEEEEEEEE GO GET YOUR WIFE SONNY and MAKE THOSE BASTARDS PAY!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEE

This is a supercouple! This is why the fans squee with delight and get excited and hooked upon a couple.. It’s the romance, the adventure, the friendships… The Drama. You don’t need cheating or nastiness, you can certainly work with a couple being married and in love. In no way shape or form could SnB EVER be boring! Just the chemistry alone between Vanessa and Maurice is phenomenal! But give them issues and obstacles, let Brenda travel for ASEC if she wants, let her model and let Sonny have his mobular stuff, let them travel together BUT at the end of the day, end of the week or even month, let them come home together and be happy to be together!

It’s just 3 more days. We will all be united under the Soap God and will watch Brenda Barrett become Sonny Corinthos’s wife. Finally, 13 years after the worst day of our soap viewing lives, we will have our pay off and love fest.

The amazing thing? We don’t have to watch alone in our rooms or living rooms maybe with a mom or grandma, but we get to watch together and converse with people who feel exactly the same way as we do, in real time! We get to experience all of this together! The good and the bad and the good again, together, thru thick and thin, Carly and the ho’s, Jerx and Migs, stupid Frog Face and a “death.” We’ve been thru it all as individuals, this time, we get to experience this as SnBers united thru the internet. Thank the Soap God of communication!

TTFN! xo


One response

  1. LOL…. “frog face.” LOVE IT! Wish I could experience it in real time with all of you that can, but I will be there in spirit! And I welcome anyone who wants to to join me when I watch it online after ABC posts it! 🙂 As bad as the current writing is, and as much as I feel their reunion was rushed, I am still beyond ecstatic that this day has come! My – OUR – S&B will finally be together as husband and wife. Makes me wanna cry tears of joy.

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