2 Days

Ah, 2 day until our BABIES GET MARRIEEEEEED!!!!!!!

Gosh, they look so pretty…

Today I am going to write a little bit about my wishes… Ones that just didn’t happen and ones that did.

I wish:

Julia, Ned and Lois came in for the wedding.

There was a bridal shower thrown by Robin, Julia, Lois, Brook Lynn, Monica, Tracy, Kate, Sam, Kristina, Molly, and yes, Olivia. I doubt Brenda has ever had one and she deserves to have one.

There were bachelor and bachelorette parties. I don’t think either ever had one in the past. It would have been fun to see them out with their friends and then come home to each other, tipsy and happy.

TPTB didn’t want to redo Clink/boom… Makes me wonder since it is almost exactly the same, frame for frame, who will be clinking as the boom goes off…..

We knew for certain if VMG was going to stay or not.

I can “I wish” for days and nothing would change but I do have things I am thrilled about..

I am thrilled about…

Sonny and Brenda have their Castle in the Air! (Why do peeps treat it like the train station, though? In and out?)

Sonny and Brenda are so in love and only want to be together. This is not a business deal, no one is pregnant, no one is threatening the other and no one is terminally ill.

We will have our amazing, long waited for wedding full of love, excitement and happiness.

I can have fun with my girls (and guys) while watching the wedding while on Twitter and the Board. It’s a gift to us this time.

Only 2 whole days… What will we be doing on Wedding Day? I bet not a single one of us will be productive! We will be distracted and use EEEEEEEEEEEEE a lot. I bet someone says EEEEEEEEEE to their boss or spouse by accident! LOL

It is going to be a day for us full of happiness, nervousness, use of only one letter on the keyboard, and it will continue thru the following week!

 I’m sorry I can’t write more now, my Noah is  not feeling well today. But, tomorrow maybe I will start at the beginning… I’ll think about it and you’ll see tomorrow!

TTFN! xo


5 responses

  1. I wish… that I had access to the board on my smartphone and could participate in the live post on Friday. But I will be at work and the firewalls on my computer are too strict!!

    I do wish that Lois and Ned could be in attendance too though… 😦

    • There will surely be another “live” post on the board for the second airing of GH each day on SoapNet. You just post in the same thread that was started earlier in the day. I bet a whole bunch of people will be posting then! xo

  2. Thanks. Unforunately, my crappy cable provider cut Soapnet back in September, so no second airing for me either. 😦 Most likely, I will have to wait until the next day to watch it, after ABC uploads it onto the website. But I’ll be with you all in spirit, and celebrate with everyone by posting in the live thread when it’s no longer live. LOL

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