Sonny and Brenda Media Blitz

~~~Updated with all the links I know about. If there are anymore I am missing, please post the links in the comments area! Thanks, Ro xo

Click on right arrow box:…l-super-couple/

This one is the Podcast we all participated in early in the day. Renne, Nessa/Jackie/Kuchen all called in and spoke in this podcast, they offered 3 fantastic questions and then the hosts spoke to Vanessa and Maurice.…248730&comments…_medium=twitter…on-their-i-dos/…ting-married%21…ment&id=7965647

Check out for the other links for this media blitz.

We only really have to make it through one more day. One more day until the wedding of OUR DREAMS starts!! It is amazing, beautiful and so deserved.

I am a Sonny and Brenda Fan, have been since day one. I fell in love that day on the docks, the day Sonny helped Brenda with her suitcase….. I have loved them ever since. I feel as though we are all marrying Sonny and Brenda. I think I need to buy a bottle of bubbly. LOL



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