1 Day

The beginning….. in 1993

The docks happened to be the place where Sonny and Brenda actually took notice of each other and you could see the parks fly between them. Sure they met a a time or two before but none of them were significant. This time was different. This time was the beginning of a supercouple called, Sonny and Brenda.

Their path was full of ups and downs and there were major issues to get over and passed. The major one was trust. They trusted each other but only to a certain point. There was no real trust from Sonny when it came to what he did for a living. That unfortunate lack of trust lead us to The Wire. But, before The Wire, we had an interloper named Lilly or as we call her, ” Lippy, Frog Face, Annoying…” She created doubt in Sonny’s mind when it came to Brenda. Sonny would confide in her because she came from the life and that right there created an insecurity in Brenda and planted a wedge between our SnB.

In due time, SnB were able to over come The Wire incident. When SnB started to come together, he had to marry Lilly and then she became pregnant. He and Brenda were going to be together until that heartbreaking day in the rain when he told her about Lilly and the Baby. Brenda told him to go be a good father and to make this worth it. She stood in the rain and Jax scooped her up and THE triangle of the ’90’s was born and we were just beginning to know it.

A few “days” later, Jax and Brenda were on a ship somewhere and Jax had won a bet and Brenda “had” to marry him. At the time of the ceremony, Sonny and Lilly were at Luke’s and they announced they were pregnant. They were leaving the club and Jax and Brenda were married and getting ready to toast each other. ***************CLINK/BOOOOOOM********************

Now we were left with the aftermath of the best triangle ever! S/B/J….. While I was always and forever a Sonny and Brenda fan, I understood Brenda’s draw to Jax. I understood that white knight crap after all the dark, sad days she just went through with Sonny and the Lilly mess. We watched and no matter what, rooted for Sonny to win Brenda’s heart. We knew they were soulmates and lived in each other’s hearts.

Fast forward to years and years later….. All those times are behind them. Brenda is not a girl anymore, she is a woman. She has grown in many ways but has retained her childlike personality. Sonny, a man, is very flawed and is jaded but when it comes to Brenda… Everything we have seen Sonny experience, mostly the bad stuff, melts away when he’s with Brenda and we see his true spirit shine thru.

They are comfortable together, they love each other, they LIKE each other… Flaws and all. Both of them are full of flaws but they accept each other for who they are. Neither is perfect (even though we think so..) but what they are is in love with each other. From that moment on the docks, they were in love. They had that spark that grew into the flame, an all consuming flame of love, passion and friendship. Now, tomorrow, they will begin their wedding day. Finally, 13+ years later, they will venture to that aisle, to that minister and say the vows we have longed for for what seems to be forever.

Yesterday was amazing with the Media Blitz! We had such a fantastic time all together listening, watching and spending the morning together! This week coming up is gonna be KICK ASS FUN!! Personally, I don’t even know if we are all truly prepared. I don’t think we can really prepare for something that was only a dream and written about in fanfics for years… Until last June to be precise.

See you girls in a bit, we will EEEEEEEEEE and have some fun today coming to terms with the HUGE event to start tomorrow. I am so excited to share all this with you all. It is a dream come true in more ways than one.

TTFN! 🙂 xoxo


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  1. sonny and brenda have and always will be the most most beautiful couple ever on daytime,i have never seen two people more in love and that love has never swayed in all the years they were apart,sonny has never loved any woman the way he loves brenda,they are my all time favorite couple,i know when they get married im going to have tears coming down my face,i have waited so long for this.they were always meant for each other,vanessa and maurice are the 2 most beautiful actors ever on daytime,i love them always and forever.shari renee barnes

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