Wedding Day #1

February 18, 2011

This is just the beginning of our happy times! My Twitter timeline was FILLED with GUSHING over Sonny and Brenda! It was a feed full of happiness, congratulations, marveling over how incredibly gorgeous both Vanessa and Maurice are. They were both just glowing with happiness yesterday!

It’s amazing how the culmination of an 18 year old storyline can bring such joy to not only the fans but  the portrayers of our supercouple.

I watched with tears in my eyes, loved the tender moments between Brenda and Robin, then Brenda and her girls. I liked the Sonny/Jax scene and then the Jax/Brenda scene. There needed to be a truce on this day, that triangle needs to be put in the past.. I may not like Jax, but he deserves to be number 1 in someone’s heart.. It’s just not Brenda’s or even Carly’s for that matter. IMHO, Carly doesn’t give 2 figs about Jax. He was just someone to play with over these few years. But Brenda did love Jax, not in any way the way she loved Sonny, but she did love him. He saved her from herself more than once… I thank him for that but now it is time for him to have a life away from SnB.

I liked how 2 out of the 3 baby mama’s wished Sonny good luck and had their boobies on display. Hehe Carly’s dress was made for hookers. It was unflattering and cheap looking. But both Alexis and Olivia, as boobtastic as they were, looked gorgeous.

I loved the scene with Sonny and his boys. I absolutely melt when that part of Maurice shows up in Sonny. he always gets so melty around the kids. That’s why part of me wishes for an SnB baby.

The bridesmaid dresses were adorable and appropriate for the young teens and the older Robin. They looked so beautiful and so believable… All of them could be family and in some ways are Brenda’s only family.

What makes this wedding so different from any other that either Sonny or Brenda had was this deep feeling of family, contentment, peace and love. This is the first wedding of Brenda’s that Robin has been able to attend. I was reminded that Lucy stood up for Brenda for UMD, but I must have blocked it out. I know she and Lucy were close and I loved Lucy but it would have been more memorable if it was Robin instead. But, this time… Hot damn! We have Brenda’s family… Not by blood but by choice. She is surrounded by those who love and admire her… They will stand beside her as she says “I do” to the man of her dreams and ours. (Hehe)

It is intriguing about the Balkan and his wife. I was so afraid for Molly when she overheard the conversation between Theo and Crusty… Ooops, Suzanne (LOL). I thought the scenes where Sam, Jason and Spin saved her were good and I liked how they all worked together at that point. Jason looked good, I always like it when he’s dressed and out of those tee-shirts! Sam looked really pretty in her black pant suit.

This was my favorite:

So cute and I LOVE when we see almost the whole cast! This week is going to be amazing with seeing the majority of the cast in these scenes.. Not may scenes of just 2 people.. We will see scenes with 3, 4, 5+ people.

Remember, we will be doing live posts on the board ( and on Twitter each day at 3pm EST. Lisa will run the 10pm EST on the board. The Live Post thread will be open each day, even if you want to gush after watching scenes on YT. Please try to keep the comments of that days’ scenes in the proper thread.

Let’s have a magnificent time this week, enjoy every moment of this glorious wedding and each other’s company! Have a great weekend… watch those scenes again!! EEEEEEEEEEEE

TTFN xoxo


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  1. I love the episode last week on friday ! I loved when Sonny came to see Brenda and she ran you could tell her face full of love and laughing at the same time you know that sonny just wanted her to know that he wanted to let her know that he was there ! Love their tender moment !! Love the past couple of days in interviews haha lol !!

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