Home Again

Home Again was the first dance song for Mr. & Mrs. Sonny Corinthos….

I am in heaven right now.. I feel like we are all married to SnB now…. We all committed ourselves to this couple years ago and now, our fondest wish is a truth. Sonny and Brenda are married.. For better or for worse, thru good times and bad…

I do wish they used Crazy Love as their wedding song. It would have been perfect and a huge nod to history but as a runner up, Home Again was fine.

I don’t get why that nasty-ho, Carly was still at that reception or why in the world, Jax, the Jerx stuck around like that? Salt meets wound… stupid!

Lulu needs boxing lessons.. She should have right hooked Dante into next year!

Can I just say  that the writing has been phenomenal the past couple of weeks? Just beautiful!

I am sorry I am a little short on words, I have a lot going on in my day to day, non-SnB life… Shocking, right? haha… It’s all fine and I’m sure with the late week drama that we know is coming, I’ll have a huge blog over the weekend!

Love and kisses to all the new Mrs. Corinthos’s out there! xoxo



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