Thank TPTB for our Wedding!

Since we are all OVER THE MOON with our wedding and now our reception, please contact TPTB and THANK them for this. Be positive, say thank you and say how much you enjoyed how mature Sonny was written and how fantastic the wedding was.

Phone numbers to call:

Robert Iger: (818) 560-1000

Anne Sweeney: (818) 569-7700

 Brian Frons: (818) 460-7020

GH Comment Line: (323) 671-4583 ABC Comment Line: (818) 460-7477 Press 2, then 464 for GH

ABC Comment Forms:

Emails to contact:

 Robert Iger:

Anne Sweeney:

 Brian Frons:

 Robert Guza:

 Jill Farren Phelps:

 The studio address is:

General Hospital @ABC TV

 4151 Prospect Ave

 Hollywood, CA 90027

(You can send individual snail mail to both VMG and MB, just make sure you address it to them and then continue with the rest of the address as written above.) If we want more fantastic writing and our couple together for some time, we need to be positive and thankful. Also, please post on the GH Facebook page.

 Thanks, Ro


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