Wedding clip, VM Chat, Fall shake-up and a pic…


Yes, I’ve died and gone off to SnB heaven where I have just now married both Sonny and Brenda… (Yes, yes, all the SnBers are there, too because they married our babies, too.. ) Yesterday’s episode was sublime! The words during Sonny’s monologue were truly amazing!

I hear that TPTB have hired a consultant and I really hope that’s the difference because wow, has it been the kick in the ass GH has needed for YEARS… I wonder who it is… Maybe, just maybe, in staying true to my SnBer heart, it’s a Labine… Maybe Claire? I bet I can only hope it would be!!

Now, Daytime Confidential has reported that there will be a major shake up in the line up of daytime tv in the fall. They’re adding in a talk show or two and both GH and AMC have been consistently over budget for some time now. OLTL has been under budget for a very long time and cranks out unbelievably great stories all the time. Maybe if both GH and AMC stopped with the stunts and events, maybe they could concentrate on writing some good, meaty stories and leave the special effects to the movies.

VMG had her chat yesterday: (as per Kuchen)

As for memorizing my lines – that’s hard! I am trying to catch up with everyone. Maurice can memorize 9 monologues in about five minutes flat!

Ashley Feathers wanted to know if it was hard to walk in the wedding dress!
Ashley – ha! Not at all – the dress was quite comfortable. But the shoes were really difficult to walk in.

It’s interesting we ended up getting two different sizes. I’m like a blowfish – my shoe size changes depending on how much spicy food I eat

Krystn – thank you! I’m such a tomboy, but a girly girl when it comes to Fashion.

It revolves around comfort. It needs to be comfortable, no matter how pretty it is.

Taylor Joan asked what my favorite type of spicy food is
Taylor – we make hot sauce from scratch. It’s a family recipe with grilled red chilis. I love fried jalapenos too. We eat those by the dozen. I put sea salt on everything – it’s healthy, but it makes you puffy!

nick Durst wants to know how it felt taping today’s episode
It was incredibly powerful!
As you’ll see why – I was incredibly affected by it, as an actress, and as was Maurice.
It’s an incredibly special thing to be able to work with someone for so many years (as i have with Maurice)
to be able to play this pivotal moment for Sonny and Brenda.
These characters mean so much to us.

Heidi – I’m still starstruck by Maurice and that’s 100% true. Maurice can confirm! My palms sweat, and I worry that I’m disappointing him!

He will always be larger than life to me. I’m so lucky to get to work with someone as talented as Maurice.

Karen Heisch Toton asked if Maurice ever makes me laugh
That’s the best kept secret – Maurice is hilarious
We make each other laugh all the time. We have very similar senses of humor.
So, literally, 80% of the time – I don’t need to say a word and we know exactly how the other is feeling or thinking
and we both start cracking up.

Leigh asked what Brenda’s POV on Dante is
Leigh – Brenda’s crazy about him, and adores him. But sees him as a child. Brenda has a daddy complex. She likes older men who
she feels like are going to take care of her and are kinda like the boss (although she wouldn’t admit that!)
think Brenda feels almost maternal towards him
But in an indescribable way – loved him instantly. Interesting that she found out that the reason why is because it’s the love of her
life’s son. She’d throw herself in front of a bus to save him

Ashley wants to know what it’s like to tape romantic scenes
Ashley – it’s awkward!

Haley, who plays Molly, is like a little Lucille Ball!
and Lexi is so talented. Love them both. Hope to have more “stepmom”; scenes with them

xLovesToSmile asked how Brenda and I are similar and different.
We’re actually incredibly different – which is why i love to play her. It’s fun to play someone who loves to do things in a different way
There are things I could have related to when I was younger – her fear of intimacy, her need to act bold.
the joy of my life is being a mom – so we’d need to see Brenda become a mother.
Brenda really is terrified of intimacy. She’d take off from everyone she loves just so she doesn’t get hurt. It’s fascinating.

Isn’t this episode great?

Charlene asked how it is to work with Maurice.
Charlene – it’s fantastic! A lot of people asked if we’ve always clicked. We have.
From the second we met, we had clammy hands and felt like I was going to pass out. We clicked instantly!

Look! Sonny and Brenda are getting married!

Can you believe it?

Somebody asked what Brenda does for fun
I think Brenda likes to do normal things that most people would feel like monotonous are fun to her.
Because she’s lived such an unconventional gypsy life

Look! they’re getting married!

think Brenda would love to cook for Sonny

These were great scenes to tape

Are you guys crying?

because of Sonny and Brenda?

So many have asked what my favorite storyline has been
It’s always whatever my current one is! I’ve had so much fun with all the different storylines I’ve been given
I always get so excited when I see a new script in my dressing room.

Nicole Morgan asked if I think a Sonny/Brenda baby is possible
I don’t know! That’s a good question. Certainly possible

Gina Dinicola-Dunn asked if I think Sonny and Brenda will get a happily ever after.
Gina- you know, I do! ! I think that’s because I love them. I think they belong together.
They’re made for each other. Neither has perfect or conventional lives. Which is why I think they fit together.
There are a lot of definitions for Happily Ever After
Sonny and Brenda are married!

At last! After all these years!

Haley is so cute.

Sonny and Brenda belong together! I don’t think they could be happy with anyone else. But that’s just because I don’t want to see
Maurice with anyone else! LOL!

I remember when i was on “Las Vegas” I’d come into my trailer around the time “GH” was on. And I’d see Maurice working with
these other hookers and I’d cry!!! LOL!!

Abby asked if we could do a location shoot anywhere, where would we go?
We should go to Bensonhurst.

Today we have the reception! See you all at 3 and we will Eeeeeeeeee together!!

TTFN! xoxo


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