Friday Fireworks

Today held such highs and amazingly dark lows for not only Sonny, but all SnBers, far and wide.

First, we saw a very happy Sonny and Brenda finishing up their reception, saying bye to their family and friends.. Such amazing elation and fantastic love in the air and you could feel it thru the tv. It’s a rare thing to have that feeling from a tv program. Even though we all knew what was going to happen, it was still quite a shock to see the set up.

Michael and Abby were about to share their sweet first kiss, Jax and Alexis were toasting to their loser club and as their glasses came together, lips were touching, Sonny was laughing and smiling with Luke, the car went BOOM !

NOT COOL, Guze. Not cool to do Clink/Boom 2.0…..  Adding that did not make this easier. LOL

I’m not sure if this had the same impact on new viewers as it did for old-school SnBers/viewers who watched the first go-around with Frog Face. This brought back the anguish once again for Sonny but this time was different because Sonny is head over heels, over the moon in love with Brenda. She is his home, his life, his future for infinity. He was broken for 50 minutes of the show today. Honestly, every single one of us SnBers, even us spoiled ones, were broken with him.

Jax came and verbally assaulted Sonny. I’m not going to give that fool too much of my thoughts or typing. Yes, he loved Brenda, ONCE a BLUE MOON AGO. If he was interested in the past in protecting and loving her, he would have married her instead of humiliating her at the altar years ago. He could have whisked her away to Europe or the moon to keep her from Sonny. But, he humiliated her, walked away and tried to pay her off… IMO, he gave up all rights years ago to Brenda. He could be sad, a bit heartbroken but to go off on Sonny without knowing deets…. well, FU Candyboy…

That scene with Robin and Sonny… No words.. It just made me cry. I hate for them to be tortured like this, but they come across so well and I swear, Maurice, Vanessa and Kimberly are like family together. Simply beautiful and flawless together in every way.

Franco called Jason to taunt him and to ask if he enjoyed the fireworks.. hehe

Finally, at the end, the body was pulled from the car to have Sonny want to see his bride… But as he gently pulled back the hair, he saw this wasn’t Brenda, but Sam.

Happy weekend and see you all on Monday!

TTFN! xoxo


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