Wedding Day 6 Caps/next week’s Promo Caps

Thanks to for the amazing caps!


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  1. I think Sonny & Brenda have had the best chemistry of all supercouples..i used to lobe Bo &HOPE ….Deidre Hall..with her many loves of her life…but Brenda was always waiting patiently for this hunky adorable mobster no matter…what the situation.. Claire Labine wrote the best LOVE Story…Bob Guza still hasn’t done them justice…when Mo & Vanessa said they would like to play out more issues deserving of marriage & healing..she didn’t want all these shootings and bombs and damn distress. ( thank U M&V SONNY & BRENDA deserve so much better …GUZ BY the BY why did Lulu forgive Dante so quickly..writers r really changing their minds alot…and that means we alll have hope fpr twp desirably and hopelessly in love couples.. Thanx for letting me vent…ps strive for less commercials (nine in between..makes u forget u were ever watching General Hospital…

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