So, as you’ll all seen and I’ve written about, the show was AWESOME the past few weeks.

My friends on Twitter and I have so many #Teams going, it’s sick! #TeamEeeeeeeeeee #TeamMarriEEEEd #TeamNutjob #TeamThowsBarwarewithSonny #TeamWheresMYWIFE

Today, we were raring to go and …… and….. and…. waitforit….and… ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ… then finally EEEEEEEEEEEEEE..

WTF? Guza come back from vacation or something? What the hell was today’s show? All that we should have seen was Sonny screaming “WHERE’s MY WIFE????” and figuring things out, seeing Brenda, Sam in the emergency room and pretty much, that’s it.

Screw the Irish story (huge Zzzzzzzzzzz would be better if she dropped that dang accent!), the Balkans could have sent us a tweet of their assholery, and I could so do without Dante and his super-cop-shitck.

I wanted so desperately to see:

I hope tomorrow picks up better than today because seriously, the editing and flow of this crummy story stinks!

I am interested in Edward and possible dementia story, I am curious to see where Ethan and Kristina are led to, because I see potential in them as a couple. I’d like to see Ethan shaved, though.

Speaking of shaving, for the love of God, can Lucky take a razor to his diard? Diard: Dirty Beard.

I had such high hopes, hopes for an amazing writing change…. Something needs to be done behind the scenes at GH, not acting wise or change in any actors but writing and story flow and editing, cause gosh, unless it’s sweeps, they all go to sleep and it shows. Today was bad.

I want dialogue, I want stories that make sense and stay with me. I forgot why the Balkan needed Siobhan, I don’t get why Crusty couldn’t have done what she needed to do to Brenda long ago, where is the kid, why is Joker still jerxing around Port Charles when no one wants him, why couldn’t SnB really have a wedding night… my list could go on and on for days but my 11 month old needs me. LOL



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