Sonny and Brenda Forum Meet-Up

Hi everyone!

Just in the planning stage here and tossing around the possibilty of having a meet-up in the beginning of June, here at the Jersey Shore. It would either be the first or second weekend of June, on a Saturday or Sunday and we would meet in Long Branch, exit 105 on the Parkway.

It’s on the beach, has a great boardwalk and a cool tiki bar outside where we could hang out and drink fun drinks together. We could even come up with a fun drink just for us… I know the bar manager/bartender and he would totally be into making special drinks for us.

This is next door:

 Long Branch is approx. 45 minutes south of NYC, 30 minutes north of Point Pleasant (fun boardwalk), 45 minutes north of Seaside (Yes, where the MTV series Jersey Shore was filmed) and in Oceanport, the next town over has the race track (Monmouth Park).

I’m wondering who would be interested in doing this. I already know of a handful of people from CT, PA, NY and NJ already who would be interested in coming. Lisa-Lo may even come up from Florida!

 I figure since so many of us can’t travel to FCW out in LA, maybe we could have a mini-SnB fan club weekend ourselves.

If enough people are interested and may need accomodations, I will inquire about room rates. We could totally make this a weekend thing and possibly make this an annual event. Let me know your thoughts, where you’d be travelling from and if this could be do-able for all/some of you.

Please either post here in my comment section here in the blog or FB or on the board


Ro 🙂 xo


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