Keeping the wheels on the SnB Bus!


“I’m on da S&B bus till da wheels fall off.” <——–Best quote EVER from a SnBer on GH FB; Demetria!

clap1.gif SnBers…. I’d say we did ok yesterday with all the emails and with that Facebook-GH page blast! dance.gif

Last night was SO MUCH FUN on that GH FB page! I couldn’t stay long but that half an hour with you all was fantastic!

Ok… So, with that said and momentum going… Let’s continue with emailing, add in more calling, let’s try to do more on that GH FB page daily and let’s start sending our snail mail.

Snail mail is our most important form of communication, behind that is the Facebook page (GH), then it’s the emails and calling the comment lines.

Snail mail is very important because Vanessa and Maurice (Because I believe we should send not only to V but M, too) actually SEE our communication as do TPTB who have all the mail counted as it comes in.

As for next official step in the campaign, I still need a pow-wow with Lisa and we need to brainstorm as to who, what, when, and how to go about it.

But, until that kicks off, I think what I mentioned above is the way to go right now. I’d like to keep it simple, inexpensive and easy for everyone to do and to be able to do right now.

Kammgirl had a postcard made for us to send to TPTB:
user posted image

If anyone would like to make one, please put it in this thread for everyone to use.

These postcards should only be sent to TPTB.

We should snail mail to Vanessa and Maurice not only some beautiful postcards, but letters, notes, and cards.

Let’s get creative, let’s work our butts off while the iron is hot and while we are still all pumped up!


Jill Farren Phelps, Exec. Producer
Debra Genovesse, Producer
c/o ABC-TV
4151 Prospect Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Robert Guza, Jr.
Elizabeth Korte, Karen Harris, Tracy Thomson
Michelle Val Jean, Susan Wald, Mary Sue Price
Head Writers, Writers
c/o ABC TV
4151 Prospect Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Brian Frons
President, ABC Daytime
2300 Riverside Drive
Burbank, CA 91506

Anne Sweeney, Co-Chair
Disney / ABC Media Networks Division
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521

Sallie Schoneboom
ABC Daytime
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521

Felicia Minei-Behr
Senior Vice President of ABC Daytime
Capital Cities, ABC, INC
77 West 66th St
New York, NY 10023

Let’s keep this going, pass the info to all your SnB, Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo and Maurice Benard friends…..



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