Jake’s week

Where do I begin? How do I start this?

First, I must say this. I believe Guza is the worst HW in the history of soaps. Can he write a kick ass montage? Yes. Do his promos look good and appealing? Yes. The rest of his stuff comes across as dog food on steroids.

Second, Our honeymoon was cut. It was shot, along with a bunch of other things that were cut, too. 😦

Third, Jake’s death is more about Jason and Carly than it was about a little boy who lost his life, his parents and siblings and those who loved him.

Fourth, Joss’s surgery, TRANSPLANT SURGERY, from stage 5 Kidney Cancer apparently cured her, she didn’t need to be hooked up to monitors, no stitches, no therapies, no chemo, no blood tests, no doctors, no clean hands or trying to keep her immune system up…. This was an epic FAIL.

I can bitch about our lack of honeymoon. I can cry with my girls, I can ask all the people I know “Why?” but in the grand scheme of things none of it matters. Guza does as he pleases. He cuts what he wants cut and showcases what HE deems good and awesome. He does not give a fig about ratings or about keeping fans happy. I believe he hates us. All of us. I believe he hates GH and ABC. I believe he should be fired and he should be ashamed of himself.

We saw no funeral for Jake. We didn’t see powerful Liz and Lucky scenes. Thank GOD for the Liason scene, even though I didn’t care for them, that made sense and was a day or 2 too late in my book.

Luke being the driver……….. Luke killed his “grandson.” LUKE SPENCER. Nice, he’s raped, killed bad guys and now killed a baby. GREAT. Plus he’s a LUSH not an Anti-Hero. He is just a mess. No Tracy. No phone call to Laura.

Speaking of Laura.. Where was Bobbie? Audrey? Monica? Edward? Maxie? JAX? WTF?

I am frustrated. I know this week wasn’t about Sonny and Brenda. I would have been happy and thrilled just to know they were on honeymoon together off screen. To know it was shot and is sitting on a cutting room floor somewhere is a travesty.

I watched each day this week except for Tuesday. This was a dark, depressing week that concentrated on finding the driver of the car. Many beats to Jake’s story got lost for everything else.  



3 responses

  1. Ro, I wrote a comment to today’s blog on yesterday. I was soo upset about the honeymoon that I wrote it underneath the email flood post you did. I couldn’t help it . I had to let my frustration out somehow. Please read it. Thanks.

  2. I am furious to learn that the honeymoon scenes with Sonny and Brenda were cut. I was so excited about their honeymoon. The Jake storyline totally sucks!! There are other ways to redeem Liz, showcase the spencers and highlight Jason’s watery eye death stare. It is completely ridiculous!

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