Believing the Spoilers these days? Look here…

Post originated @ The Sonny and Brenda Forum by Sara:

These are the worst spoilers of Brenda’s WHOLE return. Literally. I know that as of late, we have kind of been getting screwed. No honeymoon, and with the abused S&Bers we are, one nasty spoiler can ruin the night (don’t even try to deny it). A lot of S&Bers are inclined to believe the worst– like these spoilers below, all of which proved to be false or played out completely differently (in our favor) than they sounded. I compiled some of the worst from the beginning of the spoiler thread above (sources are random but still common ones). In short, I was a loser tonight considering how long this took….

Posted on: 7/29/10 Sonny receives a mysterious call from Brenda. Unfortunately, Claire answers his phone and Brenda hangs up. Jax also receives a call and is worried about Brenda. Carly presents Jax with an ultimatum. When that does not work, Carly runs to Jason. Carly begs Jason to go save Brenda in order to save her marriage to Jax.

8/9 Jax’s behavior will be very confusing. Is he interested in reconnecting with Brenda? Is he trying to make Carly jealous? Its hard to say, but whatever he is up to, rest assured that he won’t want Brenda anywhere near Sonny and he’ll do what he has to to keep them apart.

8/20 *After some nefarious dealings, and mismanagement, Kate is ousted from Crimson. Jax needs a new editor..He turns to Brenda.

9/2 Jason and Brenda kiss. Spinelli tries to keep the photo of it from Sam. Brenda takes Jason to a gala. She kisses him. Jason and Brenda attend a gala. The kiss is captured by the paparazzi. 9/8 Brenda has a secret alright, but she doesn’t even know it! When it is discovered expect Carly, Sam, Sonny, and Jason to explode!

9/11 Sam and Sonny catch Jason and Brenda in matching towels. Carly hires a PI to investigate Brenda’s connection to the Balkan. Kate, Diane and Brenda go shopping. On Dante’s connection to Brenda DZ says: “There is going to be stuff that has happened between them…you can figure it out for yourself.”

9/13 Claire tells Ronnie that she’s pregnant. 9/18 After a confrontation with Claire, Brenda remembers when Sonny married Lily.

9/21 Carly tells Brenda to keep her distance from Jax. Brenda tells her Jax offered her a job. October 12th

9/27 Carly catches Jax kissing Brenda.

10/1 Jax discovers his ex is in town and pays her a visit. After they catch up, he heads over to Sonny’s and orders him to stay away from Brenda.

10/2 Carly tries to use Johnny as a distraction for Brenda.

10/13 Carly is livid when she discovers that Jax is remodeling Metro Court for Brenda

10/17 Carly will push Jax to have sex with Brenda. Which Sonny will also walk in on. This will happen in December.

10/19 *Sonny and Claire reunite.. *Michael thinks Brenda is hot.

10/21 Sonny goes back to messing with Claire after getting the message from Brenda (he sees Jax putting his hand on her shoulder).

10/22 Carly seethes when Jax commences plans to remodel the MetroCourt with a secure apartment for his true love Brenda. Sonny tries to work Claire again, but she tries to resist his charm.

10/26 Hey. Are you enjoying S&B or not? Not really. Probably because I know it’s only going to get worse. 😦 Aww. Does it have something to do with Sonny finding out about Brante’s past and him being with Claire? Yeah basically. The Brenda and Dante stuff is just…yuck. Oh no. Do you have confirmation that they were lovers 😦 ? Yes. Carly finds out about it while Brenda tells Jason everything.

10/27 Expect the sparks that flew between Brante in the past to ignite heated emotions in everyone they know & love.

11/5 Dante and Brenda celebrate a child birthday in December

11/7 Insider, don’t tell me Sonny goes back to Claire for a third time?? More Than likely.

11/8 Oh and by the way, Brenda and Dante were lovers. From TV GUIDE: Brenda mania rages on General Hospital with every man (and boy) in Port Charles falling for the dippy, dreamy charms of Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo’s ledgenary character, But it’s only Dante Falconeri- the steadfast cop played by Dominic Zamprogna-who makes our Miss Brenda quiver and implode. Turns out, these two not only share a past, but they also had a child together, although fans won’t know the whole story for weeks. We’re sworn to secrecy about that, But this we can tell you: Zamprogna is a splendid actor of sweet spirit and easy, guy-next-door machismo who’s about as un-soapy as can be. A real find.

11/13 Brenda and Dante share a farewell kiss.

11/14 S&B/CarJax. Think SWING! (Sonny/Carly pity sex again?) Sonny will continue to go back and forth between Brenda and Claire. All’s fair in love and war. Claire won’t give up without a fight. Carly’s meddling pushes Brenda and Jax closer together. Brenda tells Carly to leave her alone or she will go after Jax.

11/15 After Sonny and Brenda make love, something pulls them apart once more. And its…back to Claire. For now.

11/17 Brenda confides in Jax and has him swear to keep her secret from Carly.

11/18 Brenda moves out of Jason’s penthouse in December, and into Metro Court.

11/19 A Who’s the daddy s/l is coming for Brenda and I don’t mean the missing child’s dad either. Jax/Brenda/Sonny? anything else you can share? Yes Pretty much Brenda will sleep with both before the end of the year.

11/20 Sonny falls back into Claire’s arms, Claire ignores her new co workers advice. Brenda, Jax, and a big bottle of booze. How long do we think this S&B reunion will last? And will they or won’t they have sex? Until Feb sweeps. And yes, they’ll be together and have sex

11/22 Anything on Brenda/Jax? Yes they share a moment on new years eve. Brenda and Sonny are together and she’s sharing a moment with Jax? Yes correct.

11/30 Things go awry and Luke and Tracy’s wedding. Just as the wedding is about to be officially called off, Sonny asks Brenda to marry him on the spot- they can make use of the already planned wedding. Just as Brenda is about to answer him, Carly feels this is the time she must reveal what she thinks she knows to keep Sonny from marrying his son’s ex-lover. Of course, Carly feels the need to do this in a very loud, very public way in front of all the wedding guests. You can guess where it goes from there….. GH: GOING?

December 8, 2010 Rumorville: There is chatter that Vanessa Marcil (Brenda) may exit the show in a few months time… Rumors persist that both Brandon Barash (Johnny) and Lisa LoCicero (Olivia) are on their way out, although at different points in time.

12/9 -Fans of one ABC duo are in for an unhappy New Year; sources say that the show’s plan is to move full steam ahead with a controversial triangle. (probably Sonny/Brenda/Dante)

12/13 * Carly bullies Brenda to the point of a nervous breakdown.

1/9/11 *Jax can’t let go of Brenda, even when he knows it hurts Carly. *Jax considers leaving Carly for Brenda.

1/13 GH Casting News GH is hiring the contract role of Grace, who is described as “35, Caucasian, beautiful, dynamic, glamorous. She is the daughter of a wealthy entrepreneur. She is fearless, mercurial … and a bit spoiled. We are looking for a well-known, established actress from either prime-time or daytime for this particular role.”

 1/14 only have posted spoilers once about Sonny and Brenda in regards to their engagement at Lunacy’s wedding, you can check my IP. My source is telling me that SnB do get married, but the reception is a horrible event. What I have been told (and it has yet to be filmed) is that Carly spills the beans and Brenda goes missing. I am not clear if Dante is involved, but it seems likely. Sonny lashes out and beds Claire. Sonny and Brenda are the endgame couple and so are Lante, but I can tell you the Crimson scenes with Brenda and Lulu don’t do either character any favors. Like I said, none of this has been filmed, and ABC has a real investment in SnB, so I am not positive they will go the SoClaire way, but Guza wants it. I only ask about Sonny and Brenda, so I have no other gossip, but at least SnBers will get Brenda Corinthos out of this deal.

 1/18 GHH has VMG exit date as Mar. 4 in their rumours column.

1/19 GHH RUMORVILLE After Sonny and Brenda have a misunderstanding, Brenda turns to Dante and Dante shuts her down cold by telling Brenda that he loves Lulu. Look for a shift in writing in the latter half of February. March 4th is the date being bandied about for an impending exit (Vanessa).

 2/2 As for that missing baby, look no further. The baby is not Dante’s. The baby is not the Balkan’s son. The baby is Jax and Brenda’s, leading to outrage, fury, shock, and something incredibly special. Fans will be treated to Carly speaking in Latin as her head spins completely around while “Mad World” plays in the background. I will definitely be stocking up on Junior Mints and popcorn! Carly and Jax’s relationship is a wasteland, and I’m hearing that Jax may be off canvas when this story wraps (possibly with Brenda in tow). Again, only what I am hearing for now. There have been major rewrites on this one! They really have gone back and forth on this story many times over (I’ve heard this from two separate sources now). ~~~~~~~~~~~

So, how many of these spoilers did you freak over?? Personally, in all honestly, I did for all of them up until S&B got back together in November and Vanessa & Maurice got more vocal. We couldn’t have better people on our side!! Long live S&B!!!!!!!!!! This is too good of a fanbase to start getting negative now… when we’re finally married!! Take the spoilers with a grain of salt and keep writing, voting and calling… and remember: Don’t Stop Believing

From me as a reminder for ALL AREAS of THe SONNY and BRENDA FORUM:

This has been quite a road for us. From the days of just watching on our tv’s and recording on our VCR’s & being spoiler free. Now we have the internet, spoiler whores, baiters, haters, dvr’s and clips everywhere. IMO, we have too much information and it is getting in the way of what is truly important…

Sonny and Brenda are together as HUSBAND and WIFE. S%26BAlways.png

Married soap couples rarely do well on a whole but, BUT, this is 18 years in the making. TPTB would not have married them, given them a promo junket or dumped the money into them if they didn’t think they’d be long term.

With that said, there is a huge, huge story going on right now that only needs SnB on the fringes. Is it right that we don’t really see them? No, not really, I miss them, too BUT the writing of the last 10 + years does not allow for the big story to be shown 3 days while the rest gets 2. Instead, Guza likes for things and stories to be shown daily while the rest get the shaft. Ask any Scrubbie and they will tell you.

The negativity here at The Sonny and Brenda Forum is at an all time high. It is scaring away posters WHO HAVE COME HERE FOR YEARS AS A SAFE HAVEN.

If you wish to all out bitch, please go to the Bitchfest forum and bitch to your hearts’ content there. That’s what that area is for. It is a free-for-all area where you can say what you want and it’s ok. Play at your own risk.

I created certain threads to take the place of the CB on the days where things were getting hairy in the chatbox.

I know everyone can’t be happy and positive daily. I know this. BUT, I expect a little better of everyone. I am disappointed in us on a whole as a fanbase. We fall apart at the drop of a dime. THE HATERS BAIT US DAILY. They come in here, lurk, take our fears and speculations, then make up shitty spoilers and post them elsewhere and then those stupid bits of “spoiler” come back here and we flip out because it mirrors what our fears are. WE feed the trolls daily!

As for love scenes, scenes together and such: Yes, I’d like them BUT most married couples are not written that way at all! They need to find their way, be married and deal with others. Right now their storyline has yet to begin. We have a child to deal with and no matter what he will bring a depth to SnB’s marriage. Sonny will want to protect Brenda from any possible disappointment and will be leery of this little boy. It is to be expected, not feared.

Please try not to let the little things bug you. We have so much more than what we had a year ago. We had nothing. We now have SnB, we have a marriage and true love. Not many fanbases have that. Some fanbases have nothing left to hope for, we have much to hope for and to look forward to.

Let’s have some fun, keep sending your snail mail, emails, posting on the GH FB page and calling the comment line. Stay positive and hopeful. We’ve had a huge run for the last few months and had a spectacular wedding of epic proportions. We are very fortunate. Now is time to let someone else have the spotlight while we/SnB support others and other stories for the moment.

If any of you need to talk, PM me, please. I am here for all of you. I will do my best to answer any questions or calm fears.




2 responses

  1. Thank you so much Ro for that post. Let me just say that I am truly sorry for allowing the spoilers and the negatvity get to me. I was one of those who was allowing what I read and heard get to me. I am truly sorry. I have always wanted to keep celebrating S&B no matter what and I was greatly moved in a negative way by the adversity from haters. In a way I’m ashamed but then I know that I am new to all this spoiler stuff and different posts. I was told about SnB from a friend and then I started watching old clips of them on youtube and was hooked. I fell instantly inlove w/them. Furthermore, I was then hoping and wishing Vanessa would return to GH and Sonny and Brenda would reunite. I didn’t watch GH at all until I heard Van was returning. I’ve been glued to GH ever since. So all this spoiler stuff and different fan sites are new to me and in that respect I have to give myself a little break. But I still am truly sorry for being upset and frustrated by what I’ve been hearing and reading. For me it is truly a wonderful feeling to know that TheSonnyBrendaForum is still the greatest place to learn about any news concerning S&B. I’ll be honest I didn’t even know about this until I was just browsing on the internet and was looking for people who loved S&B just as much as I do. So Ro, I thank you again for the beautiful work that you always put out and giving us the most honest information about Sonny and Brenda. And again I am truly sorry. Now it’s only positivity from here on out. Van and Mo deserve that from us!!!Thanks !!!

  2. Thank you, Ro! As Vanessa said, haters just mean that you’re doing something right because people are talking about you. I have been upset by haters and by all the negative spoilers. Mostly, I’ve been upset that Maurice for months played down S&B’s history and chemistry, whilst Vanessa did it justice like the fine actress that she is. Then we got our wedding and all was right in the world… til it wasn’t. The non-honeymoon was so disappointing and now Lucian spoilers keep saying this adorable boy will break S&B up :(( All I want is for Sonny & Brenda to stay married, be sexy and happy and have issues WITHIN their marriage. Of course, I want Vanessa to stay. I’ve waited so many years; as a loyal fan I deserve all this… as do we all! Thanks for your support.

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