Been a while…. I was away and pissed off by everyone’s negativity… But, now I’m back….. With some thoughts.

First and foremost, I love Sonny and Brenda… Whether they are having hot, passionate moments, domestic bliss, little boy time or angsty, angry moments that get so heated and crazy, I love them no matter what. They are the epitome of a Supercouple.

Second… I don’t hate General Hospital. I dislike Guza and Frons, but have LOVED the show since I was 8 years old. I will watch it until either I die or it goes off the air… No matter what because I was brought up loving the show and have strong ties to the show. I am loyal and look for positivity because everything in this world is slanted to the negative side.

Third… The writing at this point is horrendous. So bad and even worsely (is this a word?) edited together. My almost 6-year-old could write a better show with no script writers or editing staff. GH needs new, fresh amazing blood to turn the show around.

Fourth… I do not believe Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo is leaving. There, I said it and maybe I am naive, but I don’t think the rumors are true. She may be off canvas for a few weeks or a month but I’ll bet Brenda is kidnapped.. Maybe Theo/The Balkan is not dead? Maybe Franco takes her. Maybe a rival kidnaps her… Maybe Jax kidnaps her after he goes crazy and off the deep end… (Ok, so a girl can dream) But, what I’m trying to say is that rumors and so-called spoilers are everywhere and mean nothing. Medianet images mean nothing. Scenes get cut in an instant… Even after the Hotsheet spoils them. Edited to add: I do think VMG is amazing and a class act… But this part of the post wasn’t about that and I just wanted to include MB in on this blog post, that’s why I wrote what I did. I love Vanessa and everyone knows that. Even her, since I have written her and told her how much I admire her myself. xo

Fifth… I think Maurice Benard is a class act who is an amazing person and whom I can’t wait to meet in June.

I see such negativity here (well, not on the blog.. LOL), there and everywhere right now. Not just about our beloved Sonny and Brenda but GH on a whole. So many missed opportunities, missed dialogue, missed moments, holes in stories, missing characters and missed beats to the story at hand. It is a sad state of affairs when you have choppy scenes and you’ve forgotten past plot points because there are so many of them.  All I want is consistency and amazingness on my screen each day. Yes, I’d love SnB each day but that shouldn’t be. I’d like the whole show to be amazing and for me to become attached to other characters because, right now, I’m attached to no one but —- the others I enjoy don’t get much airtime. There was a time where I was attached to all the characters… Except Jerx, FrogFace and Miggy. hehe I would be beside myself if the show was cancelled. I wouldn’t know what to do between 3 and 4 each day. Change is necessary and very much-needed to save this show.

General Hospital has rich, fantastic history. They freaking had Elizabeth Taylor on the show in the ’80’s!! They had amazing ratings and wealth of stories to tell.. The good guys were good with shades of gray and they loved their women. They would go to the ends of the earth to be with the one they loved. You felt it, you believed it and you would dream of it. There was a time where most of the available cast was paired up… There were actual couples, marriages, affairs, friendships and relationships of all kinds. Remember how Robin has several God-Fathers? Let’s see… Frisco, Sean, and buzz, I believe. Encompassing relationships. Love in the afternoon. Fun and Folly…  

There several characters not cutting the mustard, in my opinion, are Carly, Jax, Michael and Abby, Dante and Lulu, Diane, Spinelli, Lisa, & Johnny. I don’t really care if I ever see them again. It’s quite awful how the majority of the show is written around them.

Where is Morgan? Camp? This is upstate NY in the winter/early spring… It still snows there! Not to be told of what happened to Jake and his dear baby sister Jossyln? Joss could have died and Morgan would still be MIA. Fantastic! WTF? Why does Michael seem hell-bent on going back to prison again? Why is Kristina stupid? Where is Molly? Have we seen Cam and Aidan? What about Liz, Lucky, their kids and recovery? Why did Jake have to die? Why not Joss? Joss would have made more sense. But, whatever.

I am befuddled by the state of the show. I so desperately wish I could fix it. I want to fly to LA and take a meeting with TPTB. I want to put together a PowerPoint presentation. I want to make them watch clips. I wish to show them a few blogs and messageboards. I wish to explain to them exactly what the viewers want to see. They need their eyes opened and out of their collective asses. TPTB need to understand the state of their show.

 Please write-SNAIL MAIL- to TPTB and your favorite characters/actors. Email the magazines and call the comment lines. This helps tremendously. PM me if you need addresses and phone numbers. I will gladly give you my list if you do not already have it and saved it.

Ok, Ro is done and going to relax with the family.

TTFN xox


7 responses

  1. Very well said Ro! I would add that I also think VMG is a class act and an amazing person. That is why she has to stay and continue to work with Mo. 🙂

  2. Hello Ro,
    I love your blog. I get discourage sometimes with the show. I am trying to enjoy all the S&B’s scenes. I really love that you are positive about saying that you don’t believe Vanessa is leaving. I also believe she is not leaving. In my opinion, it is better to be positive than to be negative. I am sick and tired of all the hatred from some people. They could be so vicious at times.

    I love S&B and I am not just a lover of one character. I love both characters and I will not talk about either of them if one is not written like I want them to be written. It is not their fault that the writing is bad.
    Thanks again for being upbeat and positive.

  3. Ro I to feel the same way….I have watched GH since I was 12 and Im in my late 20s now I really miss the old characters like Alan, Tony,Bobbie,Monica, Sean I could go on forever. I think the biggest problem with GH is exactly what you said and their continued awful treatment of veteran characters including the recent firing of TC who I think has great potential for more s/l. Sonny and Brenda are what keep me holding on to the show their amazing chemistry shines through the horrible writing and plot points and I like you still keep rooting for the show to pull up from the ashes and become the once great show that I know it has the potential to become again!!

  4. Thanks, RO — but please add that Vanessa is a class act all the way. She has always loved her character Brenda and even stayed on in 1996 when she was at the height of her GH run (that time anyway). She came back in 2002 and tried hard to come back again, finally delighting fans last year. Vanessa is hands down my favorite soap actress (and primtime!) for a reason: she’s entirely watchable, a fine actress and gorgeous. I agree with you: I think she’ll stay. GH wants her and Mo wants her. She just needs a flex schedule. Beyond whether she stays or not, I’m mostly upset by how her character has been written this go around. Sonny’s character, too, has suffered for over a decade. I had hoped that when the two reunite they could get back to great character development, good writing and that massive chemistry these two share. I don’t blame Vanessa or Maurice, but do blame TPTB. Damn shame.

  5. I totally agree with you all the haters outrhere they need to stop yes brenda & sonny going through alot now but they’re gonna work it out just like other married couples do vanessa don’t know when she is leaving so it’s up to ABC and the producers so please leave it along we find out how they gonna play it out there no way they gonna break up marriage and divorce no way them haters stop hating jax is over with her heart belongs with sonny

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