A fantastic post from the board…. Facts…

I’ve only done this once with Sara’s post and now here’s one from DeeDee aka msdramateacher.

OK, I’m a teacher and I need to deal in facts, so let’s look at the facts, assumptions and then our own inferences.

* Fact: VMG’s contract is up in August
* Fact: Ingo’s contract is up in July
* Fact: Unless VMG is running around the set saying “I’m not going to resign, I’m not going to resign, I’m leaving in August.” We do not know.
• Fact: Unless TPTB said, we’re not planning to renew Ingo’s contract. We don’t know.
• Fact: VMG said that she came back for Maurice
* Fact: Guza said he doesn’t know anything about VMG leaving
• Fact: VMG said this story could play out in many different ways.
* Fact: Cassie’s source says they are still negotiating
* Fact: Moderator at another board who has an inside source says she’s still negotiating and unless there is a rewrite, the end game is still S&B even after they go through bad times.
* Fact: Vanessa said this story could go in 4 different directions.
* Fact: Soaps are in trouble and budget has been cut
* Fact: Maurice said he has a few years left and then he wants to retire
* Fact: Mo and VMG said they want to play S&B as a real married couple
* Fact: Vanessa calls this a visit and said she would visit for the rest of her life
* Fact: Writing for Sonny was horrible, having his shoot an unarmed man (Dante) and almost blowing up his daughter.

Now, let’s look at the assumptions
* Insiders call their sources and ask about VMG contract. Assumption: her contract is up in August and has not resigned. Therefore, they assume she’s leaving.
* Ingo has no story, nothing on the horizon and he tweets he’s got no story. Assumption: His contract is not being renewed.
* VMG not resigned yet + Ingo not being renewed maybe + Guza saying he’s revisiting J/B/S story = they’re leaving together.
* Spoilers say S&B fight and go through rough times + she hasn’t resigned = they’re divorcing and they 20 year love ends.

At this point, I would tell my students to come up with their own inferences so I’ll give you my inferences. This is my opinion only.

Mo wants Sonny to mature and be layered, not just an evil mobster. His pairings all failed, so enter VMG. She loves S&B. She loves Mo. It’s a win/win for the two of them. Sonny is redeemed (check) and Brenda gets her dream wedding (check). Everything else is gravy to them.

I think the goal is for S&B to go together, whether it’s now, 2012, or end of GH. Storyline can dictate that. Who’s to say that Brenda doesn’t have an accident and go in a coma. Great way to get someone off canvas for a while. Sonny will be the grieving husband and be forced to raise Lucian. He’s never raised any of his kids and when he did, there was a mother around. A Sonny/Lucian storyline would be powerful. A kid he didn’t want that becomes his heart and soul. Brenda can come out of her coma around sweeps time.

Who’s to say Brenda discovers Lucian isn’t hers and decides to work ASEC for a while. There are phone calls and maybe she can be in town but just be a mention (like Kate) until sweeps.

Who’s to say that Brenda has a nervous breakdown after losing her child for a 2nd time and has to go to Shadybrook.

Who’s to say that Brenda doesn’t kill Suzanne and have to go to Pentonville.

Whatever it is, I believe with 100% certainty that S&B are end game. She may leave and return for another visit, but it will be as Sonny’s wife. And when Mo leaves, they go together.

I beg of everybody here, please just enjoy the show for what it is. I have a horrible feeling that soaps are in trouble and we may not have them that many more years. I hope not, but that worries me more than anything. I’ve watched soaps since I was born! They are part of who I am.

Also, I beg of everybody here, try to stay off of boards like DD/SZ and SOC (I’m saying this more to me than you, I’m addicted and am trying to wean myself). They really do fuel fear and negativity. Even facebook today was not good and they’re usually really pro S&B. It’s time to spread the love, kiddos. Be kind to one another, call Anne Sweeney, Write the magazines and TPTB. It’s just beginning.

Another inference of mine – I was not happy with Sonny today at all. I was very angry with him! BUT… that just means that we have a Sonny transformation coming. Remember how he treated Brenda after the first time they made love? I was so mad at him, but it wasn’t long after that he was declaring his love. He was scared of how she made him feel when they made love, so he put distance between them. I see the same thing here. He’s put up a wall, saying the right things but not feeling the right things until Brenda broke the wall down, just like Brenda (and / or Lucian?) breaks this wall down.

I’m so excited about this storyline I can hardly stand it! I want to come here and talk about it with ya’ll. I want to speculate and guess about what’s going to come up. Great days are coming up!!

DeeDee, soon to be unemployed teacher extraordinaire, admitted spoiler whore and S&B Luvah forever

Thank you, DeeDee!! xoxox


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  1. dear DeeDee
    Thank you for that amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing post. I love sonny and brenda too woth all my heart, and I am too a die hard sonny and brenda fan since 1993. i refuse to give up on them , and will stay positive as well for my number one supercouple of all time. god bless sonny and brenda , and god bless you dee dee for making me cry at your beautiful and honest post.

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