Canceled?! WHAT!??

Where do I begin?


It was announced yesterday, April 14, 2011, ABC was canceling both All My Children and One Life To Live. AMC will go off the air in September 2011 and OLTL has until January 2012. AMC stops production in August and OLTL stops production in November. If you are a fan of either show, I suggest you write to your favorite actors and thank them for all the years they have entertained you and wish them luck.

The Soap Genre as we know it is all but over. Our network has one soap opera left and that is General Hospital. At this point, it isn’t about writing or how we hate characters, it has to be about enjoying the show as it is now. So many things are up in the air behind the scenes. There are contract negotiations, contracts not being renewed, firings of actors, budget cuts of 50% and now probably more….. Heads up people:

At this point unless the spoilers come directly from ABC or a magazine, those spoilers are most likely hearsay and bogus. Everything is being speculated on now, EVERYTHING. There will be LIES EVERYWHERE to make you panic!!

This is a very scary time for everyone who watches shows, not just for GHer’s who dodged a bullet yesterday.  There will be baiters & haters of all sorts, people who say “I told you so”, people who don’t watch the show(s) and have pearls of wisdom that means nothing, because they don’t watch. I’m very concerned about how the actors, crew, staff on various message boards who have worked for years to maintain safe havens for everyone involved. One board in particular is a AMC board I frequent: Fantastic boardmates, great moderators and great webmistress. They’ve hung in thru good times and the very bad. I love that board, love the way everyone has pulled together and how classy, respectful and as supportive they can be. You have to be gracious in these tough times.

Who knows how much time we have left to love, bitch at and support GH? It’s really not about anything else but supporting GH and loving the characters, past and present. Is the writing stellar? No, I have blog posts where I have gone on about it. Is Guza an ass? Yes. Do we need some changes made? Certainly, BUT we are walking a tight rope here in a lot of ways. Change is happening to all of ABCD. GH is the last one standing and I believe in my heart it’s just a matter of time when there’s none left. The complaints in my opinion, and my opinion alone, need to stop. We need to accept (and it’s hard, I’m not perfect and I’ll need to change my attitude a bit) what we see, not what we read anymore. I think and again, this is my opinion, people should stop reading spoilers and just enjoy the show. If, let’s say we have a year left, maybe if we went spoiler-free, it could be an amazing year if we let it be. It could also be the worst year ever. We don’t know.

The more we bitch, the faster time goes by, the more TPTB see we “hate” the show and the faster they pull the plug. No one KNOWS exactly who frequents the boards.. We know you by screen names but who are you behind them? Are you possibly an actor? One of TPTB? An intern? A part of the crew? Maybe a family member of one of the previously mentioned? Let’s try to be sensitive to feelings because you never know who is lurking. There will always be differences of opinion and discussions but just be aware of the bigger picture here.

I know I am know as the positive one 95% of the time and I will continue to be as positive as I can be but I have to tell you, with this cancelling of 2 shows and negativity I encounter daily in various haunts of mine on the ‘net, it is really difficult to maintain positivity. I send hugs to my friends who have lost their shows and I will cry with them, for I have lost 2 of my favorite shows in one fell swoop.

I am very concerned for my GH. So concerned for it,  SnB worry is secondary… For if there is no more GH, there will never, ever be hope for more SnB. I pray VMG and MB  will ride out their non-contract status and end the show together. In my heart, I know they will. I believe Scrubs will have happy ending to their story and I believe in my heart, once this arc is over TPTB will tap into their Supercouple to ride them home, to the end of the days of GH.

Vanessa came back for a reason, or several ones. One is to be with Maurice again. Second, to have SnB married and have a marriage. Third, I believe the executives made an appeal to V last year and said that GH has maybe a year or so left and she came back to end the show with Maurice. I do believe the writing has been on the wall for quite some time. I believe TPTB have known for several years this is coming but haven’t come out and said anything definitive until now.

I’m sure I’ll have more to say on this topic, for this is just the beginning. Be kind to one another and be supportive to all your friends out there.  Everyone is hurting.

Have a good weekend, drop some postcards or notes in the mail to your favorite actors on ABCD. They all could use a bit of sunshine and love from their fans. They need to know how much they mean to you.

TTFN xoxo


2 responses

  1. Ro, you’ve been following and blogging about soaps for a long time so you’re wisdom is much appreciated. Thanks for the positivity and advice to STOP reading spoilers. Don’t know that I can, but I will at least ease the obsession 😉 Also, if I wasn’t before I certainly am now motivated to write to Vanessa, Mo and TPTB to express my love for these characters.

    Thanks again, and do stay in touch!

  2. I one express my love for Vanessa & Mo I pray that Bob Guza don’t mess the great storyline for sonny & brenda just let them stay married and go through ups & downs get them through keep them happy to stay

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