Memories.. By Lo

My co-admin, Lisa-Lo wrote this….

When I was a little girl, I used to look forward to my mom coming home, rewinding the VCR tape that had been set to record, and sitting on the floor watching her favorite soap with her. It was a soap that she had grown up watching with my grandmother and she was passing that legacy down to me. The show itself was not GH, it was Another World.

I remember when Cass and Kathleen died and then Cass returned as Rex. I remember when Mac died. I was heartbroken. I remember the three different actresses that played Vicky and Marley and how much I loved Vicky and Ryan together. Robin Christopher was Lorna. Linda Dano was the queen as Felicia. It was this world that my mom and I could get lost in.

When we were at my grandmother’s house, she always had a routine. She was up and going non-stop until 2:00 pm when my grandpa would make her a cup of hot chocolate and she would sit down for one whole hour and watch her story. Remember when they called them “stories”? After her story was over, it was back to the rush rush of cleaning and cooking. I guess that’s why TPTB think soaps are a dying genre. They think there are no more housewives and stay at home moms. They don’t realize we have the technology of DVR and the internet.

What stems these thoughts, is of course, the cancellation of All My Children and One Life To Live. I have already survived the cancellation of my favorite soap as a youngster, Santa Barbara (Jack Wagner was so sexy as Warren) in 1993. (The cancellation of Santa Barbara led to my subsequent obsession with Sonny and Brenda and GH in general). I had even survived the cancellation of a soap I had been watching since I was in the womb, Another World in 1999. That was heartbreaking. I actually still have the last week of Santa Barbara on tape and my grandmother had recorded the last two weeks of Another World for me, and I still have those tapes. I remember re-watching that last week of Santa Barbara over and over and crying and crying. I don’t want to go through that again.

I am truly worried that with the cancellation of these soaps, we will soon be hearing about the cancellation of my last favorite soap. I don’t think General Hospital is much longer for this world. I think that TPTB want General Hospital and soaps in general to be a thing of the past. A memory.

So here is what we do. We call them, we email them, we send them letters. We tell them how much we love General Hospital. We tell them the characters we love on General Hospital. Even if you only have one favorite character and fast forward through the rest of it, that’s ok. Even if your favorite characters are no longer on the show (hello, Lois!!), bring them back up and let them know how much you loved that character. Just send them positive thoughts. Maurice and Vanessa especially. They need to know how much we have loved watching them over these many years and how they have always been in our hearts and hopes. And while we should send items to Maurice and Vanessa, we also need to support other actors that we love. Kimberly, Steve B, Jason T, any of them. Just let them know that we, the fans, still care. They need to hear it right now. I’m sure the cast of GH is just as scared as we are right now. If I worked for a company that shut down two of our sister stores, I’d be worried, too. I’m sure they think that their bosses don’t care about them anymore. We still do, otherwise, we wouldn’t be watching.

One Life to Live – 1968 – 2012
All My Children – 1970 – 2011
As The World Turns – 1956 – 2010
Guiding Light – 1952 – 2009
Passions – 1999 – 2007
Port Charles – 1997 – 2003
Another World – 1964 – 1999
The City – 1995 – 1997
Loving – 1983 – 1995
Santa Barbara – 1983 – 1993

Thank you to my Lo for such a thoughtful blog post.

Support the show, support the shows— even though their time is up. Now is the time to tell all your favorite actors how you feel about them. Spirits are low all across the board. A postcard could add a smile where one was not found.

TTFN xoxo


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  1. Wow!! I have a friend’s Mom that still calls them stories and was in shock when I told her AMC & OLTL were cancelled. It’s something she never thought would happen, and to be honest, neither did I. I wasn’t a faithful viewer of either show, but I watched episodes here and there. But my oh my the memories you’ve brought up by talking about Santa Barbara & Another World!!! Those were my shows!!! I used to watch Another World, then Santa Barbara & Days of Our Lives!!! AW had me with Cruz & Eden, along with a few others, SB with Jenna & Dean & I was fascinated with the twins (Marley & Victoria), and well Days had me with Patch & Kayla, Bo & Hope, Jack & Jenn!!! OMG!!! The good old days!!! I was watching SB for a while before I got hooked on GH, thank God I found GH because when SB got cancelled… it was GH all the way. Thanks for the memories Lo!!! I’m on this bus until the very end!!

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