Easter Eggs

So many rumors, so many changes, so many things to consider.

As of now, everyone knows about the state of ABC and the soaps on their channel. Rumors today:

1) Frons is out.

2) AMC and/or OLTL will be saved/moved to another network.

3) Anthony  Geary is out at GH after this arc. He will retire and not be back.

4) Vanessa Marcil will last tape in June and will continue to air for a while yet. Brenda is to search for her biological son and is pregnant.

5) Cady McClain is back as AMC’s Dixie. Is Dixie alive or dead? Maybe all of Pine Valley bit the dust somehow?

6) GH will be cancelled in January and will finish during the Summer of 2012.

Remember, those are RUMORS ONLY

Ok, the Vanessa rumor….

Maybe it’s true. Maybe it’s a vacation and she’ll be back. If the rumor is true, there should be a very happy ending for Sonny and Brenda in the works. Maybe Brenda will be on canvas for a few months, block tape a bunch and then Vanessa will be off for sometime. But as with this topic, we can discuss this until we are blue in the face.

I can say that both Lisa and I have discussed this possibility happening for quite some time and if the rumor is true, neither of us will be surprised. Personally, I feel that she wouldn’t be a true “out” but almost recurring and used when needed. None of the spoilers say anything about Sonny and Brenda getting divorced. Not one that I’ve seen.

To sit here and spin about rumors, without true fact behind them except multiple “drops”, makes me think there’s some smoke but until I see the fire, I am not intending on worrying or even getting upset about this. If Vanessa leaves and the rumors are true that GH is done next summer, it kind of doesn’t  matter, imo. The show will be wrapping up over the course of the year, characters will be moving and leaving Port Charles. Maybe Brenda will move to the house in Positano and will wait for Sonny to wrap things up and come to her. There are many possibilities out there and they are endless.

Please just try to watch the show, boring, frustrating or not, just watch. We may not have this option for too much longer. Once GH is done, I won’t be blogging any more. I will stay until the bitter end, because I love the show. I love the history, the characters and my SnB. I will hang in there, have hope as I have for so many years and will have faith the wrap-up will be in my SnB’s favor.

Thank you all for reading my blog, thank you for visiting The Sonny and Brenda Forum. I know for a few of you it has been a negative time and some posters have been excessive in their disappointment in the show. None of us have the power to fix things or change the course of writing or editing. But, what we do have the power over is our thinking and how we come across to others through our words. Nothing has ever played out as spoiled, rumored or dropped. We need to set aside some of the weight and just sit back and enjoy the scenes we have with Maurice and Vanessa. Or each of them with others. Everything, every story has its time and place. Right now, with lack of screen time, just tells me it isn’t SnB’s time to shine. They have shone for some time this year. Now, focus is mostly on Luke, Jason, Carly and a few others. Maybe this is their time.

Maybe this is the time to support each other, be kind and look on the bright side of the coin. Things may not be awesome but they are not awful either. If she never came back and Sonny was with Claire, Carly or someone else and we found out GH was a goner next year with no hope ever again for SnB…. How would you feel? Better or worse than how you feel this year?

I for one feel better for having Sonny and Brenda this year. In love, engaged, married and living together.



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  1. I will also be there til the end which i hope is a very long time.I can not believe that daytime soaps are coming to an end,i have watched since i was 10. i watched through the whole luke and laura,robin and stone,etc.replacing these shows with cooking shows,or some sort of reality tv …. rediculous,at least that is what was said about amc,oltl.If this is the case and our soaps cant be saved i wish all the actors,writers,crew members well.I also want to say thank you to the blogger of this site because they spend their time away from real life to tell us what is supposed to happen,cover rumors that r floating around,true or not,and spend hours making sure everything is covered,so thanks a bunch!!!

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