Sunday 411

This has been a whirlwind of information, feelings and thoughts for me since Thursday night.

1- Vanessa is tweeting, herself (Yay!) and her official Twitter is @VanessaMarcilG and her reps are working on getting her verified. Also, if you don’t follow Maurice, you should. His official Twitter is @MauriceBenardMB His rep is Melissa and she tweets all his fan club and official site info on @MBtvNews

2- Vanessa now has a Facebook Fan Page. It is early days still and the page is being put together, so be patient. I have also blogged in the past about imposters and if you are already “friends” with a Vanessa Marcil, that page or (pages) are phoney-baloney.!/pages/Vanessa-Marcil-Giovinazzo-Official-Fan-Page/132747866765168

3- If you are going to General Hospital’s Fan Club Weekend in Los Angeles this summer, please do sign up for Maurice’s event AND Vanessa’s event. I will have information on both of those events coming soon. From what I understand, Vanessa will be auctioning/selling “Brenda’s” clothes from set for charity.

4- Please DO continue sending your campaign notes to the studio. It will be very nice for both Vanessa and Maurice to be receiving mail and it will be GREAT for Garin Wolf & TPTB to continue to receive mail about Vanessa, Brenda, Maurice and Sonny and Brenda. We want Garin to maybe consider keeping SnB together and have Brenda continue her ASEC work and bring her back from time to time. As Vanessa has always said, she is open to coming back and Jill left the character open to coming back. Maybe Vanessa could be “recurring” and not on contract. Obviously we don’t know the exit storyline but we can at the very least show interest in having her back and that we are still watching for Sonny and Brenda. Please be kind, concise, short and sweet in your notes. Anyway, all mail is good mail for Vanessa as well as Maurice.

5~ Vanessa has an interview with Michael Logan on June 2. It will have information on her last day. Please look out for it. I will post it and link to the article(s).

I’ve had some time to think and even still it hasn’t quite sunk in for me yet. So much in the world of soap operas are changing in quite a short time. By this time next year the landscape of our soaps will be very different. Perhaps GH will be gone or going, too. I think at this point, even though I know many of you are upset, disappointed and angry Vanessa is leaving GH, please remember she came back for a few awesome reasons… She came back because she wanted to, wanted to work with Maurice again and she came back for us. I know once we find out her end date and that day quickly approaches, I will be a little more emotional and I will most likely have a humongous blog up for her last day~ For Now~  as Brenda Corinthos…


And for now, I will bid you adieu and go tend to my family. Have a nice weekend… watch some clips, write some mail and check out the links I gave you. Be positive, be thankful and happy about what we have and what we’ll be left with. As I have said before, we are quite lucky!


See this pic above? They make a heart shape. I LOVE this picture because of that.

TTFN xo 🙂 ~Ro


Ooooh, one more thing! The out pouring of amazing love and support from all the SnBers not only to Vanessa, but extended to the board and me has been so amazing and wonderful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and know I have been very touched by your kind words. xoxo

Celebrating the Ride

The road for Sonny and Brenda, as well as SnBers has been a bumpy, wild ride for 18 years and counting. The Sonny and Brenda Forum was created by Suha way back in the day. I am uncertain of the year she created it but I would venture to say in the late 90’s, maybe around 1997 or 98. I believe she had a Yahoo or AOL group first then moved on to EzBoard, where I found the forum along with Lisa and Vani in 2002.

Lisa, Vani and I formed a quick friendship in our “Bored at Work” thread. This is where we nicknamed ourselves— Vani= Bren, Lisa= Lo and I, Cassie, became Ro. We were all short for Brenda, Lois and Robin, friends for life and bonds unbreakable. We would go back and forth for hours each day, while at work and after trying to accumulate as many pages as we could to our thread. At 100 pages, we’d ask a mod or admin to lock our thread and we’d start a new one. In the midst of our nonsense, we created an amazing friendship between the three of us and took others in.. Soon, we were the “Sneaky Bored at Work” thread and had a few others sneak in to be silly with us. Those were Chels, Karen, JJ in the beginning. Maybe a few others tried to keep up but we were too silly for some. As time went on, the EzBoard was not working very well anymore and the board moved to Invisionfree and Vani became a Admin, Lisa a Mod and I… well, I had my first baby, Nicholas. It wasn’t until a year or so later I became an mod, then an admin shortly there after… I think.. Little hazy on that recollection after 2 kiddos! Anyway, Lisa, Vani, Chels, JJ, Karen, then Holly, Cece and a few others over the years helped keep the SnB Forum going.

Some of us took some breaks here and there, sure, it was a long 8 years to go before our couple even had a chance to be together again! Many other fangroups were quite amazed at our tenacity, our hope, our bonds and our clear vision through those years. Some called us delusional, some admired us. We didn’t do anything really admirable, we were just a group of people who became very close friends, celebrated our real life lives together, mourned together when needed and enjoyed having a safe haven to remember our SnB, make new art, have SnB live on in stories and to just hang out together.

Suddenly a year ago, almost exactly a year ago, the news broke. The news we had been hoping for, campaigned for and dreamed of was happening! Vanessa Marcil (now Giovinazzo) was coming back! It was amazing! We had campaigned (well, many times but this one we had recognition for and is most notable)once in the past for a no-recast of Brenda Barrett. We campaigned hard and had other fanbases help us. We were successful, thankfully and because of us in the past, now we had a chance to have our SnB again. We were tickled pink when we discovered Vanessa was coming back in particular to work with Maurice. The SnBers could not believe our luck! She was coming back and TPTB were going to do SnB again! The EEEEEEEE’s ran rampant on our board and Twitter page… We were quite euphoric and amazed at our luck! Finally, after all this time, we were getting our fondest wish.

How do you prepare after 8 years of wasteland for your fondest wish? How do you go from having 10 people all day visit your site to several hundred in a day and thousands on your website/blog a week? I can say this, between having my Noah last March and having Brenda back on GH in August, I had quite a busy time, a time, I know I was not prepared for in any way, shape or form. Somehow I managed it all. It wasn’t easy much of the time but gosh… This past year I would never, ever trade for the world. The experience, the friendships and new bonds I’ve made have been amazing (I can’t wait to meet #Team at Maurice’s event in June!) and extremely entertaining!

Between our first glimpse of Brenda to whatever our last will be has been a fantastic ride. It’s been a whirlwind of amazing highs and crazy lows like the lost honeymoon. The reconnection of SnB at the old apartment over Luke’s was fantastic and one of my favorite scenes this go around. I love how when Sonny and Brenda put their foreheads together and are usually touching each other’s faces or necks, their heads make a heart shape. It’s very intimate and sensual when they do that. To me, it shows the amazing connection Vanessa and Maurice have together.

The beautiful proposal in the dark of night, beneath the moon and twinkle lights of the Q rose garden was romantic, spontaneous and full of love. I loved how Brenda had her hair swept back… Vanessa looked radiant in those scenes. I loved the raw emotions both Sonny and Brenda had… The feelings of hope, trust, healing of past mistakes, timeless love and genuine friendship. The wedding planning was hilarious!

Our wedding…  For some of the SnB family, this was the pinnacle of the story. Some stopped watching after the wedding. Not because they didn’t love Sonny or Brenda, but because they were afraid of what the writers would do at this point. Maybe those SnBers were smart, maybe not. It’s all subjective and you can’t judge. The ratings were amazingly high for February Sweeps period and haven’t seen those numbers for GH in quite some time. It was a wave that should have been ridden but for reason, the wave was left to peter out.  The destruction of our couple began when the honeymoon was scrapped in favor of a story that should have been sweeping and amazing, full of raw sorrow and emotion. But, that story fell flat and dropped the ratings like a lead weight. There was no balance during that time it was all dark and dank. TPTB backed off of SnB’s story and even though maybe they knew Vanessa wouldn’t stay past her contract, they could have done much better justice to the marriage of Sonny and Brenda. We will never know why they chose such a direction.

Now, I could go into what if’s and what they should have done but, it won’t get us anywhere… We’ll still be where we are today. It’s sad for the SnBers. For some it may be depressing, could be liberating, could still instill hope that Vanessa could come back in the future (GH’s future is quite uncertain, as most of you know) and for others, this may be a celebration of our time with Vanessa again.

I, for one, believe we should celebrate the good we have had through this past year. Celebrate the journey we really never thought would happen again in a Sonny and Brenda wedding. Celebrate the delicious media blitz Maurice and Vanessa did. Celebrate our new memories and fantastic moments we have had through the year. Celebrate your new friends and old connections that resurfaced during this time. Celebrate the fact Vanessa and Maurice both tweet now and you can reach out and tell them personally, you love them.

I know some are sad and are questioning why TPTB would give Sonny and Brenda a wedding.. Please don’t question the goodness, loving and passionate scenes we had! We saw Brenda show up and our Sonny showed up… There was no rain. There was some angst but the passion over-rode the crazy. Our wish was granted and we heard the most beautiful dialogue in years. They pledged their undying love to each other in an amazingly beautiful setting and in front of their friends, enemies and families. We have not heard of any talk of divorce. We don’t know how things will play out. We don’t know an end date yet. That we’ll find out on June 2 in a Michael Logan interview.

I can’t tell you where our ride will take us, how much longer it will be or any thing else because I simply do not know, BUT, our board will continue, we will ride on as we always have. As Vanessa says she will “always come back,” we at the Sonny and Brenda Forum will continue to celebrate our Sonny and Brenda.

It’s a celebration of 18 years of Brenda Barrett. Sometimes on-screen, sometimes off but always in our hearts, part of our souls and never far from our thoughts.

TTFN or until I have another thought spill to share. 🙂 xo ~Ro

Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo is leaving GH soon

I have been meaning to blog all day but real life kept getting in the way.. errands, lunchtime, my mom stopping by, Noah napping in my arms while I tweet one-handed and then it was dinner. I now can sit down and put some thoughts out on my blog.

First thing first… This has been one hell of a ride this year. Many ups and downs all over the place. We started out with such a fantastic high with the fact our Vanessa was coming back as Brenda. We rejoiced, flew back to the SnB Forum coop and hung out together for a solid year. We were so excited with each promo, each magazine article and each tweet we saw. The board flourished and I gained about 800 followers, SnBers over the course of this year. Thank you for following me, thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting the board.

Second, the writing was less than stellar for most of this year. Brenda sat in Rome for what felt like forever but that darn Rome reunion with Sonny? That was AMAZING.. That elevator scene with Brenda, that huge dog and the 2 extras? That was made of priceless. The look Sonny had when his eyes laid on his Brenda? His beloved Brenda after all that time and the warm confident smile Brenda gave him?I know I fell in love with them all over again as I had done each time they had laid their eyes upon each other in the past. I was caught in their romance, their path back to each other.. I fell again hard. I always knew Vanessa would be back for a “visit”, I always knew she could leave at any time. But, I allowed myself the delicious escape of my sexy Sonny and Brenda. They are soulmates, made for each other and will always be Mr. & Mrs. Corinthos. They were and are meant to be.

Third, this day has come without the mags or ABC releasing a statement but by Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo herself. She drew up the courage and hopped on the Twitter train and tweeted. She tweeted that she’d be leaving GH soon. She dealt with my lovely SnBers and with haters and baiters. For the whole time, she was classy, gracious and amazing. She is kind and loving, as well as sorry to see her time as Brenda Corinthos be done. With that said, I am sure within a week or so we will see a press statement from ABC & confirmation from the magazines.

With a heavy heart I am giving you this news. Some had gotten it overnight while tweeting with Vanessa. Melissa & Maurice/Paula confirmed it was her tweeting. Her Twitter is @VanessaMarcilG if you wish to follow and already do not.

Her tweets:

VanessaMarcilG Vanessa Marcil G
my final days are near will miss maurice and cast with every cell of my being. should i keep Brenda”s thigh high stilletos?

VanessaMarcilG Vanessa Marcil G
I want to know if anyone can guess how Brenda leaves…………………………..sniffle VMG

VanessaMarcilG Vanessa Marcil G
@ReneetShort was always just a visit……….but i will always come back 🙂

VanessaMarcilG Vanessa Marcil G
@nygal33 working on an animated childrens show that i wrote with my sister and my son. GAGOO AND THE LAND OF CHOICES 🙂

If you are going to GHFCW, she is having an event after Maurice’s.

VanessaMarcilG Vanessa Marcil G
@ @nathaline_chiu will be right after maurices. will give details soon. im gonna make MB stop by mine in case no one shows up.

VanessaMarcilG Vanessa Marcil G
@ @VMFAN2011 I love maurice Benard. I am lucky to have ever been able to work with him. I cant say enough about him VMG

VanessaMarcilG Vanessa Marcil G
@ @MauriceBenardMB facial hair on maurice? devastating……. 2nd hottest man alive, period. VMG

There’s no end date, she said herself she’d come back… (I am still going to say she is going to be back also, maybe recurring?)

I hope she’ll be back, she seems quite open to coming back and she even said that Jill would leave things open so she could return someday. Perhaps she will come back to escort Maurice off canvas. Perhaps GH’s demise is sooner than we think.

Anyway, please drop a card or a tweet to Vanessa. Thank her for coming back, thank her for bringing Brenda back to life for us. It is a huge gift for us. 18 years, a gorgeous romance, a fabulous wedding, a sexy passionate couple and memories for us to work on fanfic, art and mvids once again.

As I said before, there is no end date as of yet, so hop on that SnB Bus ’till da wheels fall the hell off and enjoy the ride. There will be amazing along with not good but as SnBers, we hang in there no matter what because we believe, we have hope, faith and love for our couple.

Have a fantastic weekend, SnBers… Heads up, hold them high and know that we have supported our couple with grace this past year.

Thank you!



You’re Still the One

OK, I don’t have a snazzy or catchy slogan yet, but I want to campaign. I think WE should campaign.

I want us balls to the wall on this… SNAIL MAIL, email & calling TPTB, targeting the new HW, Garin Wolfe. I also want to make sure both Maurice & Vanessa know we are still here, love them and are STILL WATCHING. (If you have to, lie.) We need to do this DAILY.

Send this or make something like it to send to V&M:
user posted image

As for Garin, I’d write him a letter, congratulating him on his new position and then asking him to please write for both Sonny and Brenda. Ask him to please write them in character, specifically Brenda. Please ask him for more couply scenes, maybe a double date or 50 with Robin & Patrick, maybe even Jason & Sam (I don’t care), ask for another hotspot in town other than Jake’s & the MetroCourt.

Ask him for more continuity, better editing and better use of history.

This is our last shot in my opinion to at least have our voices heard.

Telephone numbers:
General Hospital comment line: 323-671-4583
ABC Hotline: 818-460-7477, ext. 4
GH Comment Line

Brian Frons

Anne Sweeney
818 569 7700 (Call after hours to leave a voice message)

Robert Iger
fax 818-560-1930 (no phone number but if you would like to fax a message to him go ahead) Freefaxing site –

Jill Farren Phelps, Executive Producer
323-671-4588 (call after hours to get an answering machine)

ABC Disney Corp. Office

snail mail:
“General Hospital”
c/o ABC-TV
4151 Prospect Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Jill Farren Phelps, Exec. Producer
Debra Genovesse, Producer
c/o ABC-TV
4151 Prospect Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Garin Wolf, Elizabeth Korte, Tracy Thomson
Michelle Val Jean, Susan Wald, Mary Sue Price
Head Writers, Writers
c/o ABC TV
4151 Prospect Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Brian Frons
President, ABC Daytime
2300 Riverside Drive
Burbank, CA 91506

Anne Sweeney, Co-Chair
Disney / ABC Media Networks Division
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521

Sallie Schoneboom
ABC Daytime
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521

Felicia Minei-Behr
Senior Vice President of ABC Daytime
Capital Cities, ABC, INC
77 West 66th St
New York, NY 10023

ABC/GH Email Addresses
* (Head of ABC Daytime)

* (Soap Opera Digest – “My Opinion,” Carolyn Hinsey)
* (Soap Opera Digest – “Sound Off!”)
* (Soap Opera Weekly)
* (Soap Opera Weekly)
* (Soaps In Depth – ABC issue)
* In Depth – ABC issue “Speak Out!”)


Speak Out!
c/o Soaps In Depth
270 Sylvan Ave.
Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 07632

Soap Opera Digest
261 Madison Avenue
New York, NY. 10016

Cindi Rinehart
140 Fourth Ave. North
Seattle, Washington 98109
phone number: 206-404-4000

Soap Opera Weekly
261 Madison Ave., 9th Floor
New York, NY. 10016


SID actor/couple poll-continuous

I do not have an email for Garin as of now. If someone stumbles upon one, let me know and post it in this thread & the contact thread. I will remove Guza from the list when I have a chance.

Thanks and if you have any ideas, please post in this blog or on the board and we’ll discuss them. Please pass this on to other Sonny and Brenda Fansites so we are all on the same page. They don’t have to have our art or even slogan if we have one but we all need to express our hopes, our love for V&M and we all need to stick together with one common goal: Keeping the Legacy of Sonny & Brenda INTACT.


TTFN xoxo

Changes afoot and a suggestion….

The time has come… Our favorite HACK is now history and we have a new scribe to man the helm. Garin Wolf has taken the reigns and will now head up General Hospital. He has been writing for GH since 1997. I have heard he wrote Alexis & Diane’s friendship and likes women. I have also heard that he likes very dark storylines, but likes the legacy of the show.

At this point, we have to cross our fingers and hope for the best. As long as characters come together, maybe some mob emphasis diminished and actual stories get told, I know it will be better, even if some is dark. Gosh, it has to be better than the continual conversation the characters have been having since February, right?  There has been no movement since then, not even with the tragedy of Jake’s passing.

MY suggestion to ALL SnBers is to write TPTB, write to Garin Wolf and put in what you’d like to see for SnB, Scrubs and whomever your favorites happen to be. Now is the time to say what you’d like to see. Maybe Garin will listen because we al know that Guza sat on the shitter daily with his fingers in his ears sayin”Nanananananananna… I’ll do what I want and no one can stop me!!!”

Now, we have someone who likes legacy. Ask him to do justice and honor your faves. Ask him to be ind and loving to Sonny and Brenda. The past 2-3 months have been brutal to them.

We’ve all been collectively asking for change… Let’s hold up our coffee cups, beer bottles, glasses of wine or soda and toast to a good change… We need it, the show needs it and let’s try some positivity on for a change of scenery.

All contact info is located on in the SnB area and it is pinned.

TTFN 🙂 xo

A Fanbase Divided

Years ago, when I first stumbled across our board, Vanessa Marcil had just recently returned to General Hospital. The powers that be were clearly heading towards a Jax and Brenda pairing and that hurt my heart to the core. However, I found the Sonny and Brenda forum and was excited to see a fan base that was still positive, still excited, and still there after so many years of nothing. Even after Vanessa left again, we were still there. We all got a long and we all had one main wish….for Sonny and Brenda to be together once and for all.

Then, we waited. The board relocated from Ezboard to Invisionfree. And we continued to wait. We waited through countless magazine covers of “Vanessa Marcil Returns?” We waited through Sonny & Carly; we waited through Sonny & Claudia. We even waited through Sonny & Emily, which most of us were not very happy about. But, we waited. We didn’t complain, we didn’t fight with each other, and we had hope.

Hope was always the focus of the Sonny and Brenda forum. The positivity of not only us administrators, but our moderators, and our faithful followers was always so wonderful. To know that we all had a home to go to when we went online was refreshing. We could feel comfortable, safe, and happy on the board because we all had the same goal. We all wanted Sonny and Brenda together and we would do anything and sit through anything to get there.

And with that, I look at the board now. This board has been my home, my project, and part of my life for years and years. Ro and I have worked very hard to keep this board going when there were crickets chirping and tumbleweeds flying by. We were on it daily, always starting a chat, even if it were just with ourselves. Then, a miracle happened. Vanessa was coming back. We were going to get our S&B. We got everything we had ever dreamed of. We got the first reunion, where they discussed everything, laughed, cried, and walked away. Then, they reunited, after 13 years, Sonny and Brenda were kissing, making love, and they were a couple again. It was pure elation in our little world. Then, something even better happened, they got marrieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!! It was something we had all dreamed of since December of 1993 when we first saw the amazing chemistry between these two.

Then, it all went downhill. Drama started on the show, which meant drama started on the board. Rumors came about that GH was getting cancelled, that VMG was leaving, that MB was leaving, even that Ingo is leaving. At this point, no one knows the truth except the players involved. That doesn’t mean that the anger doesn’t spill over onto the Sonny and Brenda Forum. And that anger is making us true S&Bers feel like the board is a hateful place.

We were always a fan base that was respected and loved. We loved our couple no matter what and now, I feel the board is not representative of that anymore. We have many members that are posting their hate for Brenda, for Sonny, for the writing, or just plain spewing out hate. It is not who we are as a fan base. Most of us are still here, still hopeful, still enjoying every moment Sonny and Brenda spend together, and still thankful that we got what we have wanted for so long.

For those that may have left the board because of those negative people, I implore you to come back. We are still the fan base you have always known. We are still the positive and happy place you want to come to. If you are a negative Nelly, we do NOT want you around. Negative people belong on Daytime Dish and Soap Zone. Don’t bring your poison to our board. We don’t care if you think what you say is the truth; we only want positivity on our board because that has been who we are as a fan base for almost 17 years. 

We have made it through Lily, Miguel, the wire, Jax, Sonny leaving Brenda at the altar, Carly, Brenda’s death, you name it, and we have been through it. But we always come out on top. It will never be any different because we won’t let it be. No matter what happens, we always love our couple and we will always be there to celebrate the love that exists between Sonny and Brenda. No one can take that from us. Don’t ever let anyone take that from us. As S&Bers, we are a united front. The only thing anyone can take away from us is what we let them take. Don’t let the haters get to you. They aren’t worth it.


Story Thoughts

I was thinking a bit aloud on Twitter today about Sonny and Brenda’s current storyline. While I don’t feel it’s awful, I think a whole different direction could have been an amazing addition to the current sloppy, half-assed writing.

My thoughts were along the lines that Suzanne, aka: Crusty Boobs, should have been involved with Rivera, too. She should have also been Lily’s mom. Think about it. Think about the greatness this could have been. This could have brought things full circle.

This would have been a two-fold story where she would have been out for revenge against both SnB for the loss of both of her children and possibly both grandchildren. Maybe Rivera could have been the love of Crusty’s life and maybe he still could have been alive somewhere in the Caribbean.

This could have kicked off one bad-ass adventure for Sonny and Brenda. They could be on the hunt for Lucian and discover exactly what and who Suzanne is tied to and why. Her feelings for Sonny have been nothing short of WTF in so many ways. This would tie everything together so nicely.

I wish TPTB would have more creativity and play off of previous stories from the past written in the GH Bible. At this point, to tie up previous history into the present & future would be huge pay off for the possible end of the show. It would also tie more people to the current story. Luke could be involved (I wish they would drop his current story and the PCPD would find an anonymous driver) and could run some interference or a scam so SnB could get close to the kid. Robin & Patrick could help our SnB ,while Mac takes care of Emma with Alexis, Kristina and Molly. (Which would be a very cute story in itself..)

We could get such an amazing adventure, Sonny & Brenda, along with Robin & Patrick could repair their relationships along the way and get closer. We would maybe even get some baby making or some stolen, thankful to be alive kisses and dialogue from both couples. Luke could have Tracy with them and they could have amazing dialogue and fun scenes.

I’d pay any amount of money for some good times, love on the run, family and friends on GH. I’d like to see some camaraderie and amazing connections. I’d love a taste of the good old days. I don’t expect a miracle, I just expect a little better of this show, maybe some use of history and some love & tenderness.

Maybe I should start a fanfic on this or maybe one of my readers can surprise me with a fic on the board just for me with this storyline.

 TTFN 🙂 xo