A Fanbase Divided

Years ago, when I first stumbled across our board, Vanessa Marcil had just recently returned to General Hospital. The powers that be were clearly heading towards a Jax and Brenda pairing and that hurt my heart to the core. However, I found the Sonny and Brenda forum and was excited to see a fan base that was still positive, still excited, and still there after so many years of nothing. Even after Vanessa left again, we were still there. We all got a long and we all had one main wish….for Sonny and Brenda to be together once and for all.

Then, we waited. The board relocated from Ezboard to Invisionfree. And we continued to wait. We waited through countless magazine covers of “Vanessa Marcil Returns?” We waited through Sonny & Carly; we waited through Sonny & Claudia. We even waited through Sonny & Emily, which most of us were not very happy about. But, we waited. We didn’t complain, we didn’t fight with each other, and we had hope.

Hope was always the focus of the Sonny and Brenda forum. The positivity of not only us administrators, but our moderators, and our faithful followers was always so wonderful. To know that we all had a home to go to when we went online was refreshing. We could feel comfortable, safe, and happy on the board because we all had the same goal. We all wanted Sonny and Brenda together and we would do anything and sit through anything to get there.

And with that, I look at the board now. This board has been my home, my project, and part of my life for years and years. Ro and I have worked very hard to keep this board going when there were crickets chirping and tumbleweeds flying by. We were on it daily, always starting a chat, even if it were just with ourselves. Then, a miracle happened. Vanessa was coming back. We were going to get our S&B. We got everything we had ever dreamed of. We got the first reunion, where they discussed everything, laughed, cried, and walked away. Then, they reunited, after 13 years, Sonny and Brenda were kissing, making love, and they were a couple again. It was pure elation in our little world. Then, something even better happened, they got marrieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!! It was something we had all dreamed of since December of 1993 when we first saw the amazing chemistry between these two.

Then, it all went downhill. Drama started on the show, which meant drama started on the board. Rumors came about that GH was getting cancelled, that VMG was leaving, that MB was leaving, even that Ingo is leaving. At this point, no one knows the truth except the players involved. That doesn’t mean that the anger doesn’t spill over onto the Sonny and Brenda Forum. And that anger is making us true S&Bers feel like the board is a hateful place.

We were always a fan base that was respected and loved. We loved our couple no matter what and now, I feel the board is not representative of that anymore. We have many members that are posting their hate for Brenda, for Sonny, for the writing, or just plain spewing out hate. It is not who we are as a fan base. Most of us are still here, still hopeful, still enjoying every moment Sonny and Brenda spend together, and still thankful that we got what we have wanted for so long.

For those that may have left the board because of those negative people, I implore you to come back. We are still the fan base you have always known. We are still the positive and happy place you want to come to. If you are a negative Nelly, we do NOT want you around. Negative people belong on Daytime Dish and Soap Zone. Don’t bring your poison to our board. We don’t care if you think what you say is the truth; we only want positivity on our board because that has been who we are as a fan base for almost 17 years. 

We have made it through Lily, Miguel, the wire, Jax, Sonny leaving Brenda at the altar, Carly, Brenda’s death, you name it, and we have been through it. But we always come out on top. It will never be any different because we won’t let it be. No matter what happens, we always love our couple and we will always be there to celebrate the love that exists between Sonny and Brenda. No one can take that from us. Don’t ever let anyone take that from us. As S&Bers, we are a united front. The only thing anyone can take away from us is what we let them take. Don’t let the haters get to you. They aren’t worth it.



7 responses

  1. Thanks so much for this blog. You are right about staying positive. This is a very unique board and I like coming here and sharing my S&B love with someone who appreciate them like I do.

  2. Thank you Lisa. S&B board is my second home. I am here til the end. Nobody understands my love for this fictional couple like all the friends I have made thru the years on the board.
    Love/Hate current s/l, atleast we have them.

  3. I am so happy that you made this fan-based website all about Brenda and Sonny! They deserve HAPPINESS, forget all of those negative people!!! They have been through HELL together! They truly love each other and I believe in their love!

  4. i wish they would not have done this story about brendas son because they are ruining sonny and brenda they arent never happy because of this gh needs a new head writer and stop ruining my favorite couple and putting jax in the mix is more upsetting i do not want them to split up

  5. Kristy, I am a true fan of Sonny and Brenda all the way back to the early 90’s! I agree with you about everything you said! I am sooo upset with the writers because Sonny and Brenda should of had a baby together years ago! This was all Brenda wanted, a baby by Sonny, because of her true love for him. The head writer and writers are just freakin’ me out too!! Why in the world would they continue to bring Carly and Jax between Sonny and Brenda with stuff over and over again, the least they can do is bring in some new people! It’s always Jax and no good Carly!

  6. i agree with everyone! It seems the writers are determined to keep this awesome couple down. I watched GH when Brenda was 18 and she was breathtaking! She was fiery and never tried to take advantage of her gorgeousness.Now that she is back they heave ruined everything about her. If you can remember in the nineties Sonny said to her ;Why aren’t you afraid little girl! This is my dream couple because they have so much chemistry together! Even when they are just looking into each other’s eyes or touching their foreheads together!

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