Changes afoot and a suggestion….

The time has come… Our favorite HACK is now history and we have a new scribe to man the helm. Garin Wolf has taken the reigns and will now head up General Hospital. He has been writing for GH since 1997. I have heard he wrote Alexis & Diane’s friendship and likes women. I have also heard that he likes very dark storylines, but likes the legacy of the show.

At this point, we have to cross our fingers and hope for the best. As long as characters come together, maybe some mob emphasis diminished and actual stories get told, I know it will be better, even if some is dark. Gosh, it has to be better than the continual conversation the characters have been having since February, right?  There has been no movement since then, not even with the tragedy of Jake’s passing.

MY suggestion to ALL SnBers is to write TPTB, write to Garin Wolf and put in what you’d like to see for SnB, Scrubs and whomever your favorites happen to be. Now is the time to say what you’d like to see. Maybe Garin will listen because we al know that Guza sat on the shitter daily with his fingers in his ears sayin”Nanananananananna… I’ll do what I want and no one can stop me!!!”

Now, we have someone who likes legacy. Ask him to do justice and honor your faves. Ask him to be ind and loving to Sonny and Brenda. The past 2-3 months have been brutal to them.

We’ve all been collectively asking for change… Let’s hold up our coffee cups, beer bottles, glasses of wine or soda and toast to a good change… We need it, the show needs it and let’s try some positivity on for a change of scenery.

All contact info is located on in the SnB area and it is pinned.

TTFN 🙂 xo


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