Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo is leaving GH soon

I have been meaning to blog all day but real life kept getting in the way.. errands, lunchtime, my mom stopping by, Noah napping in my arms while I tweet one-handed and then it was dinner. I now can sit down and put some thoughts out on my blog.

First thing first… This has been one hell of a ride this year. Many ups and downs all over the place. We started out with such a fantastic high with the fact our Vanessa was coming back as Brenda. We rejoiced, flew back to the SnB Forum coop and hung out together for a solid year. We were so excited with each promo, each magazine article and each tweet we saw. The board flourished and I gained about 800 followers, SnBers over the course of this year. Thank you for following me, thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting the board.

Second, the writing was less than stellar for most of this year. Brenda sat in Rome for what felt like forever but that darn Rome reunion with Sonny? That was AMAZING.. That elevator scene with Brenda, that huge dog and the 2 extras? That was made of priceless. The look Sonny had when his eyes laid on his Brenda? His beloved Brenda after all that time and the warm confident smile Brenda gave him?I know I fell in love with them all over again as I had done each time they had laid their eyes upon each other in the past. I was caught in their romance, their path back to each other.. I fell again hard. I always knew Vanessa would be back for a “visit”, I always knew she could leave at any time. But, I allowed myself the delicious escape of my sexy Sonny and Brenda. They are soulmates, made for each other and will always be Mr. & Mrs. Corinthos. They were and are meant to be.

Third, this day has come without the mags or ABC releasing a statement but by Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo herself. She drew up the courage and hopped on the Twitter train and tweeted. She tweeted that she’d be leaving GH soon. She dealt with my lovely SnBers and with haters and baiters. For the whole time, she was classy, gracious and amazing. She is kind and loving, as well as sorry to see her time as Brenda Corinthos be done. With that said, I am sure within a week or so we will see a press statement from ABC & confirmation from the magazines.

With a heavy heart I am giving you this news. Some had gotten it overnight while tweeting with Vanessa. Melissa & Maurice/Paula confirmed it was her tweeting. Her Twitter is @VanessaMarcilG if you wish to follow and already do not.

Her tweets:

VanessaMarcilG Vanessa Marcil G
my final days are near will miss maurice and cast with every cell of my being. should i keep Brenda”s thigh high stilletos?

VanessaMarcilG Vanessa Marcil G
I want to know if anyone can guess how Brenda leaves…………………………..sniffle VMG

VanessaMarcilG Vanessa Marcil G
@ReneetShort was always just a visit……….but i will always come back 🙂

VanessaMarcilG Vanessa Marcil G
@nygal33 working on an animated childrens show that i wrote with my sister and my son. GAGOO AND THE LAND OF CHOICES 🙂

If you are going to GHFCW, she is having an event after Maurice’s.

VanessaMarcilG Vanessa Marcil G
@ @nathaline_chiu will be right after maurices. will give details soon. im gonna make MB stop by mine in case no one shows up.

VanessaMarcilG Vanessa Marcil G
@ @VMFAN2011 I love maurice Benard. I am lucky to have ever been able to work with him. I cant say enough about him VMG

VanessaMarcilG Vanessa Marcil G
@ @MauriceBenardMB facial hair on maurice? devastating……. 2nd hottest man alive, period. VMG

There’s no end date, she said herself she’d come back… (I am still going to say she is going to be back also, maybe recurring?)

I hope she’ll be back, she seems quite open to coming back and she even said that Jill would leave things open so she could return someday. Perhaps she will come back to escort Maurice off canvas. Perhaps GH’s demise is sooner than we think.

Anyway, please drop a card or a tweet to Vanessa. Thank her for coming back, thank her for bringing Brenda back to life for us. It is a huge gift for us. 18 years, a gorgeous romance, a fabulous wedding, a sexy passionate couple and memories for us to work on fanfic, art and mvids once again.

As I said before, there is no end date as of yet, so hop on that SnB Bus ’till da wheels fall the hell off and enjoy the ride. There will be amazing along with not good but as SnBers, we hang in there no matter what because we believe, we have hope, faith and love for our couple.

Have a fantastic weekend, SnBers… Heads up, hold them high and know that we have supported our couple with grace this past year.

Thank you!




7 responses

  1. My heart is heavy because i am a huge fan of VMG! I am happy She and MB were married but it took forever with that horrible story line.They were the couple with the looks and the chemistry! It was the way they looked at each other held and kissed each other! As my daughter would say they were and are the Bomb!

  2. Ro I can’t stop the tears. Beautiful my friend, It has been a crazy wild ride.
    Thank You for everything and keeping our hope alive with this board.

  3. Another excellent blog Ro! I have loved Brenda & Sonny since the very beginning and am saddened only losing our couple again on my screen 😦 Although sad, I am forever grateful to vanessa for coming back & allowing our fave couple another chance & a WEDDING!!! Having Vanessa back also allowed me this opportunity to meet some great people(SnBers)! I thank you for the Sonny & Brenda Forum and all you do on there & keeping us all together thru thick & thin. SnBers for life! :))

  4. I just would like to share that Vanessa herself read my blog and tweeted this to me:
    VanessaMarcilG Vanessa Marcil G
    @SonnyandBrenda read this and cried There are so many smart fans It’s amazing that you take the time to do this stuff for us. thk u VMG

    We are such a fortunate fanbase to have her interact with us on Twitter! Please look for interviews with Michael Logan and Rosemary Rossi on June 2nd in those interviews, she will reveal her official last day.

    I hope some of you are traveling out to LA for GHFCW and if you are, please go to both Vanessa’s and Maurice’s events. Vani and I will be posting information on the board about Vanessa’s event, so please look for that thread in days to come.
    Thanks and have a great weekend, Ro. xo

  5. Ro, thank you so much for all you do. I love this couple more than I can say. To have Vanessa back and reunited with Maurice for this year was like a little slice of heaven. Albeit, as you said, we had to endure that whole Rome Adventure, but, still as long as Vanessa was on my TV, it was worth it. I have been holding on with the slimest of hopes that she would reconsider leaving and stay just a little bit longer, but, no…..So until the next “visit” I will have to get my Brenda/Sonny fix on the Tube and places as this. So thank you once again for keeping the faith and keeping the flame of Mr. & Mrs. Corinthos alive and well.

  6. i love vanessa and maurice together as much as sonny and brenda. their chemistry is so palpable, after all these years. i’ve seen YouTube clips with all of sonny’s other women. some were talented actresses, but none had the S&B chemistry — or, perhaps, writing. all i want now (in my depression over vanessa’s departure) is for S&B endgame. i hope garin wolf can do that for us fans.

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