Celebrating the Ride

The road for Sonny and Brenda, as well as SnBers has been a bumpy, wild ride for 18 years and counting. The Sonny and Brenda Forum was created by Suha way back in the day. I am uncertain of the year she created it but I would venture to say in the late 90’s, maybe around 1997 or 98. I believe she had a Yahoo or AOL group first then moved on to EzBoard, where I found the forum along with Lisa and Vani in 2002.

Lisa, Vani and I formed a quick friendship in our “Bored at Work” thread. This is where we nicknamed ourselves— Vani= Bren, Lisa= Lo and I, Cassie, became Ro. We were all short for Brenda, Lois and Robin, friends for life and bonds unbreakable. We would go back and forth for hours each day, while at work and after trying to accumulate as many pages as we could to our thread. At 100 pages, we’d ask a mod or admin to lock our thread and we’d start a new one. In the midst of our nonsense, we created an amazing friendship between the three of us and took others in.. Soon, we were the “Sneaky Bored at Work” thread and had a few others sneak in to be silly with us. Those were Chels, Karen, JJ in the beginning. Maybe a few others tried to keep up but we were too silly for some. As time went on, the EzBoard was not working very well anymore and the board moved to Invisionfree and Vani became a Admin, Lisa a Mod and I… well, I had my first baby, Nicholas. It wasn’t until a year or so later I became an mod, then an admin shortly there after… I think.. Little hazy on that recollection after 2 kiddos! Anyway, Lisa, Vani, Chels, JJ, Karen, then Holly, Cece and a few others over the years helped keep the SnB Forum going.

Some of us took some breaks here and there, sure, it was a long 8 years to go before our couple even had a chance to be together again! Many other fangroups were quite amazed at our tenacity, our hope, our bonds and our clear vision through those years. Some called us delusional, some admired us. We didn’t do anything really admirable, we were just a group of people who became very close friends, celebrated our real life lives together, mourned together when needed and enjoyed having a safe haven to remember our SnB, make new art, have SnB live on in stories and to just hang out together.

Suddenly a year ago, almost exactly a year ago, the news broke. The news we had been hoping for, campaigned for and dreamed of was happening! Vanessa Marcil (now Giovinazzo) was coming back! It was amazing! We had campaigned (well, many times but this one we had recognition for and is most notable)once in the past for a no-recast of Brenda Barrett. We campaigned hard and had other fanbases help us. We were successful, thankfully and because of us in the past, now we had a chance to have our SnB again. We were tickled pink when we discovered Vanessa was coming back in particular to work with Maurice. The SnBers could not believe our luck! She was coming back and TPTB were going to do SnB again! The EEEEEEEE’s ran rampant on our board and Twitter page… We were quite euphoric and amazed at our luck! Finally, after all this time, we were getting our fondest wish.

How do you prepare after 8 years of wasteland for your fondest wish? How do you go from having 10 people all day visit your site to several hundred in a day and thousands on your website/blog a week? I can say this, between having my Noah last March and having Brenda back on GH in August, I had quite a busy time, a time, I know I was not prepared for in any way, shape or form. Somehow I managed it all. It wasn’t easy much of the time but gosh… This past year I would never, ever trade for the world. The experience, the friendships and new bonds I’ve made have been amazing (I can’t wait to meet #Team at Maurice’s event in June!) and extremely entertaining!

Between our first glimpse of Brenda to whatever our last will be has been a fantastic ride. It’s been a whirlwind of amazing highs and crazy lows like the lost honeymoon. The reconnection of SnB at the old apartment over Luke’s was fantastic and one of my favorite scenes this go around. I love how when Sonny and Brenda put their foreheads together and are usually touching each other’s faces or necks, their heads make a heart shape. It’s very intimate and sensual when they do that. To me, it shows the amazing connection Vanessa and Maurice have together.

The beautiful proposal in the dark of night, beneath the moon and twinkle lights of the Q rose garden was romantic, spontaneous and full of love. I loved how Brenda had her hair swept back… Vanessa looked radiant in those scenes. I loved the raw emotions both Sonny and Brenda had… The feelings of hope, trust, healing of past mistakes, timeless love and genuine friendship. The wedding planning was hilarious!

Our wedding…  For some of the SnB family, this was the pinnacle of the story. Some stopped watching after the wedding. Not because they didn’t love Sonny or Brenda, but because they were afraid of what the writers would do at this point. Maybe those SnBers were smart, maybe not. It’s all subjective and you can’t judge. The ratings were amazingly high for February Sweeps period and haven’t seen those numbers for GH in quite some time. It was a wave that should have been ridden but for reason, the wave was left to peter out.  The destruction of our couple began when the honeymoon was scrapped in favor of a story that should have been sweeping and amazing, full of raw sorrow and emotion. But, that story fell flat and dropped the ratings like a lead weight. There was no balance during that time it was all dark and dank. TPTB backed off of SnB’s story and even though maybe they knew Vanessa wouldn’t stay past her contract, they could have done much better justice to the marriage of Sonny and Brenda. We will never know why they chose such a direction.

Now, I could go into what if’s and what they should have done but, it won’t get us anywhere… We’ll still be where we are today. It’s sad for the SnBers. For some it may be depressing, could be liberating, could still instill hope that Vanessa could come back in the future (GH’s future is quite uncertain, as most of you know) and for others, this may be a celebration of our time with Vanessa again.

I, for one, believe we should celebrate the good we have had through this past year. Celebrate the journey we really never thought would happen again in a Sonny and Brenda wedding. Celebrate the delicious media blitz Maurice and Vanessa did. Celebrate our new memories and fantastic moments we have had through the year. Celebrate your new friends and old connections that resurfaced during this time. Celebrate the fact Vanessa and Maurice both tweet now and you can reach out and tell them personally, you love them.

I know some are sad and are questioning why TPTB would give Sonny and Brenda a wedding.. Please don’t question the goodness, loving and passionate scenes we had! We saw Brenda show up and our Sonny showed up… There was no rain. There was some angst but the passion over-rode the crazy. Our wish was granted and we heard the most beautiful dialogue in years. They pledged their undying love to each other in an amazingly beautiful setting and in front of their friends, enemies and families. We have not heard of any talk of divorce. We don’t know how things will play out. We don’t know an end date yet. That we’ll find out on June 2 in a Michael Logan interview.

I can’t tell you where our ride will take us, how much longer it will be or any thing else because I simply do not know, BUT, our board will continue, we will ride on as we always have. As Vanessa says she will “always come back,” we at the Sonny and Brenda Forum will continue to celebrate our Sonny and Brenda.

It’s a celebration of 18 years of Brenda Barrett. Sometimes on-screen, sometimes off but always in our hearts, part of our souls and never far from our thoughts.

TTFN or until I have another thought spill to share. 🙂 xo ~Ro


6 responses

  1. Thanks for sharing the history of the SnB board, Ro. 🙂
    I’m in awe of it all.
    Thanks for being here now and in the future.
    I think this time Vanessa will not wait 8 years to come back.
    *Fingers crossed*.

  2. Thank you for your Blog. I love this board and I am happy to see there are others who enjoys S&B like I do. This blog is a great tribute to S&B, Vanessa/Maurice, and the S&B fans. Thank you so much.


  3. Thank you so much for REALLY seeing Maurice and I and making us feel like we matter to you. You matter to us, forever…………VMG

  4. Thnak you so much for all the hard work you ladies have put in here at the forum. You put into words how we feel about MoNessa/Sonny&Brenda, and i’ve met some amazing friends thanks to S&B! I’m sad to think Vanessa is leaving, but i will always be thankful for our dreams finally coming true with the S&B wedding.

  5. Thank you so much for all of your amazing/hard work here ladies. Ive thoroughly enjoyed the site/blogs.

    I’m so heartbroken that VMG is leaving. We didnt get enough good times! Thank god for sites like this!

    Much LOVE,

    Nikki Fincham (@Finchisms)

  6. Such a great blog, Ro! You said it all perferctly! I’ll always love S&B….all the good AND the bad. It’s what makes them the most passionate, intense, sexiest, funniest, sweetest, most ansgsty couple of all time. Be it Daytime, Primetime or the BigScreen, nothing & nobody even comes close to the sheer magic Maurice & Vanessa create together as Sonny&Brenda. They’re simply irresistable, can’t-take-your-eyes-off-them riveting even in the midst of incredibly bad story telling. I’ll always love them and as long as GH is on the air I’ll never give up hope of seeing S&B get their happily ever after! Thanks again for this blog and for the wonderful Sonny& Brenda Message Board Forum!!

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