Sunday 411

This has been a whirlwind of information, feelings and thoughts for me since Thursday night.

1- Vanessa is tweeting, herself (Yay!) and her official Twitter is @VanessaMarcilG and her reps are working on getting her verified. Also, if you don’t follow Maurice, you should. His official Twitter is @MauriceBenardMB His rep is Melissa and she tweets all his fan club and official site info on @MBtvNews

2- Vanessa now has a Facebook Fan Page. It is early days still and the page is being put together, so be patient. I have also blogged in the past about imposters and if you are already “friends” with a Vanessa Marcil, that page or (pages) are phoney-baloney.!/pages/Vanessa-Marcil-Giovinazzo-Official-Fan-Page/132747866765168

3- If you are going to General Hospital’s Fan Club Weekend in Los Angeles this summer, please do sign up for Maurice’s event AND Vanessa’s event. I will have information on both of those events coming soon. From what I understand, Vanessa will be auctioning/selling “Brenda’s” clothes from set for charity.

4- Please DO continue sending your campaign notes to the studio. It will be very nice for both Vanessa and Maurice to be receiving mail and it will be GREAT for Garin Wolf & TPTB to continue to receive mail about Vanessa, Brenda, Maurice and Sonny and Brenda. We want Garin to maybe consider keeping SnB together and have Brenda continue her ASEC work and bring her back from time to time. As Vanessa has always said, she is open to coming back and Jill left the character open to coming back. Maybe Vanessa could be “recurring” and not on contract. Obviously we don’t know the exit storyline but we can at the very least show interest in having her back and that we are still watching for Sonny and Brenda. Please be kind, concise, short and sweet in your notes. Anyway, all mail is good mail for Vanessa as well as Maurice.

5~ Vanessa has an interview with Michael Logan on June 2. It will have information on her last day. Please look out for it. I will post it and link to the article(s).

I’ve had some time to think and even still it hasn’t quite sunk in for me yet. So much in the world of soap operas are changing in quite a short time. By this time next year the landscape of our soaps will be very different. Perhaps GH will be gone or going, too. I think at this point, even though I know many of you are upset, disappointed and angry Vanessa is leaving GH, please remember she came back for a few awesome reasons… She came back because she wanted to, wanted to work with Maurice again and she came back for us. I know once we find out her end date and that day quickly approaches, I will be a little more emotional and I will most likely have a humongous blog up for her last day~ For Now~  as Brenda Corinthos…


And for now, I will bid you adieu and go tend to my family. Have a nice weekend… watch some clips, write some mail and check out the links I gave you. Be positive, be thankful and happy about what we have and what we’ll be left with. As I have said before, we are quite lucky!


See this pic above? They make a heart shape. I LOVE this picture because of that.

TTFN xo 🙂 ~Ro


Ooooh, one more thing! The out pouring of amazing love and support from all the SnBers not only to Vanessa, but extended to the board and me has been so amazing and wonderful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and know I have been very touched by your kind words. xoxo


2 responses

  1. i hope that the new head writer will keep them married because i heard that they were splitting them and bringing sonny another woman on to cheat on brenda that will be it for me if they do that

  2. I love everything you have writen in your blogs, all your words are spot on, it bring tears to eyes.I know I came to the board late but I felt so much friendship,love and respect for each other on this board also the love for my favor couple, in my heart I feel torn,I want to keep watching the show and give my surpport but I dont want to see the destruncation of S&B. I feel like a coward because im give up on my coupler and I though i would never do that but at the same time im bitter and hurt, not to much blaming VMG it more so guza he waste a good year, so after much thought and sleep IM not going to give up on S&B but im not ready to watch the show yet. I do have to give THANKS to VMG and MB whatever scrpit they got they paly it BEAUTIFULLY . Ro I want to THANK YOU for your postive views on the show, postive for our coupler, positve out look on everything that going on right now and also THANK YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS FOR THE S&B BOARD. This was a haven to come to from all the others negative boards. THANK YOU

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