Bittersweet… Today is Vanessa’s last day filming as Brenda Barrett Corinthos. While we are taking the time to celebrate the ride and staving off our tears for another 6 weeks, I know by the end of today the SnBers along with VMG will have tears.

This has been an amazing ride… From the moment Brenda showed up on Julia’s doorstep looking for her inheritance to however she leaves in about 6 weeks will leave imprints on all of our hearts. Something about Brenda, maybe her spunk, her drive, her spirit, her passion, her aura.. You can’t pick one and you can’t discount whatever personal Vanessa added to the role. Brenda ALWAYS made me feel how she was feeling, the happiness, longing for a family & belonging, passion, love, sorrow and camaraderie… I connected with this character. At that time of my life I was about 20 years old. I saw a lot of myself in Brenda and could relate. Especially on wanting to be with and loving the guy she couldn’t have— because of circumstances not lack of love. I fell in love with Brenda, already loved Sonny and when they officially met on the docks & their hands and eyes met….. WOW, was I a goner.

Fast forward several years… skip past the Wire & Lily who ripped my heart in a zillion pieces and made me feel such sorrow I never felt before, skip over the wedding that never was where I felt like my world crashed down around me… and of course, skip past where Brenda “died” and Sonny sat at his table in island house telling Jason “I’ll die seeing her face and it never occurred to me, she’d die first.” Then  “I can’t be with her again except when I sleep and then I’m with her all the time…Dreaming of Brenda is the worse because when I wake up she’s not there…I know you want to help, but you can’t.”

Suddenly, spoiler-free and not internet addicted, Vanessa and Brenda appeared on my tv again in September 2002. Amazing Grace was such a fantastic arc that should have been about SnB getting back together but the stars were not aligned that season. I always heard there’s a time and place for everything and I held out hope. We were heartbroken a few times already and when she left in 2003, it was almost the worst because, we, as a fanbase had very little. It was so sad to see Jason leave Brenda at the airport where she looked so small, broken and ultimately alone. It broke my heart for her.

For me, Vanessa has always shown through in her Brenda scenes, as does Maurice. To me, no one else could ever be Sonny and Brenda except for Maurice and Vanessa. They are the essence of the characters, they have the heart of their story, kept in their own hearts and souls. They shine when they are together and when separate, something is missing… Must be their acting-karmic better halves… They were both born to play Sonny and Brenda.

Last year, almost exactly a year ago, we had the triumphant news about Vanessa returning to GH. This year has been a unbelieveable ride.. Full of glee, frustration, love, exhilaration, anger, confusion and overwhelming happiness. We have a gorgeous reconnection between Sonny and Brenda that led to an engagement and ultimately a wedding of epic proportions. I was in awe of their beauty & chemistry. I had hopes our Vanessa would decide to stay, even if it was recurring. But, it just didn’t work out that way. Vanessa has a ton of exciting ventures on her plate. You can read more here: She is working on a children’s series & books & clothing line for kids. Maybe one day she’ll be back… Hopefully to escort our Sonny off canvas with a little love & reconnection story before the end.

Vanessa tweeted a couple of pics for the SnBers….Both Vanessa and Maurice are having fan events at GHFCW and here are the ways you can get tickets: (please click on images to make them larger)

Please go to the events, support both Maurice and Vanessa and do let them know you are members of the Sonny and Brenda Forum. I wish I could go, but sadly I have no babysitter for a long weekend in L.A. I will have a few SnBers who will tweet, text, phone call, email and send pictures to me from the weekend, and in particular, V&M’s events.

Please continue to watch, Brenda has about 6 more weeks in Port Charles and Sonny will remain in town (hehe) for sometime. After B goes, please continue to watch and support Maurice.

TTFN xoxo ~Ro


3 responses

  1. Ro that was beautiful said! I am sad she is leaving but; very happy for her at the same time. All the things you mention is how I feel as a Brenda fan, and a VNMG fan. I wish her all the best , and I also wish her a speedy return. Love VMG aka Brenda..

    VMG fan for life..

  2. your blog said it all! From the day Brenda came to Port Charles and met Sonny they have been my favorites. I am swept away by the depths of their love. They were truly beautiful to watch. No other couple in soap history can compare! I am sad that VMG is leaving and I won’t have that excitement that i feel when they are front and center.SnB Forever

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