Sara’s Event Experience (recap of Nashville)

Our very own Sara was lucky enough to go to Maurice Benard’s event in Nashville, TN last week. She was kind enough to share pictures with me and to write up a recap of the event she attended.

To start, I am perputually late. By the time I got there, it was going to be exactly 6pm! Luckily, I got a call from Zanies at 5:15 telling me the meet and greet was moved to after the show…whew!
Unfortunately, I did not PM Robin until the night before (because I do everything at the last minute), not remembering that she drove from North Carolina the night before and was at her hotel… so I did not get ahold of her before the event. My cousin and I randomly sat down at one end of this long table right by the stage, and at the other end was was this younger woman and her mom. I told my cousin, “I’m going to ask her if she is Robin. If she’s not, I won’t randomly go around the room asking people or anything…” It was a long shot, but it turned out that it WAS! Perfect way to begin the night… S&Bers ROCK!
We VERY anxiously awaited. I swear, we could barely even sit still!
The event started at 7:30. But no Maurice. The opening act was this comedian, I don’t remember his name-he wouldn’t have been half bad, but we wanted Mo! When he finally came out, it was amazing! Even my cousin (who is nowhere near as hardcore as I am) couldn’t get over how excited she was to see him there! He opened by talking about visiting Graceland– He started with, “Why won’t they let you in the bedroom? It’s because Elvis is alive in there!” It was funnier to us than anything the comedian had said…haha.
The contest winner gave a really great speech. She said that father’s day was usually sad for her and her family, but winning this was making this one really different and special. She announced her love for S&B at the end!
I asked him if we could buy the honeymoon scenes. He was like, “uh oh, I knew this would come up.” He said he didn’t know why they were cut, that it was good stuff… He really did seem truly upset, kind of ticked off actually, that they were cut.
He talked about telling Vanessa before their last scenes that they were NOT going to cry… and they bawled like babies. He said he was crying for like 45 minutes afterwards. “I’ll tell you what, the acting…” (hand over heart) “The acting will break your heart.” Awww. He also said that he and Vanessa have always had a connection. According to Maurice, some of Garin’s stuff WILL make it to S&B at the end…
He said that we needed to help him out by suppporting him with someone other than Brenda while she is gone. Some people groaned, some nodded… He was like “Yeah right, I know you guys.” Imitating us, “You’ll be like ‘She’s not Brenda…'” He agrees S&B should always be endgame, though! He wants us to “Just keep watching.”
He imitated Jason and his ever-growing arms. He said that Steve will say that they’re not that big and he’s like, “Dude, you can’t even put them flat against against your sides!” Maurice also made fun of the fact that he gets these page long monologues and Steve barely has to act. Steve says, “Jason doesn’t talk.” He also did this really funny imitation of the expression on Steve’s face.
He talked about his stalker (shortly). Started it with, “I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want her to come back!” We all laughed. Apparently this woman thought she was Paula Benard and showed up one day to pick up “their” kids!
Joshua came out and rapped part of “Love the Way You Lie”–SO funny!
One of the funniest parts was when ‘someone’ asked a question. It was “I’m from Memphis, how did you like my city?” I recognized the voice, turned around, and at the table next to me that ‘someone’ was my son’s PEDIATRICIAN! I couldn’t help but yell out, “That is my three year old’s pediatrician! Hey Dr. Sheffield…” Maurice started laughing and said, “Oh no, your son’s pediatrician is visiting Sonny!” When I talked to her later, I found out she is a SCUMMER! Needless to say, I am finding a new one… Ewww!
There were just a few scummers there. At one point, one was like, “Aren’t Sonny and Carly due for a roll in the hay?” I just started screaming, “Noooo, BOO!” It was the rabid S&Ber in me… Luckily, the other S&Bers started joining in. Maurice didn’t seem thrilled about the idea of anything happening with Carly, he kind of just brushed it off…
He talked about how he likes working with NLG, and after every scene he’ll be like, “That was great stuff.” And she always says “No, I hated it. I suck!” He’s been trying to play scenes with Kristina with a more peaceful father/daughter relationship. He thinks they have fought enough!
His daughter came out he told her to randomly pick someone from the audience to do a scene with him. She chose someone way in the back, she was another S&Ber. I love how every person that ended up on stage announced their love for S&B! Maurice did the scene as “warm and charming Sonny” and she couldn’t stop smiling, it seemed hard for her to even speak… and I have to say that I don’t blame her! That caused Maurice, her, and all of us to giggle through the whole thing, I didn’t really pick up on most of what was said in the actual scene because of it, but it was still great. Maurice just KNEW the power he had over this lady and definitely played it up… she loved it! Afterward he surprised the hell out of everyone by announcing that we were going to do it again! I’m pretty sure doing it a second time was not the original plan, but lucky for me Maurice freaking ROCKS! This time he wrote down a number, then told us all to pick one between 1- 20 and start yelling it out. Whoever guessed right got to go up… I have always tried my luck with the number 7, but it has never turned out to be lucky…ever! So this time, I went with 13. Some of you may know that I am a HUGE Taylor Swift fan and her lucky number is 13. She writes it on her hand before every concert. And hello, we WERE in Nashville!

I starting yelling it out immediately and he let everyone guess for about 30 seconds, but most people were guessing a bunch of different ones… I just stuck with my lucky number 13! When Maurice asked “Who said 13?” My mouth dropped and my cousin and Robin screamed “Sara!!” As soon as I stood up I had the biggest smile on my face, trying to manage my excitement and shock at once… I went to his event without thinking this was even in the realm of possibility. He gave me a hug when I got up there, then the script, mic, and said “You ready??” God, he was so much fun! I just looked around for a couple seconds, still in shock, then said, “Wow, yeah… I’m ready.” Like I said before, he played it really charming with the first lady… which is how it is supposed to go with S&B (you’ll see where it says it on the script). But with me, for the first couple lines he got right in my face, like inches away (OMG) and making eye contact with him was just… WOW. We’ve always known this, but I can’t even put into words just *how* INTENSE he is. It’s like a whole new understanding!

The whole time I was trying not to shake. My lips were on the verge of twitching from trying to keep my hands still, LOL. With me he played it more as confrontational Sonny, so I gave him attitude back while maintaining eye contact, and when I first did he seemed a little surprised, paused to smile and say to everyone something like “uh oh, listen this girl!” When we were finished he went to put his copy down, and I was like “Hey, wait! You need to sign my copy!” still with same attitude from the scene… he is just so easy to have fun with! He grinned, I honestly I can’t remember what he said at this point–he definitely responded something that made everyone laugh, and I said “Please.” Haha then he asked my name…. I told him “Sara, NO H!” Everyone laughed, and he looked around and said “You hear this girl? I love her!”
I almost died.
He signed, handed it to me and said, “Here you go Sara– with NO H!” This is what it says at the bottom of my of my very own S&B scene script:
“To Sara,
Love you
Maurice Benard”

Before I gave him the mic back, I HAD to say something about how I feel about S&B… I told him and everyone that I am a HUGE S&B fan and that I absolutely love them. SO many people clapped and cheered in support of our couple. It was the best!!!!!!

Nooow, onto the actual script of the S&B scene that we did (this is word for word from the script, exactly how it’s typed… my comments are in italics!):

Cut To:


SONNY’S WARM AND CHARMING. (LOL, didn’t expect the script to say that at the top)

SONNY: So you think I can’t be calm or reasonable? That hurts.

BRENDA: You were so angry after the hearing and now… what changed?

SONNY: I thought some things through last night. And I realized that if you and I fight about this, we’re playing right into Jax’s hands.

BRENDA: What about Carly? Why was she here? (asked the way we want our Brenda to ask, with attitude! As soon as I read Carly’s name, I could not help myself… Haha)

SONNY: She’s devastated. Any mother would be. But I’m not married to Carly. I’m married to you. (SLIPPING HIS ARMS AROUND HER)<—- This obviously was crossed out beforehand lol, but I could read through where they did) And I’m sorry I left you alone last night. (When we did the scene, instead he *yelled* that he does NOT care about Carly and that she’s not his wife! Haha something like, “Why are you talking about Carly?? Who cares about Carly!! She’s not my WIFE, you are!” )

BRENDA: So tell me more about this little apartment downtown. (This is where I got the most attitude with him, lol, because it seriously made me mad!! He got rid of CITA but has a little apartment downtown? WTF!)

SONNY: (TEASING) Why? Do you think I have a mistress?

BRENDA: I know you don’t. I trust your love for me. And I’m so glad you can finally trust my love for you.

(AS THEY FOLD INTO A KISS…) <—Another thing crossed out beforehand that I could read through after a bit of light adjustments! Haha

He was just SO easy to have fun with, very down-to-earth, great energy, awesome sense of humor… just a genuinely NICE guy!!

When I was in the VIP line, the pictures were 10 dollars. I picked one of the newer ones, and I heard Paula saying to one of the girls “Aw, your dad thought more people would choose his first headshot..” I turned back around and was like, “OMG, I didn’t know that was his first headshot! I’ll take that one instead..” She made a comment about how it was older than me, LOL, I said something like”Oh no, no, that’s fine! I just didn’t realize it was his official first one… So she told me to take both. Such a nice, nice family. There was this really drunk lady in front of me that leaned over to the girls and said, slurring, “Your dad is HOT…” They giggled, elbowing each other, the expression on Paula’s face was priceless… I was just like, “You guys must see a lot,” as the security guy escorted her away. Paula just nodded.
After the show at the meet and greet, I was like, “Heeey, it’s me again!” LOL he smiled and gave me a big hug, I was like “I loved doing that and hope you didn’t think I was for real bitchy or anything, it was for the scene!” He laughed and put his hand on my shoulder then said, “No, no… that’s what I LIKE!!” I of course started giggling and narrowly avoided sudden death from his awesomeness. Then we took our pictures. I got another hug when we were done and told him I had gone to his event in NJ 8 years ago where I met Melissa (he called her an angel…awww), Vani, and other S&Bers… Told him how I still talk to the same S&Bers years later, and we’ll never give up. He said that I should go to another event on this tour… I was like “Yeah, I wish!!


A huge thank you to Sara and Maurice for such a great recap & pictures! I can’t wait for my event on Sunday in East Rutherford, NJ w/ #Team.

TTFN… Until next Monday or Tuesday with my recap! xoxo


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  1. girl i waS there you were the Belle of the Ball gf you are so lucky i dont know if you no this but as you were walking away from the stage Maurice gently touched your hair gf …i was so excited for you.Congrads i know that made your year it deffinitly wouldof mine but gf you didi good acting out the scene w/ him ..u go girl … sonny n Brenda 4-eva

  2. this is a FABULOUS read, thank you!!! you are such a loyal S&B’er. on behalf of all those who can’t make it to see maurice or vanessa, thanks for representing!!!! but tell me, what else did he say about vanessa? about her return for endgame? about what he thought of her storyline???

    • I’m glad you liked! He loves Vanessa and didn’t want her to go. They both want S&B endgame and he said (so has she) that she WILL be back. He said that they both were not a fan of the writing for her return except for our S&B wedding!

  3. Grea recap! You made it so real I feel like I was there! Maurice is awesome.
    I saw him a couple of times but his awesomeness had me under a spell and I could barely speak.
    LOL Thanks so MUCH !

  4. Hey Sara I am the lady that was up there before u. What a great night it was. I sooooo adore him. Did u by any chance get any pictures of me up there with him. Isn’t it ironic that 2 red-heads got picked! My email is, please let me know if u did. Thanks for the story! Cindy

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