2 days ’till Maurice!

I’m 2 whole days out until I meet THE Maurice Benard… aka Sonny Corinthos or Nico Kelly (AMC) depending on how old you are and if you go back that far.

I remember when I first laid eyes on Maurice. It was back in the day on All My Children as Nico Kelly. Nico came from almost a similar place as Sonny did and became involved with good girl, Julie Chandler, who was kinda like Karen Wexler.. Anyway, Nico & Julie got married then things went south fast.. After that marriage ended, he became involved with Cecily… They married and had a rocky road of clashing and having a lot of heat & chemistry together. They eventually fell in love and went to Hawaii for a real wedding.. Not sure if Nico & Cecily would still be together now but that little glimpse of Maurice back then for a couple of years was enough to whet my whistle for Maurice.

He then showed up in Port Charles a short time later. He was now Sonny Corinthos. He was a seedy character who ran a strip club.. Seduced Karen, had her popping pills and at that moment not very redeemable… But then something changed. Stone came rolling in off of the streets, Jagger had an instant conflict with Sonny & then Sonny met Brenda. Once Sonny met Brenda and sparks flew, everything changed for not only the character but for Maurice himself.

Maurice OWNED the character of Sonny, became a mega-soap star and a sensation amongst teens & their moms. Plus, he had the hottest girl (Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo as Brenda Barrett) as the other half of the supercouple he was part of. They together made history and were/are amazing acting partners.

Maurice over the years has been quite open and candid about his bipolar disorder.  He has been through the wringer with this disorder but has gotten through his hard times with his wife, Paula, family friends and fans supporting him. This past January, he was to fly out to the east coast to do a few events but it wasn’t meant to be at that time due to his disorder. He rescheduled his events, tacked a few more on and made his way east with his family to have numerous events for his fans.

So many of his fans have gotten lucky during this tour with surprise tickets, winning the chance to do a scene with him, joking with him, asking lots of questions, posing for pictures and having an amazing time in each location. 2 of my board members/Twitter peeps have been quite lucky. One won a chance to be on stage running lines as Brenda with Maurice. Another just won the Hero contest and just got a phone call that she won tickets to see Maurice @8pm on Sunday. Maurice gives everything his all and it shows through on screen and off. With each plan, for each location, much thought has gone into these events. We are all so lucky to be able to experience this with him and each other. Whether you’re a Sonny & Brenda fan, a Sonny and Carly fan or a Sonny and the rest fan, there is something for everyone at these events. From what I hear, he makes everyone feel welcome and appreciated. I hope he feels the same from all of us. He deserves it.

I’ll update my experience on Monday or Tuesday and I’ll have a special update/recap from my friend, Barb later on in the week. She is the special winner of the Hero contest for Pt. Pleasant, NJ. 

I just wanted to take the time and thank Maurice, his family, Melissa and the club promoters for making this happen. We are all very thankful for this opportunity to meet him & spend a little tim with him, his family and each other.

TTFN xoxo Ro



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