My recap of Maurice’s Event

I left my house around 8:30 on Sunday, June 26 to head up to Rutherford, NJ  to meet Maurice Benard, Nathan Parsons and my girls on Twitter. I wasn’t really nervous while I was on my way. I sang along to songs.. really loud, LOL….. and thought about a few of my friends who would have loved to have joined me and who would have made my past year complete in many different ways. It was only once I saw the Renaissance hotel, I started to get a bit nervous.

I arrived at 9:30, unloaded my bag (which had goodies for my girls!)

 Then I went inside and met up with Kammi/Kelly Ann and we put the buttons & post cards in with the magnets I made and off we were down to the event!

I made my way through the lobby and saw Maurice and Paula sitting at a table talking to a few people (not fans). I found the right room to go to and that room was PACKED with Maurice fans. Young, older, men, women… It was a fantstic mix of people! There was a line to buy Maurice & Nathan pictures so I figured I would wait until after the show was over.


I found my girls who were all sitting together, looking gorgeous and very excited to be there and finally, I met my #Team! It was surreal to meet the girls I talk to daily and have been talking to for a solid year. It’s funny to me how the internet can really bring people together who wouldn’t normally be able to come together.

Anyway, we waited a few minutes and then it was announced that Maurice was coming out! We were all so excited to see him come into the room and walk up to the small stage! For me, this was my first time to really see a soap star, up close and  in person. I went to the Emmy’s years and years ago but this was different. This was intimate and he was there to meet us, not be at an awards show. Maurice was amazingly good looking, he called himself a “Sexy Son of a Bitch..” LOL His dimples were so sexy and gosh is he one of the finest human beings I’ve ever laid my eyes on! He was gorgeous! By the way, he looks FANTASTIC in black… Just sayin’! He lifted his shirt up once, I tried to capture his abs but my battery was running slow from the amount of pics I was taking. I came home to 362 pictures. 🙂

Maurice told us funny stories, one about Twitter or “Tweeter” as he called it and why he actually got into doing it. He wasn’t interested at all for quite some time but then realized everyone was doing it so he wanted to try it out, too. Once he did he found that he really liked it and even made fun of himself & us while talking about it. He talked to us about Spinelli and how he treats Spin now as someone who is ill, instead of treating him as he had in the past under Guza’s direction. He imitated him a little bit which was super funny.. He says his dad HATES Spinelli. haha He also said that Vanessa would be appearing on The Doctors with Jillian Michaels.

He also spoke about maybe a new pairing, which as a SnBer, its disappointing BUT as he has in the past, Sonny will have to move on. (We lived through 8 years of blech, and we’ll make due for now, too. ) Maurice asked us to support him and we should. We should support Sonny and Maurice. We don’t have to LIKE the pairing by any means but Maurice does deserve to have us behind him, which I am. We know that SnB are endgame and whoever this is in the interim is just filler. (I think everyone should send Maurice fan mail and be positive and nice.  🙂 )

He brought up the girls who won the Hero contest. The one woman has an elderly mom who is need of dialysis and how she inspires her each day and is her hero. The other girl was chosen from Twitter but we never really heard her story. She was cute but shy. Maurice also pulled a girl out of the crowd to show us her Sonny Corinthos shirt, which was very cute by the way! (She even had a SnB pic on the back!!)

Next up, we had the Sonny and Brenda scene. With Sara, he called out a number but this time, he just chose from the audience. Maurice decided it would be perfect if a guy played Brenda.. It was hysterical! The guy was so funny & Maurice could barely keep a straight face. Neither could the crowd! It was so funny and great!

Next up was Nathan Parsons, who by the way is waaaaay yummier in person! When he came down that aisle toward me, to go to the stage, my heart skipped a beat. He is quite good looking! He joined Maurice on stage and the two of them were very comfortable together and had an instant rapport. They had a lot of fun, poking fun at Jason (MB was imitating Jason, who doesn’t say much and works out too much!) and at Michael. He was saying how Michael was Jason’s son now. Nathan told us that his character, Ethan, was 26 to Kristina’s 18. The banter about dating a “daughter” of Sonny/Maurice was funny, too. Maurice told us his daughters won’t date until about 30, get married around 35 and maybe a baby at 40. haha

Maurice answered a bunch of questions, 3 of which came from my #Team! I was so proud of them for being able to have their questions asked & answered. Kelly/Kammi had a good rapport with Maurice and told her he had a connection with her for her first question and he chose her for another question because of their “connection” and her question was Brenda related (which he was very visably tired of commeting on and I don’t blame him) and he said their connection was broken. LOL It was a cute banter they had going and it was just amazing to see how well he could connect with all of us. He answered questions from Hilary, Kelly and Rachel. Everyone was respectful and wonderful. Most everyone had recapped the questions, I think at each show Maurice gets the same exact questions. He did say he wanted us to give a new pairing a chance and to continue to watch the show. TPTB assured him that the show was doing fine and if ratings stay up (which to be honest, GH is dead last in the ratings 😦 ) the show will continue. (Also, apparently, no one told him most of the affiliates dropped GH for next Sept. 2012 for Katie Couric’s show so I’m not sure where they could possibly fit GH unless it’s in the middle of the night..) He also spoke about being bipolar and what Paula has meant to him through everything. You can see how much he loves and respects her. Joshua didn’t come to the show yesterday morning. It was just Paula and Cailey. Joshua and Maurice couldn’t come to terms on payment (haha) so he stayed home for the morning. Cailey joined Maurice onstage 2 times once to ask him a question, the second time to give him the Hero contest winners & to give him the script. Someone had asked Maurice about the family’s animals, someone asked about who is Sonny’s true love (Brenda or Carly).. he said that Brenda was his first true love and he would always be drawn to her & love her. While Carly and Sonny have a connection and share children so that is a special bond, too. He was quite diplomatic about it. He hated the recent car-bomb story where he wound up dirty and with a scratch on his face. He said it was stupid & unbelieveable.

The crowd was, in my opinion, a mix of SnBers & S&Cers. I think there were more of us than of them… I think there were some SKaters there, too.

The show was over after an hour and a half of questions, answers, stories, jokes and all around good time. Next up was the meet and greet.

We were waiting for our chance to meet Maurice and Nathan and we also had a gift & wanted a group picture taken with Maurice but weren’t quite sure how we should go about it. So I asked Melissa, who is awesome by the way and was so nice to meet her after 8+ years of knowing each other, what we should do. It was decided we would all go up at the same time, get our individual pictures taken and then give the gift and have a group shot taken. I have to say that Maurice was very gracious, amazingly handsome & sexy up close! He took my breath away and I was so blown away by his presence. He was so nice to all of us, accepted his gift (which I hope he likes!) and posed with us.


The #Team and I then went on to lunch, GUSHING about Maurice, Nathan, the event and talking about the state of the show. We spoke about Vanessa and how sad we are that she is leaving but really, it was so wonderful to meat each of my friends, share a meal & experience like this!

I love each one of my girls and had a blast with all of them… I wish I had more time to spend with each individually and perhaps we will have another get together in September. Maybe we’ll even have more #Team members join us. 🙂

Overall, for my very first soap event experience, this was unbelieveably cool and fun. It was an experience I will always remember and for all the hard work I did over the past year, this was a fantastic pay off for me. It was a dream come true which could not have been better except if a certain incandessant brunette showed up… hehe

Thank you to Melissa who went above and beyond for me, thank you to Maurice and his family for putting out a fantastic show, thank you to Nathan for coming and having some laughs with us and thank you to The Sonny and Brenda Forum for surviving all these years and for being a safe haven to the many  SnBers out there. I wish my original Sneaky Girls could have been with me, just because we’ve been together for so long but I am so thankful for my #Team girls because they are all amazing, fun and wonderful friends for being there with me! It was a fantastic time and I hope everyone who goes to GHFCW has a BLAST, says hi to Melissa, Maurice and Vanessa not only for them but for me, too. I wish I could experience it with my girls who are going but, I am sure they will do me justice with their recaps and pictures.

TTFN xoxo Ro 🙂

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3 responses

  1. Hi Ro I am so sad I missed you guys I was on the right side of the room and I looked and looked for you but I had no idea what anyone else looked like … are so right meeting mo was amazing he is a very down to earth funny guy…..and might i add even more goodlokking in person. My favorite part of the event was seeing him interact with his family and when paula had to come up there and told the crowd I wrote it all down for him and he still got it wrong lmao it really showed his connection to his family. Oh yeah and I loved when everyone was upset about him being with someone else and he lifted his shirt up and everyone went crazy. I really hope he does continue to do these events yearly like he said I would definitly go back again.

    • Aw, I wish you came up to me, Jill! I had a goodie bag for you!! I was up front taking pictures.. I sat on the floor. I’m glad you had a good time and he IS better looking in person! Never thought that could even be possible but it is! I would totally go back again. Such a great time. xoxo

  2. Ro I am sooo excited that you got to meet MB. I am so happy that you were withy our #team girls and I can’t wait for us to get together one day to have this kind of fun as well. I really wish I was able to be there. Thanks for the recap and always showering your friends with gifts and love. Yea for meeting MB and taking a picture with him. I’m sure that was a once in a liftetime feeling. Chels

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