Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo’s GaGoo Bash!

It was time! Mandy, Sylvia and I left Maurice’s event post-haste. We were so excited to make our way to the ballroom. But, first we needed to find it. We asked a gentleman who pointed us in the right direction and we were on our way!

We walked through some gorgeous garden like areas with a pond and found the building we needed to be in. I think as we walked in the doors and down that semi-long hallway, we all were a little bit nervous!

As we entered the Empire Ballroom, there was a long check in table that we needed to stop at first. As we checked in and found out which table we were sitting at, we were given a great 8×10 glossy picture of Sonny and Brenda! Of course, Mandy and I were so excited to have this picture. It’s one of the ones from the first promo last August that we all just loved.

From what we learned about this picture was, at the time, this was not set up, it was completely candid. Both Vanessa and Maurice were having a good time together laughing and the photographer just snapped the picture. It makes the image even more darling, in my opinion.

So, anyway, we go in to go find our table. The room was set up like a wedding, if you will. Round tables, I think 6 to a table. There was a cash bar, hot buffet, auction items on both sides of the room and a candy/dessert table which was so cute.

We located our table and put our things down. We had our bags and a gift for Vanessa. One of the first people we met was Suzanne Whang. Suzanne was so nice, funny and a beautiful person inside and out. We let her know who I was and how generous Vanessa was with me for flying me out for the event. With that, she said “Let’s go introduce you to Vanessa!” and she marched me right over to the table where she was sitting and chatting with a fan.

Once Suzanne introduced us, Vanessa jumped up out of her seat and gave me a huge hug and told me how excited she was for me to be there with everyone. Kathy had come over and I finally met TKF. 😉 Kathy was so sweet to me, too. Vanessa still wasn’t feeling well and asked me if I had nausea with either of my pregnancies and unfortunately, yes, I did. We spoke a little about that for a moment. With Noah it was awful and I felt horrible most of that pregnancy. I went and gathered the pictures Nicholas drew for her (I wish I took pics of them!).. The one was full of hearts, rainbows, a pic of Vanessa and polka dots: “because she’s a girl and girls like dots.” On the other side he wrote her name, his name and his little brother’s name. She loved them and I was happy to tell Nicholas that she liked them very much.

Shortly after, she and Suzanne started the question and answer portion of the night. The proceeds of Vanessa’s event all went to her favorite charity, Sojourn. Then they spoke to us about a benefit for Suzanne Whang and her battle with cancer. I believe it is August 20. As they told us about Sojourn and the benefit, Nancy Lee Grahn came in.

Nancy joined the ladies on stage and they began to banter about her breasts, Maurice and just plain had a great time up there. You could tell through their body language and chemistry that they are good friends off set. They joked around and answered fan questions. All three ladies were classy, fun and very open.

What stood out most about the whole event was how it was geared toward women. Sure, the whole weekend was really a “girls” weekend but, mostly at Vanessa’s event there was an empowering undertone and a huge sense of love in the room. It was calm, peaceful, fun and exciting.

Next up we were waiting for Maurice to come in for a little bit after his PA. Nancy saw him in the hallway and Vanessa asked us to be quiet. We all giggled and Nancy said there was no way we could all be quiet. Vanessa then said she bet we could. Sure enough, Maurice and his entourage walked in and not a sound, barely a glance his way and he took the stage & a mic. “I usually get cheers from across the street!” Everyone laughed and clapped. It was really funny because usually people go crazy for him and here, not so much at that moment.. hehehe, it was amusing to see him a little out of sorts!

People asked more questions, mostly about Sonny and Brenda. They asked about when Vanessa would be back and she said that she would come back when they ask her to and if it works with the story. She also said that if Sonny was in another relationship she would “fight the bitch” and get her man back. Maurice laughed.

Seeing both Vanessa and Maurice together in that completely unscripted, organic setting was priceless for this S&Ber. They were so natural, funny, at ease and genuinely fond of one another and it really showed.

I know you’re all looking for scoops and what-not but there’s nothing new, we’ve heard it all and so many of my girls have given scoop recaps on Twitter, FB and on other boards. For me, it was about soaking up the experience and enjoying myself. I was interested in getting to know WHO Vanessa was. I love Brenda, but I was there for Vanessa, the experience and to enjoy my first time away from my family in more than 6 years and my first time away from all of my family in 10, almost 11 years. A lot of people are more in to what’s going to happen and I think something gets lost along the way about the now.

I loved how Vanessa, Maurice, Suzanne and everyone around them interacted with each other! To see them with their fans and with their families was amazing because on the east coast, this type of thing is hard to come by. Not to say there aren’t events (because there are) but the tone is different on this coast.

Maurice left us and we got down to business with the auction items. Again, all the proceeds went to Sojourn and some of those auction items went for a pretty penny and to such a worthy cause very close to Vanessa’s heart.

Some of the things raffled were a 15 minute Skype call with Maurice and Vanessa, a set tour with Maurice and Vanessa for 4 people, a CSI-NY set tour with Vanessa and Carmine, tickets to the benefit for Suzanne on August 20, a wedding script of Sonny and Brenda: which included a signed wedding picture, another script, but of Vanessa’s last day: which included a 15 minute phone call from Vanessa to a lucky fan. Also, some various items were auctioned off, Brenda’s wedding shoes (which Vanessa wanted to keep) and Vanessa suggested to dye them black & wear with jeans!, Brenda’s wedding rings (are GORGEOUS in person and the rings are so tiny! I love them! Vanessa wanted to keep them, too), Brenda’s after wedding sweater (which was DARLING and very pretty on the woman who won that auction), a pair of Brenda’s/Vanessa’s personal boots and a picture, a blanket with a Sonny and Brenda wedding picture on it (Carmine wanted it, Vanessa called it creepy, lol), Lila’s hanky was up, too and it really had belonged to Anna Lee. I think somewhere along the way a lunch with Vanessa and Nancy was thrown in.

All I can say with everything that was auctioned, phone calls, lunch, plane flights, picking up at the airport and anything else in between, Vanessa happens to be one of the most generous people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She is the real deal and so down to earth!

Nancy had to leave as soon as the auction was over and she was so gracious to take pictures with Vanessa and pretty much everyone in the room. I introduced myself to her as @SonnyandBrenda from Twitter and she was like “Oh, I tweet with you sometimes!” So funny! I loved that, too about the weekend because everyone was going around telling each other their Twitter name is… Because that that’s how everyone is known now!

After they finished the auction, we were entertained by Eric the singer. Otherwise known as Eric Schwartz. He was so funny because he sang parody songs. You know the song by Whitney Houston called “Saving all my love?” He changed it to “Shaving off my muff…” I’m sure you all catch my drift. Very funny and a catchy song, to boot! Hahaha I wish I had gotten up to take more pictures of everyone. I am normally a photo hog and am everywhere but on that night, I just wanted to do my best and relax. It wasn’t a job that night, it was a special night spent with Vanessa and a whole bunch of my S&Bers and it was awesome!

While Eric sang, Mandy, Nicole and I were sitting behind Vanessa and Carmine and it was so sweet to see them snuggling and sitting close together. I love seeing two people who are truly in love, be affectionate with each other. It warms the heart, give hope for the future (for everyone) and is just a beautiful thing.

Meanwhile, my chest was killing me. My boob was throbbing and all I could think about was taking more Tylenol and trying not to touch it in any way shape or form. Any pressure on it sent pain radiating all through my body. That part was not fun since I think I hugged somewhere around 50 people that day and it hurt each time! But, I lived and no matter what, it was all good.. The milk-momma lived to tell the tale. 😉

After Eric finished up, Kathy moved everyone on to the silent auction. We all bought tickets and put them in the proper, corresponding bag to the grouping of items we were interested in. The table looked like this:

I had 5 tickets and went down the row for my favorite items. Carmine called out the numbers for Vanessa because she wasn’t feeling very hot at this point. The first number drawn was to someone who had to leave and go to the next event. The next number was called for that great pic of Brenda on the white backdrop with the great light umbrellas in the frame of the image, and I won that! Surprise! Yay! The next one was called and my friend, Mandy won that (oh, by the way, Mandy won the auction of the rings.. She is the Keeper of the S&B Wedding rings! eeeeeeee).. They moved on from those and there were other winners. Then they called out one of my numbers again. This time it was kind of a fate thing. I won this:

I think most of you know why I am called Ro, right? Back in the day of Ezboard, Vani (my friend, Vanessa), Lisa and I were 3 peas in a pod. Vani called herself Brenda, Lisa was Lois (Lo) and I was the Robin of the group, thus Ro. And, by chance, my Vani brought this winning lot to me. So cute!

I then looked over to our friend, Nicole who did not win anything and I gave her my awesome Brenda picture. I loved it but I wanted my friend to have a piece of the evening to go home with, too. I tell ya, you hang with me & good things happen, I help it happen for you, too. I want everyone to be happy. It’s how I roll in these situations. 🙂

It was the end of the night and everyone was tired but totally on a high. It was a huge whirlwind of excitement and fun but now winding down. We really did have a ball at this event and we were all very happy.

Vanessa started to make her way around to each table to take pictures with us, sign our pictures and maybe even have a very small and fast chat with the fans. She was so graceful, and giving as she made her way through her crowd. She smiled the whole time and was amazing with everyone. All the while, she was not feeling well. I tell ya, that nausea is a bitch and I don’t wish that feeling on anyone. You never feel good when you have that feeling!

Finally, she made it to our table. We brought her a gift a beautiful snow globe which said “Live, Laugh, Love” inside with gorgeous iridescent glitter floating around, a card and a Voodoo doll.  Vanessa loved the Voodoo doll the most. She signed our pictures and took some pictures with us. She was so cute!

Vanessa thanked us and told us that she enjoyed meeting us at that point and had to move on to the remaining tables. I noticed she was signing 3 ducks for Project Cuddle and I wanted to photograph it for the woman who brought them in for Vanessa to sign.

I met some FABULOUS S&Bers through the course of my 36? hours in L.A.

Team Sonny and Brenda

Team Vanessa 🙂

Kathy, Gina, Melissa and Vani went out of their way to make me feel comfortable, to make my trip happen and I am so grateful to them. They are all amazing women who did a good job with the event that night. They worked so hard and made it all happen for Vanessa.

Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo is a beautiful person inside and out. She made a dream come true for this fan. She never met me before and she was so kind and generous to make it happen forsomeone she doesn’t know. Never could I have afforded that trip and she financed a huge part of it. I am so happy to have met her, happy for the time I spent with her and I hope that maybe one day, I will see her again… I know Nicholas would like to be a part of it next time!

Thank you to Mandy and Nicole for giving me a great place to stay and kind of hijacking their lives for 2 days. I am so grateful for the place to stay, awesome company and for 2 new, very good friends!

Vani and I traveled back together to NJ/NY the next day. I was happy to spend some time with someone whom I love, but never met in person before.

My family was happy to see me and I was happy to see them… Especially Noah.. Relief came for me around 1 am that night. No more milk-momma-breast for me! Weeeeeeeee! At least for now. 🙂  Maybe I’ll have another adventure someday.. If I do, I’ll be glad to be the milk-momma again for a few days. I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything!

This is what I went home with:

This is what was in our goodie bags and you should all check out Sherry & Vanessa’s site: I absolutely LOVE the body cream! It smells fantastic (coconut) and is light weight on the skin and feels lovely. It’s all organic and is safe to use on everyone. Of course, Nicholas likes it a lot. He likes to put it on at bedtime. 🙂

I love all my signed pitcures and my magazine. This has been a whirlwind of fantastic energy and inspiration.

I’m gonna go eat some dinner & try to relax. I’ll probably remember little tidbits over the course of a few days and either update here or maybe in another blog post.

Thank you all for reading it and following my journey. You all are such inspiration to me and I enjoy all my interactions with you. You all make my day fly by, make me laugh and I look forward to sharing more on our S&B Bus… ‘Til Da Wheels Fall Off!!!

TTFN xoxo~Ro


My Journey to Vanessa’s GaGoo Bash!

“Good morning! Today we meet Sonny and Brenda!” I say to Mandy and Nicole with a giggle. They each giggle back and reply with a Yes, we do!” We talk a little more about Sonny and Brenda before starting our day… We did it, well, because we can.

I know this may be a little TMI  but it is part of my story. I still nurse Noah. He just turned 15 months and we haven’t weaned yet. I also do not pump. I think I stopped pumping at around 3 months because he wouldn’t take a bottle, ever. So from 1pm est Friday to now, about 10am pst Saturday, I had gone for 24 hours and I was in agony because the pain was so bad in my chest. It was like I had a bowling ball in there! I took some Tylenol and went about our morning, which would consist of us going to IHOP for breakfast and then shopping for a new shirt for me, because now my cute dress and other nice top wouldn’t work. I’d look ridiculous and really not attractive at all.

We had our breakfast and coffee (need the morning coffee!!) then we walked down to the mall. As we approached Melrose Avenue, I was reminded of Melrose Place and how much I enjoyed the show. We talked about that and of course, the main topic was S&B and how truly amazing Vanessa was for doing this for me. It still was quite surreal to wake up in L.A. and know that in just a few hours, I’d get to thank Vanessa in person!

We found a couple of shirts for me in 2 stores. ironically, they were in the same color family. The one I wound up going with was a pretty blue color with a lot of ruching on the front which wound up being great because it was so deceiving, as well as concealing! And, the shirt I wore was great because I didn’t spend much on it.

We walked back to the hotel around 1:30 or so, with the intention of getting ourselves ready so we could get a cab and grab dinner in Studio City. I think at this time we all started to get a little nervous but none of us said so. Mandy looked great in her cute top and great skirt and Nicole looked great in her fab pink dress! I wore jeans and my new top, which I wound up loving.

 We got a cab and headed to a great Mexican restaurant down the street from the Sportsmen’s Lodge called, Loteria. It was very good and if you are in the area, want good Mexican food, this is your place! Before we left, we took this pic of ourselves:

Now we were on our way to see Maurice once again for Mandy and I and the first time for Nicole!

We arrived at The Sportsmen’s Lodge and found where we needed to go.

I located Melissa, who let me know that I didn’t need a ticket and it was ok, she’d let Jim know who I was. As I was talking to her, Maurice and a few people he was with came walking by. Maurice said hi and I smiled. I have to say I was taken off guard but his hotness and became speechless! So, I left Mel and stood in line with my friends and a few other girls from the board and Twitter. We gabbed about our trips and how excited we all were to see Maurice and meet Vanessa later.

Finally we were all allowed in and we waited for the PA to begin. Steve Burton came into the room and everyone erupted into cheers for him. He spoke about his good friend, Maurice. I have to admit, while Jason may not be one of my favorite characters all the time, he was so sweet, handsome and nice in person. You could see how he really respects Maurice.

Steve introduced Maurice who came in to a room full of cheering people, who were extremely happy to see him. He looked great in his hat, and white layered shirts. He said he recognized some of us from his recent tour & from past events but the majority of the room consisted of new faces. He answered some questions about GH, S&B, Vanessa and his tour. He was so nice and personable with everyone. I absolutely love his humor, along with his ability to laugh at himself.

He had some very special guests, including Drew Garrett who played Michael #2. He was great to see and again, had the utmost respect for Maurice. I, personally liked him as Michael. But, I wish I liked the Michael character but whatever, haha. Maurice was funny because again he said that Micheal wasn’t Sonny’s son but Jason’s and made fun of how Michael walks around like Jason and wears his hair like Jason. It was quite humorous!

Next came in Lexi and Aaron, who are Kristina and Morgan. They had some nice time with Maurice, too and spoke about their scenes with him and how much they love him. Lexi was even sweet and told us how she thinks of him as her parent, too and both he and Nancy are her other mom and dad. Maurice told us about how fantastic his first scene with Aaron was when he had to say goodbye to him after Michael was shot and Carly wanted Jax to adopt him. He said that Morgan (Aaron) had tears streaming down his face and after the scene, Maurice had teared up also and that really had hit him hard.

Maurice of course spoke about his love and respect for Vanessa and how he loves working with her. he told us about working on Carmine Giovinazzo’s movie, Duke, in which he plays the part of Winky. He was telling us how he had to grow a goatee and that crazy scene where he had a scene with Brenda with the goatee, went upstairs in GS and came back clean-shaven. It was a funny scene.

He again asked us to support his character and pairing(s) in the future. A lot of us were S&B fans and no matter how many times we hear him ask us to do that, it is very hard for us to hear… I think we all do “Lalalallalalalala” in our heads when he says that! haha

The next guest was Joshua Benard who sang songs for us. He is quite the little entertainer and so cute! He sang Justin Bieber, Eminem, The Beatles and maybe something else. He wasn’t shy at all and Maurice was so great with him. But, we all know that Maurice is great with kids, especially his own. 

Edited to add: Maurice discussed the lack of love scenes and said it had nothing to do with either he or Vanessa but something else he wouldn’t elaborate on.  Also, he joked around about the honeymoon scenes with a fan. He said he’d have a showing in the next room if he could. He told us that Sonny would be in jail soon but wouldn’t elaborate because he’d be called up to the 5th floor about spilling secrets and get into trouble. It was funny how he said it and he said it 2 or 3 times over the course of the PA about Vanessa, love scenes & about spilling scoops.

It was getting close to the beginning of Vanessa’s event and I was starting to get butterflies in my belly. A lot of us were getting a little nervous we’d miss something at Vanessa’s event so there were quite a few people anxious to go. Plus, we were wondering if Vanessa would still show at Maurice’s event? Jim Warren asked how many of us were going to her event because maybe we could all go first for Maurice’s meet and greet portion of the PA and when he saw the amount of us, he said instead they’d have to go row by row because there were too many of us.

Mandy and I looked at each other and because we met him just last month, almost 4 weeks earlier, we wanted to get going and get to the GaGoo Bash. Nicole was comfortable to stay with a few of our other S&Bers, so she stayed behind.

Mandy and I actually missed out on quite a bit. It’s too bad we just didn’t hang for a few more minutes.

First, Vanessa and Carmine showed up right after we left. (DARN!)

Thanks, Nicole for those pics!! BTW, that is Vanessa’s husband, Carmine Giovinazzo in the background.

I think there’s a part 3 coming and I’ll continue tomorrow with Vanessa’s GaGoo Bash!

TTFN xoxo ~Ro

My journey to Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo’s GaGoo Bash!

This past week has been a whirlwind of emotion, excitement, amazement and rush of adrenalin! It all started last Wednesday when Vanessa had asked me again if I was coming to L.A. to go to her event and my hubby asked if I knew how much plane tickets were. I was curious about costs and looked. Boy, was I shocked at some of the ticket prices! I live on the east coast so costs to fly cross-country can be through the roof! After stumbling on some insane ticket prices, I stopped looking and tweeted back to Vanessa that Nicholas and I would not be coming and the plane ticket prices I saw were too expensive. I then went back and forth with a few friends during the day about the ticket prices and wished I could be going, too.

Before I took my kids upstairs I popped back online. I noticed Vanessa was tweeting and had responded to my post about not coming. She first asked about who helps me with my kids. I then told her I was lucky enough to stay home with them and occasionally my mom helps me out but I don’t have a babysitter. She asked me a few questions about myself and while I was answering her questions she asked this:


 @SonnyandBrenda you said you looked at tkts. if you flew ou for free for 24 hours and had free tkts to both events could u?
I was stunned! Completely,without a doubt, stunned, speechless and needed to take a deep breath and call my husband, Cam and discuss this with him. I knew at that moment I was going. It was going to work out and I’d be going. So, I spoke to him and it was fine with him for me to go but I needed to get my mom’s help for all day Saturday, which, to be quite honest wouldn’t be such an easy day because Noah, my baby is not an easy child. He is quite the handful. Anyway, she said she would help!
During this time, Nicholas knew what was happening. He also knew he wasn’t going with me. He was crushed for the moment, sobbing and pleading with me to ask if he could come, too. As he was crying, Noah joined him. It’s hard to think when there’s chaos surrounding you all the while you’re struggling yourself to stay calm and in control. It was a crazy night for sure!
I went back to tweet her and all my friends were so excited for me but thought I possibly passed out! During all this time, my friend Vani had called me to see if I could go. Vani is part of Vanessa’s webteam and Vani and I have been friends for quite some time. I told Vani I was able to go and I tweeted back to Vanessa the good news, too. It was surreal! This was Wednesday night and I was leaving sometime between Friday afternoon and Saturday. My head was spinning! In the meantime, my friends, Mandy and Nicole from Twitter and the board, who had planned the trip earlier on, had graciously offered to take me in on my journey. I had met Mandy when we planned to go to Maurice’s event and Nicole is great so it was a no brainer! Weekend with my SnBers! YAY!
I was in disbelief by the time we went to bed. While I laid there, trying to fall asleep so many thoughts were swimming through my head. Things like this honestly don’t ever happen to me! My mind was blown that she would do this for me, someone random on Twitter. I’ve never been to California, and other than Maurice’s PA in June, I have never gone to any of these events. This was a complete surprise, so very generous and kind of Vanessa to offer this opportunity to me. From the little bit I knew at that time, I knew Vanessa was quite special and very giving. I have always admired her and now I would get the chance to meet Vanessa after 18 years of being a fan. 
Thursday morning I went back and forth in email with Kathy, Gina and Vani about flights. I mostly spoke with Gina, who was kind and patient with me and we found a great flight to and from L.A. I would land at about the same time as my friend Vani and I wound up flying back with her to Newark on Sunday. Gina was great in doing all the legwork to find the flight and in making it happen!
I packed Thursday night and got my stuff together. I wasn’t taking much considering my planned flight left Friday afternoon and I would come back on Sunday evening. Bags packed and in 2 days, I would be meeting Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo & seeing Maurice Benard in person again! Excited was the word I used but honestly, it wasn’t a strong enough word to describe my feelings. I’m not sure there’s a word for it… Maybe it’s just EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! 
I left New Jersey on Friday afternoon and had a short layover in Phoenix then I would arrive in Burbank a little after 9pm on Friday night. It was a little hard for me to leave my boys since I have not left them since they were both conceived. Nicholas was still upset but had drawn some pictures for Vanessa with a message that he hopes he  will get to meet her next time. I hugged and kissed my hubby and kids, then I embarked on my trip of a lifetime and I’d fulfill a dream. 
I arrived in Burbank around 9 pm and Vani arrived shortly after I did. Gina and Melissa picked us up, and took me on a short tour through Hollywood and I even saw the studio where they shoot GH! It was pretty cool to see places I’ve only seen on tv or in the movies. Honestly, since they show so much of it on tv and in the movies, I felt right at home! It really is funny to see familiar places even though you’ve never been there before. Vani, Gina and Mel are great women, who are very funny, smart and personable. I’m glad I have finally met them after all these years that we have known each other through the board. After 8 years of us traveling in the same online circle, it was fantastic to finally meet them in person. We located my destination and they dropped me off at my hotel, where I said thank you and good-bye and went in to meet my friends.
Nicole met me in the lobby & we went up to the room where Mandy and Amanda were hanging out and gabbing about GH, S&B and pretty much everything in between. All 3 girls were so cute and nice, I instantly felt comfortable. Considering none of us really know each other, it was pretty cool to feel like you’ve all known each other for years! We hung out dished about S&B and Mandy and Nicole told us about Nancy Lee Grahn’s event the night before.
Nancy had a great event at a comedy club and Rick Herbst came, along with Lexi. They were waiting on Vanessa to show up but she was running late. Finally Vanessa had arrived and unfortunately, she wasn’t feeling very well. She’s been having quite a bit of nausea during this pregnancy. If any of you have been pregnant and have had that symptom, you know it is one of the worst you can have. You hardly ever feel well. Anyway, Mandy and Nicole spoke to Kathy Fisher, Vanessa’s Fan Club President and one of her very good friends first, then they spoke with Vanessa. They had said that Vanessa was so sweet and kind and very excited to meet me on Saturday. They took pictures together and she completely made their night with her interaction with them. It was amazing to me that Vanessa would take the time to chat with and joke around with my girls. I think that is such a beautiful thing that she wanted to get to know them a bit.
We had so much fun just talking about the show and our faves! It is wonderful to be able to gush for hours about them without anyone rolling their eyes at you or telling you they’ve heard enough. Soap fans are a special breed of people. They are loyal, steadfast, strong, caring, beautiful and hopeful. As we all know, S&Bers are probably the most hopeful, positive (at times) and loyal of the whole bunch. Not much gets us down… We may cry and be upset but we all know this.. Sonny and Brenda are endgame. Both Vanessa and Maurice feel the same. There’s always hope as long as we have GH on the air. 
Finally we made it to sleep. I had been up for 24 hours by the time my head hit the pillow. But, I was in L.A. and I was going to meet Vanessa the next day, Maurice was coming to her event and they would both be on stage together. For a split second I knew while I’d be looking at them on stage, I’d see a bit of Sonny and Brenda. It was going to be out of this world wonderful!
This is Part 1 of 2 and the next blog will be about my experiences at Maurice and Vanessa’s events. I promise to write it up and get it out very soon. Hopefully today. 🙂
TTFN! xoxo ~Ro

Images from Vanessa & Maurice’s events 7/23/11

Thank you to all my kind SnBers (I will be updating as I get more images so please check back) for contributing to the collection. I so enjoyed meeting you all and wish we could all meet up again! xoxo

TTFN ~Ro xoxo

Bumps in the Road

Less tha a week left. <sniffles>

Their scenes yesterday were heartbreaking and brutal. Brenda asking about that downtown apartment and Sonny blowing it off. Then when Brenda asked Sonny why he wouldn’t take her calls and why did he ignore her, just hurt my heart tremendously.

Sure.. They had pretty moments of love that is so clearly shining through..

The fact is this, Sonny is not forth coming with the truth nor does he fully trust Brenda. Sonny has put others ahead of his marriage…. If that is NOT true and he did put her before everyone else for the greater good of their marriage, it must have been shown on another show. It certainly didn’t happen on General Hospital. He disregarded her feelings and didn’t physically comfort her when she needed  his touch. Sonny also told his people not to discuss things with Brenda… But yet, over the years they were able to discuss whatever with whomever Sonny was married to or dating. Even Claudia had more carte-blanche when it came to things. Claudia was the enemy but not shut out like Brenda who was not an enemy by any means but is the love of Sonny’s life. I get that maybe he was trying to protect Brenda but without trust & shutting the person you love out of the “mundane” things, you ultimately lose that person.

Now, Brenda is not blameless by any means. She did confide in Jax. That was a huge mistake BUT they were clearly shown as friends. Jax used Brenda, manipulated her and constantly spoke poorly of Sonny. Brenda trusted the wrong person. Then she was dragged into a custody fight that she never, ever should have been involved in. Brenda also has trust issues with Sonny, she couldn’t fully confide in him her fears about Alec and about being a mom. Maybe she was wrong to choose Jax over Robin or even Olivia or Sam.. But that’s how it was written. I would have had a ton of Brenda & Robin scenes, with and without kids. There should have been S&B along with R&P scenes.

Carlyand Jax. Grrrrrrrrrrrr….. Carly is a beast. If she was so interested in being viewed as a good mother by Brenda, she should have set her feelings aside and come together with B on a common ground with the children. Brenda tried several times to have a truce with Carly for the sake of the children and each time Carly told her off. Why the hell would Brenda tell the judge that Carly was a good mom when Carly has done nothing but make Brenda’s life miserable since last October? IMO, Carly is an awful mom. Jax has manipulated Brenda and has twisted his life around and has forgotten how he told Morgan & Michael he’d always be there for them, be their step-dad and adopt Morgan. Carly wanted Jax to adopt Morgan because Sonny was too violent & Morgan could be hurt. Now, why in the hell didn’t that adoption go thru & maybe the whole lot of them just move far away so they couldn’t be tempted by Sonny or Jason? Hmmm?

I hate both Carly and Jax and believe they are both toxic. IMO, they set out in the beginning to ruin S&B’s marriage and make them doubt themselves and each other. Yes, ultimately it was up to S&B to protect their marriage but they allowed these two parasites in and let them grow & do their damage. S&B should have been stronger than they were when it came to the toxic-twosome.

Sonny and Brenda have been through so much. They have so much love to give to each other but lack the skills in being able to share it because trust is not between them. Maybe in Sonny’s defense it’s because everyone always turns on him. In Brenda’s defense maybe it’s because everyone always leaves her.

Maybe the timing was off this time. Maybe the writers ran out of ideas and had to take the most insulting way to break them up. Why the writers don’t consult some of the fans with maybe a poll or maybe go fishing for ideas in this time of the internet and fanfic writers is beyond me. There are so many ways to get the opinions of viewers & to go fishing for ideas if the writing has become stale. Sometimes you need to look for inspiration and these writers are certainly lacking in inspiring stories. Maybe fresh blood needs to come in, in all areas of TPTB. All parts of the show need fresh blood with new ideas and new storyline direction. Why couldn’t Lucy & Kevin be Spinelli’s parent’s? Why couldn’t they have come back last year or the year before? Lucy could have taken over Crimson & Doc could have gone back to GH. Lucy and Maxie could have had a fantastic relationship, remember Lucy & Felicia were besties.. and I think Spin could have been a fantastic brilliant nerd who COULD have been a great offspring to Lucy and Kevin. But, he’s really tied to no one and Jason & Sam look like his parents. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Back to my Sonny and Brenda….

Vanessa and Maurice have made Sonny and Brenda leap off of the screen to their fans. We really feel their emotion, their struggle and their love for one another. Vanessa brings a vulnerability to Brenda that makes me want to hug her and tell her to hold on, it will be ok and Maurice brings a complexity to Sonny that makes you want to give him a shake so he can see what’s happening right in front of him. Neither Sonny nor Brenda want to lose this marriage. Vanessa and Maurice don’t want to lose the couple that has been drawn like moths to a flame together over the past 18 years.

I see much of Vanessa and Maurice in the characters they portray. They, the real people, have a high level of trust in each other and a great deal of love and respect. During Maurice’s PA’s across the country his feelings really showed through and in all of Vanessa’s tweets about Maurice, it is a mutual adoration. That’s what matters. No hard feelings, no distaste for each other, understanding, love, compassion, friendship and amazing grace between Maurice and Vanessa. No matter what, it is them that brings the magic of Sonny and Brenda to their fans, not the writers. Sometimes the writers have had it right, but I’d say 75% of the time, it’s been wrong and insulting. But those 25% have been amazing, wonderful, full of love, nodding to history and sparking emotion.

I loved the kiss yesterday and it is quite sad to think it could be the last in a very long time for us.

We’re in for a rough week and a very bumpy ride until the ride brings them together again… and I believe we will enjoy the ride one last time. Sonny and Brenda are meant to be, full of angst, passion, love and friendship. They will continue the next chapter once again… Right now will be an intermission…

TTFN xoxo ~Ro

The Destruction of Sonny and Brenda

Sonny and Brenda have been the focus for SnBers since they met on the docks that fateful day. Once their eyes met, hands brushed, dimples flashed, we were hooked by the love story.

It was special, it was hot, it was amazing, it was memorable & fresh. Their story will continue to flourish in that glory for the Sonny and Brenda fans. Our imaginations take hold and each time Brenda leaves, we take to typing, clipping & we tell the story of how they come together again. In most cases, out ideas are much better than the writers who gather a paycheck weekly. We write out of love & devotion to our characters, as any proud fanbase would. We use creativity, emotion, imagination, heart and soul in what we write. Do SnB always end up together? In a lot of our stories yes, but in some, like Lisa’s “The Ring,” no they are not together in the end.

In April, the destruction of SnB began. I won’t touch upon the honeymoon scenes being cut because honestly, that’s been beaten by a dead horse. The scenes were cut and most likely, we will never see them. TPTB took away our Castle in the Air. Not even a joint effort from SnB to make that decision together, Sonny made the decision on his own. She was cut out of something that was important to her and now that they were married, & together, that decision should have been discussed and made jointly. Then, Suzanne shows up with Lucian. The long lost “son” of Brenda and Alex. Ugh. Never should have happened, imo. I know some of you like to see the Mommy-Brenda but, we really didn’t see much of it.. just a bit here another bit 2 weeks later but not consistantly enough for ME to bond with that side of her. Then, Lucian is kidnapped. Gone, taken and the ugliness begins. Sonny doesn’t hug, console or allow Brenda to really feel her loss, sure, she yelled, screamed and sobbed, but not WITH her husband who should have held her and then INCUDED her in finding Lucian.

Sonny took CARLY and Dante to get that little boy only to find out Lucian wasn’t Brenda’s, another little boy, Alec was. Carly got to console him, keep him calm and took care of him. Brenda was left out. Yes, she was emotional but she IS the child’s mother. She should have gone. Robin could have gone, too with Sonny, Brenda and Dante. She would have helped Brenda. Then Brenda had a hard time bonding with Alec. She had a bait and switch pulled on her and her world was spinning. She was upset and afraid. Jax consoled her and allowed her to feel what she was feeling. Carly just fed into Brenda’s insecurities and Sonny, imo, didn’t stand next to Brenda the way he should have. Brenda would not have seeked out Jax for comfort & reassurance if Sonny was giving that to her. Jax took those times with Brenda and manipulated her to suit his needs.

Carly uses men. She used Jason, she used AJ, Tony, Sonny, Lorenzo and Jax. She uses her children to hold on to the men in her life. She is a user, plain and simple, she is an opportunist. She wants what she can’t have and makes it hers no matter the consequences. She has done everything in her power over the last year to destroy her marriage and Sonny and Brenda’s relationship. She is vile in her quest. She also pays no attention to her children unless it suits her needs. Who the hell sends their kid to camp in upstate NY in March when their other kid is having kidney cancer & a kidney transplant? WTF? Then, she doesn’t even spend time in the hospital with her ailing/recovering daughter.. She’s too busy putting the screws to Jax, needling Brenda and trying to scheme sole custody of Joss. Nice.

The times we’ve had with Sonny and Brenda has been minimal in the past 3-4 months. Anyone who says this couple ate the show needs their head examined. There have been times over the past year, sans February, where over the week, Sonny & Brenda scenes, Brenda scenes have equaled 7-8 minutes or less— FOR A WEEK’S TIME, folks! Where Carly, Jax, Dante, Lulu, and countless others have endless scenes rehashing the same nonsense that has been rehashed for years. Time to move on and talk about something else. I’m so bored and tored of the same conversations and had hoped for more interaction for Brenda and Sonny, together and seperate with the bulk of the cast. Kate should have been around and maybe even friends with Brenda. Brenda could have had something to do with Crimson and therefore, normal scenes with Maxie & Lulu. It could have been much better.

There should have been scenes with Sonny, Brenda, Robin & Patrick… New double date? Sheesh, something. Be creative for goodness sakes! More dinner dates, maybe a get together at Sonny’s house, maybe a bbq or picnic in the park, more docks scenes for SnB? NOPE, we got nothing!!!!!!

I’m frustrated for my SnBers. I’m upset for the BFFers… I feel for the SFFers because Sonny is not coming out of this smelling like a rose. He did not put Brenda first, he put others ahead of her. Sonny is gonna take a big hit on this one. Especially if he has sexual healing sooner rather than later. If Carly gloats? I wish she’d die so I don’t have to deal. She ate the show along with that spawn of her’s, Michael.

I have hope & faith that Brenda will be back, Alec in tow, maybe another child with them for Sonny. I believe Sonny and Brenda will be a family & couple in the end. I believe in the power of soul mates, coming together at the right time, everything happens for a reason and the fact that both Maurice and Vanessa want their characters to be together at the end.

I hate how the writers took away Brenda’s spark & fiestiness. I wish she was written strong, successful, smart and confident. They started out ok, but wasted time in Rome, then allowed her to languish over that assinine Balkan storyline instead of continuing her career. Her career could have changed a bit to suit her needs. Maybe ELQ owned Deception and Edward had given it to Brenda? Oooh, too creative for the writers! I mean, really, he could have and it would be as plausible as that stupid faulty condoms story but way more interesting, with heart, meaning and history.

I just wish Sonny would have been as rabid about Brenda as he was in the past. I wish that passion had really shown through for us. I know SnB love each other. I can still feel the chemisty, passion & heat but not that all consuming passion between them of the past. I understand that relationships change over time but, SnB have had no time.

I have to go and do some mommy things but I’m sure over the coming weeks I’ll have more blogs and thoughts. Hang in there. Please try not to fight and debate your fellow SnBer. Everyone is hurting. The SnBers have lost (are losing) their fondest wish,  the BFFers are beside themselves over the fact that Brenda is leaving… while the SFFers still will have their guy, a new romance, relationships with his friends and family. We are all broken and no one wins because it wasn’t written that way. I’m sorry for the SFFers because over the next few weeks they will be trying to stick up for Sonny. My advice is to put on some body armor and let it slide. People are hurting and will lash out. Sonny is the easiest target for most. I’m not saying its right, but that is what will be happening. Sonny’s gonna look bad in this. Play nice. xo

TTFN xo ~Ro