The Destruction of Sonny and Brenda

Sonny and Brenda have been the focus for SnBers since they met on the docks that fateful day. Once their eyes met, hands brushed, dimples flashed, we were hooked by the love story.

It was special, it was hot, it was amazing, it was memorable & fresh. Their story will continue to flourish in that glory for the Sonny and Brenda fans. Our imaginations take hold and each time Brenda leaves, we take to typing, clipping & we tell the story of how they come together again. In most cases, out ideas are much better than the writers who gather a paycheck weekly. We write out of love & devotion to our characters, as any proud fanbase would. We use creativity, emotion, imagination, heart and soul in what we write. Do SnB always end up together? In a lot of our stories yes, but in some, like Lisa’s “The Ring,” no they are not together in the end.

In April, the destruction of SnB began. I won’t touch upon the honeymoon scenes being cut because honestly, that’s been beaten by a dead horse. The scenes were cut and most likely, we will never see them. TPTB took away our Castle in the Air. Not even a joint effort from SnB to make that decision together, Sonny made the decision on his own. She was cut out of something that was important to her and now that they were married, & together, that decision should have been discussed and made jointly. Then, Suzanne shows up with Lucian. The long lost “son” of Brenda and Alex. Ugh. Never should have happened, imo. I know some of you like to see the Mommy-Brenda but, we really didn’t see much of it.. just a bit here another bit 2 weeks later but not consistantly enough for ME to bond with that side of her. Then, Lucian is kidnapped. Gone, taken and the ugliness begins. Sonny doesn’t hug, console or allow Brenda to really feel her loss, sure, she yelled, screamed and sobbed, but not WITH her husband who should have held her and then INCUDED her in finding Lucian.

Sonny took CARLY and Dante to get that little boy only to find out Lucian wasn’t Brenda’s, another little boy, Alec was. Carly got to console him, keep him calm and took care of him. Brenda was left out. Yes, she was emotional but she IS the child’s mother. She should have gone. Robin could have gone, too with Sonny, Brenda and Dante. She would have helped Brenda. Then Brenda had a hard time bonding with Alec. She had a bait and switch pulled on her and her world was spinning. She was upset and afraid. Jax consoled her and allowed her to feel what she was feeling. Carly just fed into Brenda’s insecurities and Sonny, imo, didn’t stand next to Brenda the way he should have. Brenda would not have seeked out Jax for comfort & reassurance if Sonny was giving that to her. Jax took those times with Brenda and manipulated her to suit his needs.

Carly uses men. She used Jason, she used AJ, Tony, Sonny, Lorenzo and Jax. She uses her children to hold on to the men in her life. She is a user, plain and simple, she is an opportunist. She wants what she can’t have and makes it hers no matter the consequences. She has done everything in her power over the last year to destroy her marriage and Sonny and Brenda’s relationship. She is vile in her quest. She also pays no attention to her children unless it suits her needs. Who the hell sends their kid to camp in upstate NY in March when their other kid is having kidney cancer & a kidney transplant? WTF? Then, she doesn’t even spend time in the hospital with her ailing/recovering daughter.. She’s too busy putting the screws to Jax, needling Brenda and trying to scheme sole custody of Joss. Nice.

The times we’ve had with Sonny and Brenda has been minimal in the past 3-4 months. Anyone who says this couple ate the show needs their head examined. There have been times over the past year, sans February, where over the week, Sonny & Brenda scenes, Brenda scenes have equaled 7-8 minutes or less— FOR A WEEK’S TIME, folks! Where Carly, Jax, Dante, Lulu, and countless others have endless scenes rehashing the same nonsense that has been rehashed for years. Time to move on and talk about something else. I’m so bored and tored of the same conversations and had hoped for more interaction for Brenda and Sonny, together and seperate with the bulk of the cast. Kate should have been around and maybe even friends with Brenda. Brenda could have had something to do with Crimson and therefore, normal scenes with Maxie & Lulu. It could have been much better.

There should have been scenes with Sonny, Brenda, Robin & Patrick… New double date? Sheesh, something. Be creative for goodness sakes! More dinner dates, maybe a get together at Sonny’s house, maybe a bbq or picnic in the park, more docks scenes for SnB? NOPE, we got nothing!!!!!!

I’m frustrated for my SnBers. I’m upset for the BFFers… I feel for the SFFers because Sonny is not coming out of this smelling like a rose. He did not put Brenda first, he put others ahead of her. Sonny is gonna take a big hit on this one. Especially if he has sexual healing sooner rather than later. If Carly gloats? I wish she’d die so I don’t have to deal. She ate the show along with that spawn of her’s, Michael.

I have hope & faith that Brenda will be back, Alec in tow, maybe another child with them for Sonny. I believe Sonny and Brenda will be a family & couple in the end. I believe in the power of soul mates, coming together at the right time, everything happens for a reason and the fact that both Maurice and Vanessa want their characters to be together at the end.

I hate how the writers took away Brenda’s spark & fiestiness. I wish she was written strong, successful, smart and confident. They started out ok, but wasted time in Rome, then allowed her to languish over that assinine Balkan storyline instead of continuing her career. Her career could have changed a bit to suit her needs. Maybe ELQ owned Deception and Edward had given it to Brenda? Oooh, too creative for the writers! I mean, really, he could have and it would be as plausible as that stupid faulty condoms story but way more interesting, with heart, meaning and history.

I just wish Sonny would have been as rabid about Brenda as he was in the past. I wish that passion had really shown through for us. I know SnB love each other. I can still feel the chemisty, passion & heat but not that all consuming passion between them of the past. I understand that relationships change over time but, SnB have had no time.

I have to go and do some mommy things but I’m sure over the coming weeks I’ll have more blogs and thoughts. Hang in there. Please try not to fight and debate your fellow SnBer. Everyone is hurting. The SnBers have lost (are losing) their fondest wish,  the BFFers are beside themselves over the fact that Brenda is leaving… while the SFFers still will have their guy, a new romance, relationships with his friends and family. We are all broken and no one wins because it wasn’t written that way. I’m sorry for the SFFers because over the next few weeks they will be trying to stick up for Sonny. My advice is to put on some body armor and let it slide. People are hurting and will lash out. Sonny is the easiest target for most. I’m not saying its right, but that is what will be happening. Sonny’s gonna look bad in this. Play nice. xo

TTFN xo ~Ro


7 responses

  1. Amazing post! Said everything I was feeling.
    i’m so sad and beside myself, I don’t even want to watch the rest of S&B’s time together, I’m too scared.

  2. Wow! I couldn’t have said it better! I have been an S&B fan since the beginning. When it began again, although I hoped, I had that sinking feeling that we would be yanked around again. I feel used and discarded by TPTB. This has to be the worst. The song Someday by John Legend seems to sum up the end of S&B for me.

  3. Remember Vanessa’s last visit where Guza and Co. had to actually ask V&M to tone down the chemistry? And they hardly shared scenes then….This time around, it’s like they did the same thing, even though they put them together–They just wouldn’t allow it to be seen! We know they shot sexy scenes, but they were cut. Lots of them. And even kisses were abrupt cut-aways. WTFF!? It’s like, “Ooh, look…see we’re giving you what you asked for, but NOT. SYKE!!”

    I wanna curl up in a ball and cry.

    • Preach it!! It seems that this was a great big game to Guza. He planned this debacle all along. Watching is so painful because we all know what could be. We can only take solace in watching past scenes; oops but they played with us there as well. I’m crying with you……

  4. Thanks for the post, you got it exactly right. We we were promised fireworks, but TPTB did not deliver. They had the opportunity to make it so much better and instead they chose to kill the romance! I will hold on to the hope that V will grace the screen again as Brenda and reclaim her love, Sonny. Til they meet again 😦 🙂

  5. This was posted a long time ago, but just found it now and loved EVERYTHING you said.
    It’s SO annoying to me when people say that Carly and Sonny are the soul mates and each others one true love but to be quite honest, it’s ALWAYS been Brenda and Sonny. The writers ruined their relationship in the 2010-2011 season. I think it can still be saved – Brenda’s back for the Nurses Ball and I would LOVE for her to stay permanently!
    I also hope that whenever the show is coming to an end (which obviously I hope is never)…that they bring Brenda in for the last couple months and get her and Sonny back together permanently and maybe even leave Port Charles in the last episode so we know it’s legitimate?
    I’m just so sick of Carly acting like she has some right or claim to Sonny – she uses her kids to keep in her pocket and it’s honestly ridiculous!
    With new head writer and producer, I hope that they can convince Vanessa to come join Maurice again – this time, don’t allow Carly to walk all over Brenda and Sonny! I want Sonny to stand up for Brenda (which he didn’t do in the 2010-2011 season).
    Love SnB !!

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