Bumps in the Road

Less tha a week left. <sniffles>

Their scenes yesterday were heartbreaking and brutal. Brenda asking about that downtown apartment and Sonny blowing it off. Then when Brenda asked Sonny why he wouldn’t take her calls and why did he ignore her, just hurt my heart tremendously.

Sure.. They had pretty moments of love that is so clearly shining through..

The fact is this, Sonny is not forth coming with the truth nor does he fully trust Brenda. Sonny has put others ahead of his marriage…. If that is NOT true and he did put her before everyone else for the greater good of their marriage, it must have been shown on another show. It certainly didn’t happen on General Hospital. He disregarded her feelings and didn’t physically comfort her when she needed  his touch. Sonny also told his people not to discuss things with Brenda… But yet, over the years they were able to discuss whatever with whomever Sonny was married to or dating. Even Claudia had more carte-blanche when it came to things. Claudia was the enemy but not shut out like Brenda who was not an enemy by any means but is the love of Sonny’s life. I get that maybe he was trying to protect Brenda but without trust & shutting the person you love out of the “mundane” things, you ultimately lose that person.

Now, Brenda is not blameless by any means. She did confide in Jax. That was a huge mistake BUT they were clearly shown as friends. Jax used Brenda, manipulated her and constantly spoke poorly of Sonny. Brenda trusted the wrong person. Then she was dragged into a custody fight that she never, ever should have been involved in. Brenda also has trust issues with Sonny, she couldn’t fully confide in him her fears about Alec and about being a mom. Maybe she was wrong to choose Jax over Robin or even Olivia or Sam.. But that’s how it was written. I would have had a ton of Brenda & Robin scenes, with and without kids. There should have been S&B along with R&P scenes.

Carlyand Jax. Grrrrrrrrrrrr….. Carly is a beast. If she was so interested in being viewed as a good mother by Brenda, she should have set her feelings aside and come together with B on a common ground with the children. Brenda tried several times to have a truce with Carly for the sake of the children and each time Carly told her off. Why the hell would Brenda tell the judge that Carly was a good mom when Carly has done nothing but make Brenda’s life miserable since last October? IMO, Carly is an awful mom. Jax has manipulated Brenda and has twisted his life around and has forgotten how he told Morgan & Michael he’d always be there for them, be their step-dad and adopt Morgan. Carly wanted Jax to adopt Morgan because Sonny was too violent & Morgan could be hurt. Now, why in the hell didn’t that adoption go thru & maybe the whole lot of them just move far away so they couldn’t be tempted by Sonny or Jason? Hmmm?

I hate both Carly and Jax and believe they are both toxic. IMO, they set out in the beginning to ruin S&B’s marriage and make them doubt themselves and each other. Yes, ultimately it was up to S&B to protect their marriage but they allowed these two parasites in and let them grow & do their damage. S&B should have been stronger than they were when it came to the toxic-twosome.

Sonny and Brenda have been through so much. They have so much love to give to each other but lack the skills in being able to share it because trust is not between them. Maybe in Sonny’s defense it’s because everyone always turns on him. In Brenda’s defense maybe it’s because everyone always leaves her.

Maybe the timing was off this time. Maybe the writers ran out of ideas and had to take the most insulting way to break them up. Why the writers don’t consult some of the fans with maybe a poll or maybe go fishing for ideas in this time of the internet and fanfic writers is beyond me. There are so many ways to get the opinions of viewers & to go fishing for ideas if the writing has become stale. Sometimes you need to look for inspiration and these writers are certainly lacking in inspiring stories. Maybe fresh blood needs to come in, in all areas of TPTB. All parts of the show need fresh blood with new ideas and new storyline direction. Why couldn’t Lucy & Kevin be Spinelli’s parent’s? Why couldn’t they have come back last year or the year before? Lucy could have taken over Crimson & Doc could have gone back to GH. Lucy and Maxie could have had a fantastic relationship, remember Lucy & Felicia were besties.. and I think Spin could have been a fantastic brilliant nerd who COULD have been a great offspring to Lucy and Kevin. But, he’s really tied to no one and Jason & Sam look like his parents. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Back to my Sonny and Brenda….

Vanessa and Maurice have made Sonny and Brenda leap off of the screen to their fans. We really feel their emotion, their struggle and their love for one another. Vanessa brings a vulnerability to Brenda that makes me want to hug her and tell her to hold on, it will be ok and Maurice brings a complexity to Sonny that makes you want to give him a shake so he can see what’s happening right in front of him. Neither Sonny nor Brenda want to lose this marriage. Vanessa and Maurice don’t want to lose the couple that has been drawn like moths to a flame together over the past 18 years.

I see much of Vanessa and Maurice in the characters they portray. They, the real people, have a high level of trust in each other and a great deal of love and respect. During Maurice’s PA’s across the country his feelings really showed through and in all of Vanessa’s tweets about Maurice, it is a mutual adoration. That’s what matters. No hard feelings, no distaste for each other, understanding, love, compassion, friendship and amazing grace between Maurice and Vanessa. No matter what, it is them that brings the magic of Sonny and Brenda to their fans, not the writers. Sometimes the writers have had it right, but I’d say 75% of the time, it’s been wrong and insulting. But those 25% have been amazing, wonderful, full of love, nodding to history and sparking emotion.

I loved the kiss yesterday and it is quite sad to think it could be the last in a very long time for us.

We’re in for a rough week and a very bumpy ride until the ride brings them together again… and I believe we will enjoy the ride one last time. Sonny and Brenda are meant to be, full of angst, passion, love and friendship. They will continue the next chapter once again… Right now will be an intermission…

TTFN xoxo ~Ro


5 responses

  1. Ro, You have reduced me to tears. As always you are spot on with your assessments of Sonny and Brenda as well as Maurice and Vanessa. You really can’t deny that through their connection the magic of Sonny and Brenda comes to life. I’ve got my seat belt tightly in place, and my tissues ready for this bumpy ride ahead, but, oh what a ride it will be. Hands in the air, screaming all the way. We’ve been here before, we will be here again, and so will they. Thank you for a beautiful blog and I look forward to many more to come. Barb (BJD4VMG) xo

  2. Wow, you summed things up pretty well for me. I’m a SFF and even I believe that he’s behaved very, very badly during the course of their relationship this time around. Yes, Brenda still confided in Jax (bleh), but she was always emphatic that her marriage and the new family she had with Sonny and Alec came first. Sonny and The Beast From The Bowels Of Hell aka Carly? Clear, defined lines most definitely weren’t drawn in the sand there. It pisses me off beyond belief that Sonny’s so consumed with the possibility of the aforementioned Beast losing her baby spawn, he’s not focused on the fact that he stands to lose the love of his life. And this whole “shutting Brenda out” thing is so over the top, it’s crazy. As if he can’t trust her? And, out of character writing aside, as if she’s too fragile and delicate to be allowed into so many parts of his life? Please. Brenda would die for that man, as he would for her. The writing has truly disgusted me this time around. The only bright spot is something that never fails to rise above all else: MoNessa chemistry. I swear, they can spin gold from absolute manure and they’ve been doing it constantly. I’m saddened by the ever nearing departure of Vanessa/Brenda, but I’m focused on the silver lining. Our girl will be back, our couple will be together and the writers WILL do them justice in the end. I have to believe that with every fiber of my being. So, yeah…I’m sad, but looking forward to the future.

    And sorry for the rambling…I do that a lot when it comes to my S&B thoughts, lol!

  3. I really miss the SnB of yore. When all they needed were each other.
    When Vanessa returns, I hope we get to see more of the fun-loving friendship that MoNessa share incorporated into SnB.
    No more cut scenes. We’ll deserve to see the SnB love.

    Thanks for this blog, Ro.

  4. Ro, once again you nailed it. What a beautiful writing and I hope Mo and Van can read this. I am sooo disappointed by yesterday’s epi but yet still very hopeful for the future of our beloved couple. The one thing that remains true is the love between these two characters and the two actors. I am looking forward to her return and for S&B to be reunited once again.

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more, thanks for the post and giving us SnB’ers hope. Here’s to waiting for the ride to come and scoop us up again.
    Much love and respect to Vanessa and Maurice and their impeccable performances as Sonny and Brenda.

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