My journey to Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo’s GaGoo Bash!

This past week has been a whirlwind of emotion, excitement, amazement and rush of adrenalin! It all started last Wednesday when Vanessa had asked me again if I was coming to L.A. to go to her event and my hubby asked if I knew how much plane tickets were. I was curious about costs and looked. Boy, was I shocked at some of the ticket prices! I live on the east coast so costs to fly cross-country can be through the roof! After stumbling on some insane ticket prices, I stopped looking and tweeted back to Vanessa that Nicholas and I would not be coming and the plane ticket prices I saw were too expensive. I then went back and forth with a few friends during the day about the ticket prices and wished I could be going, too.

Before I took my kids upstairs I popped back online. I noticed Vanessa was tweeting and had responded to my post about not coming. She first asked about who helps me with my kids. I then told her I was lucky enough to stay home with them and occasionally my mom helps me out but I don’t have a babysitter. She asked me a few questions about myself and while I was answering her questions she asked this:


 @SonnyandBrenda you said you looked at tkts. if you flew ou for free for 24 hours and had free tkts to both events could u?
I was stunned! Completely,without a doubt, stunned, speechless and needed to take a deep breath and call my husband, Cam and discuss this with him. I knew at that moment I was going. It was going to work out and I’d be going. So, I spoke to him and it was fine with him for me to go but I needed to get my mom’s help for all day Saturday, which, to be quite honest wouldn’t be such an easy day because Noah, my baby is not an easy child. He is quite the handful. Anyway, she said she would help!
During this time, Nicholas knew what was happening. He also knew he wasn’t going with me. He was crushed for the moment, sobbing and pleading with me to ask if he could come, too. As he was crying, Noah joined him. It’s hard to think when there’s chaos surrounding you all the while you’re struggling yourself to stay calm and in control. It was a crazy night for sure!
I went back to tweet her and all my friends were so excited for me but thought I possibly passed out! During all this time, my friend Vani had called me to see if I could go. Vani is part of Vanessa’s webteam and Vani and I have been friends for quite some time. I told Vani I was able to go and I tweeted back to Vanessa the good news, too. It was surreal! This was Wednesday night and I was leaving sometime between Friday afternoon and Saturday. My head was spinning! In the meantime, my friends, Mandy and Nicole from Twitter and the board, who had planned the trip earlier on, had graciously offered to take me in on my journey. I had met Mandy when we planned to go to Maurice’s event and Nicole is great so it was a no brainer! Weekend with my SnBers! YAY!
I was in disbelief by the time we went to bed. While I laid there, trying to fall asleep so many thoughts were swimming through my head. Things like this honestly don’t ever happen to me! My mind was blown that she would do this for me, someone random on Twitter. I’ve never been to California, and other than Maurice’s PA in June, I have never gone to any of these events. This was a complete surprise, so very generous and kind of Vanessa to offer this opportunity to me. From the little bit I knew at that time, I knew Vanessa was quite special and very giving. I have always admired her and now I would get the chance to meet Vanessa after 18 years of being a fan. 
Thursday morning I went back and forth in email with Kathy, Gina and Vani about flights. I mostly spoke with Gina, who was kind and patient with me and we found a great flight to and from L.A. I would land at about the same time as my friend Vani and I wound up flying back with her to Newark on Sunday. Gina was great in doing all the legwork to find the flight and in making it happen!
I packed Thursday night and got my stuff together. I wasn’t taking much considering my planned flight left Friday afternoon and I would come back on Sunday evening. Bags packed and in 2 days, I would be meeting Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo & seeing Maurice Benard in person again! Excited was the word I used but honestly, it wasn’t a strong enough word to describe my feelings. I’m not sure there’s a word for it… Maybe it’s just EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! 
I left New Jersey on Friday afternoon and had a short layover in Phoenix then I would arrive in Burbank a little after 9pm on Friday night. It was a little hard for me to leave my boys since I have not left them since they were both conceived. Nicholas was still upset but had drawn some pictures for Vanessa with a message that he hopes he  will get to meet her next time. I hugged and kissed my hubby and kids, then I embarked on my trip of a lifetime and I’d fulfill a dream. 
I arrived in Burbank around 9 pm and Vani arrived shortly after I did. Gina and Melissa picked us up, and took me on a short tour through Hollywood and I even saw the studio where they shoot GH! It was pretty cool to see places I’ve only seen on tv or in the movies. Honestly, since they show so much of it on tv and in the movies, I felt right at home! It really is funny to see familiar places even though you’ve never been there before. Vani, Gina and Mel are great women, who are very funny, smart and personable. I’m glad I have finally met them after all these years that we have known each other through the board. After 8 years of us traveling in the same online circle, it was fantastic to finally meet them in person. We located my destination and they dropped me off at my hotel, where I said thank you and good-bye and went in to meet my friends.
Nicole met me in the lobby & we went up to the room where Mandy and Amanda were hanging out and gabbing about GH, S&B and pretty much everything in between. All 3 girls were so cute and nice, I instantly felt comfortable. Considering none of us really know each other, it was pretty cool to feel like you’ve all known each other for years! We hung out dished about S&B and Mandy and Nicole told us about Nancy Lee Grahn’s event the night before.
Nancy had a great event at a comedy club and Rick Herbst came, along with Lexi. They were waiting on Vanessa to show up but she was running late. Finally Vanessa had arrived and unfortunately, she wasn’t feeling very well. She’s been having quite a bit of nausea during this pregnancy. If any of you have been pregnant and have had that symptom, you know it is one of the worst you can have. You hardly ever feel well. Anyway, Mandy and Nicole spoke to Kathy Fisher, Vanessa’s Fan Club President and one of her very good friends first, then they spoke with Vanessa. They had said that Vanessa was so sweet and kind and very excited to meet me on Saturday. They took pictures together and she completely made their night with her interaction with them. It was amazing to me that Vanessa would take the time to chat with and joke around with my girls. I think that is such a beautiful thing that she wanted to get to know them a bit.
We had so much fun just talking about the show and our faves! It is wonderful to be able to gush for hours about them without anyone rolling their eyes at you or telling you they’ve heard enough. Soap fans are a special breed of people. They are loyal, steadfast, strong, caring, beautiful and hopeful. As we all know, S&Bers are probably the most hopeful, positive (at times) and loyal of the whole bunch. Not much gets us down… We may cry and be upset but we all know this.. Sonny and Brenda are endgame. Both Vanessa and Maurice feel the same. There’s always hope as long as we have GH on the air. 
Finally we made it to sleep. I had been up for 24 hours by the time my head hit the pillow. But, I was in L.A. and I was going to meet Vanessa the next day, Maurice was coming to her event and they would both be on stage together. For a split second I knew while I’d be looking at them on stage, I’d see a bit of Sonny and Brenda. It was going to be out of this world wonderful!
This is Part 1 of 2 and the next blog will be about my experiences at Maurice and Vanessa’s events. I promise to write it up and get it out very soon. Hopefully today. 🙂
TTFN! xoxo ~Ro

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