My Journey to Vanessa’s GaGoo Bash!

“Good morning! Today we meet Sonny and Brenda!” I say to Mandy and Nicole with a giggle. They each giggle back and reply with a Yes, we do!” We talk a little more about Sonny and Brenda before starting our day… We did it, well, because we can.

I know this may be a little TMI  but it is part of my story. I still nurse Noah. He just turned 15 months and we haven’t weaned yet. I also do not pump. I think I stopped pumping at around 3 months because he wouldn’t take a bottle, ever. So from 1pm est Friday to now, about 10am pst Saturday, I had gone for 24 hours and I was in agony because the pain was so bad in my chest. It was like I had a bowling ball in there! I took some Tylenol and went about our morning, which would consist of us going to IHOP for breakfast and then shopping for a new shirt for me, because now my cute dress and other nice top wouldn’t work. I’d look ridiculous and really not attractive at all.

We had our breakfast and coffee (need the morning coffee!!) then we walked down to the mall. As we approached Melrose Avenue, I was reminded of Melrose Place and how much I enjoyed the show. We talked about that and of course, the main topic was S&B and how truly amazing Vanessa was for doing this for me. It still was quite surreal to wake up in L.A. and know that in just a few hours, I’d get to thank Vanessa in person!

We found a couple of shirts for me in 2 stores. ironically, they were in the same color family. The one I wound up going with was a pretty blue color with a lot of ruching on the front which wound up being great because it was so deceiving, as well as concealing! And, the shirt I wore was great because I didn’t spend much on it.

We walked back to the hotel around 1:30 or so, with the intention of getting ourselves ready so we could get a cab and grab dinner in Studio City. I think at this time we all started to get a little nervous but none of us said so. Mandy looked great in her cute top and great skirt and Nicole looked great in her fab pink dress! I wore jeans and my new top, which I wound up loving.

 We got a cab and headed to a great Mexican restaurant down the street from the Sportsmen’s Lodge called, Loteria. It was very good and if you are in the area, want good Mexican food, this is your place! Before we left, we took this pic of ourselves:

Now we were on our way to see Maurice once again for Mandy and I and the first time for Nicole!

We arrived at The Sportsmen’s Lodge and found where we needed to go.

I located Melissa, who let me know that I didn’t need a ticket and it was ok, she’d let Jim know who I was. As I was talking to her, Maurice and a few people he was with came walking by. Maurice said hi and I smiled. I have to say I was taken off guard but his hotness and became speechless! So, I left Mel and stood in line with my friends and a few other girls from the board and Twitter. We gabbed about our trips and how excited we all were to see Maurice and meet Vanessa later.

Finally we were all allowed in and we waited for the PA to begin. Steve Burton came into the room and everyone erupted into cheers for him. He spoke about his good friend, Maurice. I have to admit, while Jason may not be one of my favorite characters all the time, he was so sweet, handsome and nice in person. You could see how he really respects Maurice.

Steve introduced Maurice who came in to a room full of cheering people, who were extremely happy to see him. He looked great in his hat, and white layered shirts. He said he recognized some of us from his recent tour & from past events but the majority of the room consisted of new faces. He answered some questions about GH, S&B, Vanessa and his tour. He was so nice and personable with everyone. I absolutely love his humor, along with his ability to laugh at himself.

He had some very special guests, including Drew Garrett who played Michael #2. He was great to see and again, had the utmost respect for Maurice. I, personally liked him as Michael. But, I wish I liked the Michael character but whatever, haha. Maurice was funny because again he said that Micheal wasn’t Sonny’s son but Jason’s and made fun of how Michael walks around like Jason and wears his hair like Jason. It was quite humorous!

Next came in Lexi and Aaron, who are Kristina and Morgan. They had some nice time with Maurice, too and spoke about their scenes with him and how much they love him. Lexi was even sweet and told us how she thinks of him as her parent, too and both he and Nancy are her other mom and dad. Maurice told us about how fantastic his first scene with Aaron was when he had to say goodbye to him after Michael was shot and Carly wanted Jax to adopt him. He said that Morgan (Aaron) had tears streaming down his face and after the scene, Maurice had teared up also and that really had hit him hard.

Maurice of course spoke about his love and respect for Vanessa and how he loves working with her. he told us about working on Carmine Giovinazzo’s movie, Duke, in which he plays the part of Winky. He was telling us how he had to grow a goatee and that crazy scene where he had a scene with Brenda with the goatee, went upstairs in GS and came back clean-shaven. It was a funny scene.

He again asked us to support his character and pairing(s) in the future. A lot of us were S&B fans and no matter how many times we hear him ask us to do that, it is very hard for us to hear… I think we all do “Lalalallalalalala” in our heads when he says that! haha

The next guest was Joshua Benard who sang songs for us. He is quite the little entertainer and so cute! He sang Justin Bieber, Eminem, The Beatles and maybe something else. He wasn’t shy at all and Maurice was so great with him. But, we all know that Maurice is great with kids, especially his own. 

Edited to add: Maurice discussed the lack of love scenes and said it had nothing to do with either he or Vanessa but something else he wouldn’t elaborate on.  Also, he joked around about the honeymoon scenes with a fan. He said he’d have a showing in the next room if he could. He told us that Sonny would be in jail soon but wouldn’t elaborate because he’d be called up to the 5th floor about spilling secrets and get into trouble. It was funny how he said it and he said it 2 or 3 times over the course of the PA about Vanessa, love scenes & about spilling scoops.

It was getting close to the beginning of Vanessa’s event and I was starting to get butterflies in my belly. A lot of us were getting a little nervous we’d miss something at Vanessa’s event so there were quite a few people anxious to go. Plus, we were wondering if Vanessa would still show at Maurice’s event? Jim Warren asked how many of us were going to her event because maybe we could all go first for Maurice’s meet and greet portion of the PA and when he saw the amount of us, he said instead they’d have to go row by row because there were too many of us.

Mandy and I looked at each other and because we met him just last month, almost 4 weeks earlier, we wanted to get going and get to the GaGoo Bash. Nicole was comfortable to stay with a few of our other S&Bers, so she stayed behind.

Mandy and I actually missed out on quite a bit. It’s too bad we just didn’t hang for a few more minutes.

First, Vanessa and Carmine showed up right after we left. (DARN!)

Thanks, Nicole for those pics!! BTW, that is Vanessa’s husband, Carmine Giovinazzo in the background.

I think there’s a part 3 coming and I’ll continue tomorrow with Vanessa’s GaGoo Bash!

TTFN xoxo ~Ro


2 responses

  1. Thanks so much for the detailed recap and photos Ro! I especially loved the comments from Maurice about Vanessa and the lack of S & B love scenes. Any idea what the real reason for lack of them were? I feel like there was a lack all around from all couples. It’s funny that on Garin’s first day of writing, one of the first scenes are of scrubs and are love scenes, it’s like he knew it was lacking.

    Oh and I too go llalaaalaaaalala when asked to support other Sonny pairings. I support Mo though, I was planning to stop watching after VMG left but I want to support the show. I’ll just FF though any scenes with Sonny and another woman, I just can’t watch.

    Thanks again and I can’t wait for part 3!

  2. Hi! Loved your recap of the night. I was also there and asked Vanessa why the honeymoon scenes were cut. (when she came to our table to take photos) She said she didn’t know, but that she thought it might be because they (the powers that be) didn’t want the fans to get too attached to S&B since she was leaving soon. Note though that she was speculating….. I don’t want her to get in any kind of trouble for giving her OPINION. Personally, I think she is probably right. I don’t know who is making the decisions over there, but they are in desperate need of some serious direction. I feel like they are clueless on what the fans want. I mean, REALLY! There is no good reason on earth that those 18 scenes should have been cut! What a WASTE of money, time and talent to not air it. And do they seriously think that the fans wouldn’t be pissed after waiting almost 20 years to see these two married? We may not like our Brenda leaving, but we can handle it….she will be back someday. I hope they reconsider and find a way to air the scenes with Sonny reminiscing or something like that. Do you guys know what ever happened to Claire Labine? She was an awesome writer for S&B! I think they need more female energy in that writer’s room!! Enough with the mob crap and bring on the LOVE in the afternoon! I mean, isn’t that why we watch?

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