Vanessa’s benefit for Suzanne Whang

Hey everyone!

Details about Vanessa’s benefit for Suzanne Whang– More like a roast of Suzanne are coming out and I thought I’d gather everything here for you…

 First, if you don’t know, Suzanne has stage 4 cancer. She is doing great, as she told us at Vanessa’s GaGoo Bash.

The benefit will be on September 24 and ticket prices are $100 (regular seating), $500 (sit with Vanessa and crew), $1000 (seating with a specific person).

Vanessa updated today (Aug. 10) with this tweet:

VanessaMarcilGVanessa Marcil G

by SonnyandBrenda

OK…you’ve been asking so here it is SUZANNEWHANGFUNDRAISER@GMAIL.COM sept 24th at a private estate in hllywd hills. a night of comedy 4 SW
ONLY after you have purchased a tkt will the exact location and rest of the details be given out to you. Thanx for understanding.LUV TO ALL
So, the Roast will be at a private estate in the Hollywood Hills on September 24 @ 8pm. You will have to email for further details. Especially considering this will be at a private estate.
Vanessa tweeted this:
“$500 for a table with us and $1000 to sit with a specific person. $100 regular seating.”
I’ve gathered the info from Vanessa’s Twitter page:
“HERE’s who we have suppprting with their presence, their heart or their personal filmed roast to suzanne 4 the 24th. Marianne Williamson, Vanessa MG, George Eads, Josh Duhamel, Lorainne Newman, Kelly Carlin, Bryan Callen, Jillian Michaels, Nancy lee grahn, Maurice Benard…..Judd Nelson, Tom Bergeron EMCEEING, Eric schwartz performing.
A beautiful stand up comedian who has worked in our industry for 20 years and now has stage 4 cancer and needs our support. Come laugh

three ways to come see BRAVE stand up. tweet @KathyJane1101or log on to SUZANNEWHANG.COM and leave your info or make a donation

if you can’t make Suzanne’s charity roast then donate on Suzanne and if you do. I will call you to thank you…naked…and cuss
Tweet @KathyJane1101 know if you went to our july event or tried our organic lotion and u will get a discount on your tkt for sept 24th..”
So, lots of awesome people are already taking part in this event and Vanessa is going all out to help her friend, whom she loves dearly.
Cancer has touched each and every part of our lives at some point. It is a vicious disease who destroys all in its path. There are so many lucky ones, like my friend April, who also had stage 4 breast cancer. She had a double mastectomy and came through wonderfully. April was diagnosed at 34. But then we have unlucky ones like, Vanessa’s Aunt Sally Ann who just recently passed and there’s my friend, Ken, who had amazing spirit and amazing humor. He died of cancer in June of 2010. He was 37.
If you can’t afford to fly out and be a part of an amazing benefit and very good cause, please see if you can donate. It doesn’t have to be much if you can’t do it. A few dollars does go a long way and it is needed.
Please follow @VanessaMarcilG @SuzanneWhang for more details and I will update and republish the blog as more details become available.
Suzanne’s web page where you can go to make a donation:
TTFN xoxo ~Ro

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  1. Hi Ro,
    I wanted to let you and your readers know that I created a “Twibbon Campaign”. Everyone can show their support by adding a “Save Suzanne” ribbon to their profile pic! Just another way to promote the event/cause!

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