She Came Back…

One year ago….. Blissful and hopeful the S&Bers patiently waited until the end of GH to see our gorgeous Brenda walk out on to a stage in Rome to be the recipient of an award on behalf of ASEC. It was to kick off an amazing storyline where Brenda was the target of a child-trafficking ring because of her intervention in protecting orphaned children in Africa. Unfortunately, that never really fleshed out and it was more like Guza wrote as he went. There were many started and dropped storylines along the way and we were stuck with The Balkan and the ridiculous tale that was told.

Guza had Brenda spending too much time in Rome, to be frank and honest. It was 3 months of wasted time with imo, very little insight into Brenda’s last 8 years out of Port Charles and in the world. She had a boyfriend, turned fiance, named Murphy but as a viewer, I couldn’t quite figure out why Brenda was with him. He was a cookie cutter Ken Doll who loved our Brenda but didn’t quite “get” her. He was handsome but quite bland. Even Jax, who I don’t care for, could be exciting, adventurous and romantic with Brenda. But Murphy…. Well, I guess he was just filler and again, pointless in the long run.

Now, on the other hand, if Guza had brought on Jagger to be Brenda’s love interest with his little boy, Stone…. With those two together, some crazy, sexy sparks would fly! There would have been some PC connection, some passion, friendship, bonding and history. There would have been some excitement and anticipation! We would have been much more invested in Rome and the implications of Sonny randomly showing up & for Brenda’s unresolved feelings to come bubbling up with an actual third party we cared about. Jagger could have still been with the FBI or CIA, whatever his gig was on GH-Night Shift and we could have seen Brenda in a mother-type role to prepare us for the future.

Then Sonny could have shown up, protected Brenda and saved her from The Balkan’s men and they could have reconnected while Jagger would be searching for his lady-love. So many missed, history laden stories could have been told. Even with the change of ONE character. It also would have made Brenda a little less secluded in Rome. Jason still could have arrived to protect Brenda for sure. Jagger could have been away for a few days and Suzanne could have still called in Jason. Then we could have had Brenda with her old friends Jason and Jagger. History again, folks!! They were all friends in high school! Ties that bind and make us care!! Jagger & little Stone could even have joined Brenda and Jason in Port Charles and slowly we could have seen S&B work their way together and maybe, Jagger could have given Patrick a real run for his money by reconnecting with Robin (especially after her Ghost Stone experience last September– tie in!!) and maybe falling in love. All the while we see Brenda and Jagger trying to figure out where and who they belong with.  There, 3 stories all tied together to tell a tale and, The Balkan still could have been involved but the premis of her return would have been deeper & longer lasting with fallout.

I could go on for days about what could have been different and what I would have changed but it would get us nowhere.

Finally, Brenda, Jason and Suzanne made it to Port Charles and Brenda was so skittish. Brenda lacked the spark and zest for life she always had. It almost seemed she was abused by someone along the way. Again, that angle was dropped and it was shown that Dante and Brenda shared some insane connection. For whatever reason, Guza was obsessed in trying to tell a tale of a woman with an unknown father and son sexual connection. It was a sick, empty story that Guza whipped up that was just not plausible.  Guza has always had an infatuation with the twisted, sick & disgusting! There was always that undertone, especially with all the “Sonny can never know” junk. Sorry, but it was the past, Dante really wasn’t Brenda’s type and the whole storyline was stupid but all the S&Bers were a little weirded out by it and plainly hated the story. It was off track and not compelling for most of us. We wanted more. We wanted Brenda to come out of her shell and reconnect with old friends, like Robin, Mike and to reconnect with Sonny. We wanted scenes like Vent Day and we wanted passion to flow through our screens. Not shoot-outs and insane people called The Balkan and The Balkan’s men. We wanted heart and soul to come back in the frame of Brenda Barrett, someone who could be wise, spontaneous, full of love and friendship. She could embody all that our beloved Lila Quartermaine held dear and make it work, even with her fiestiness…. But, we really didn’t see that “Old Brenda” under Guza’s pen. He butchered an easy-peasy comeback from start to finish.

High Points:

  • Rome Reunion between Sonny and Brenda. The elevator scene was adorable & great montage when S&B’s eyes met, Sonny protecting Brenda with no hesitation, their near kisses in the safe house and in the rain.
  • Jason and Brenda going to the charity event was hysterical!
  • Brenda and Robin reconnecting at the hospital.
  • Brenda meeting Spinelli was cute and funny.
  • Brenda and Sonny reconnecting as a couple was beautiful and wonderful. Loved their first make-out and their first dinner date. I just loved that blue dress Brenda wore! Vanessa looked amazing in those scenes.
  • Sonny and Brenda’s first time making love in 13 years!
  • Sonny bringing Brenda to the Castle in the Air house in the woods. So beautiful, such a surprise for us and an amazing gift… Too bad it was taken away from us and from Brenda.
  • First Christmas, ever for Sonny and Brenda. The Christmas tree was amazing and S&B were so happy!
  • Sonny’s proposal to Brenda at Luke and Tracy’s wedding was sweet, touching romantic and beautiful under the crisp, winter starry sky. The sky was like diamonds dancing across S&B’s love.
  • Sonny’s ring proposal at CITA. Past, present and future. The rings were gorgeous, very much Brenda and those scenes were out of this world. Vanessa and Maurice’s connection is so genuine and solid. You could see their love for each other quite clearly in those scenes.
  • Brenda, Sonny and The Wedding Planner, Carol. <—– Fantastic to see Sonny uncomfortable and Carol’s immediate dislike for Sonny. It was wonderful!
  • Sonny and Brenda’s wedding, February 18, 2011 was one of the very best days ever in the life of a S&Ber. That whole week embodied love, trust, compassion, passion, deep sorrow and huge relief. It was beautiful (we could have done without the stupid limo blowing up/Old Lily Clink-Boom scene) and very much the way I have pictured a S&B wedding. Next wedding though, I’d like S&B to be at the beach at dusk, with Alec and the S&B baby we are hoping for, with a minister and have them married by themselves, as a family with no outside influences. Just full of love and grace.

After those points, I don’t have much else to work with from the year. It seemed to me after the wedding all points of the story were dropped except now came that paranoia, insecurity, the lack of trust and unbelievable lack of scenes. The honeymoon was cut when it should have aired to balance out the Jake/Joss storyline.

As a group, the S&Bers were devastated and dumbfounded after the ratings shot up for the wedding BECAUSE of Sonny and Brenda as to why in the world wonderful scenes would be cut and left on the editing room floor. It wasn’t fair and after that point, we got nothing much there after. Just a handful of piecemeal scenes that had to do with Lucian/Alec/Carly/Jax/lies/Suzanne/Diane and just a whole lot of nothing! And, to top it off, Sonny sold CITA.. What a slap in the face for all of us S&BERS!!

So, Vanessa was leaving. We don’t know what went on backstage and sure sometimes we like to speculate on they why’s but we really don’t know and we shouldn’t know. Some things are better left unsaid. HOWEVER….. The ending and leading up to the ending could have and should have been much, much better. Too much Carly & Jax, not enough Sonny and Brenda. There should have been plenty of happy, fun scenes. Get-togethers and maybe a dinner out with Robin and Patrick. Things could have been tense at home but a front put on in public if TPTB really had to head down this road. Build up the scenes and have us on edge until the final blow was struck, and our couple cracked in two. Give us a reason, let us see if S&B work together cohabitating as husband and wife. Have him share details of things he just wouldn’t share with a girlfriend, let her into that dark area and then have her second guess herself and LET US SEE IT HAPPEN & UNRAVEL for us to understand better!

Sure both really screwed up along the way but nothing was that bad that it was unfixable. Why couldn’t the end of this year be full of love, devotion, amazing, kick ass scenes with joy and friendship? Why couldn’t there be an accident and Brenda be in a coma (Hey, Michael was in a coma and life went on), she could have been pregnant but no one told Sonny as she could have been whisked away to Switzerland and he was left behind to care for Alec, with little hope for Brenda’s recovery. Kate even could have figured in with wanting to help Sonny through his pain and with caring for Alec. It would have been a strong set-up for a storyline to come down the road when Brenda comes back to reclaim her family. Sonny could still have a breakdown and not take his pills out of grief for what he lost all the while trying to figure out how to be a single dad to a little boy he didn’t know he wanted.

Creativity was not used this year and it was disappointing to see but one thing that is never disappointing, was Vanessa and Maurice. Ok, so that’s two.  They were bright and shiny while together on-screen. Their beautiful connection sang to our hearts and danced on our souls and for that, we are forever grateful. We are S&Bers. Our road is never straight nor easy, its full of twists, turns, bumps and Carly’s but never, ever boring or predictable. It is always exciting, passionate and amazing… All that is due to Vanessa and Maurice and their ability to make magic out of mediocre.

I’m interested in seeing Garin Wolf spin Sonny out of darkness and find himself again. I hope the road leads him back to Brenda, while entertaining whore’s and Kate in the process. I just hope that Sonny drops the hateful words about Brenda soon and realizes why she did what she did and it wasn’t out of not loving him. I know that will take some time and that I have right now. I have time and soon another time will come and Brenda/Vanessa will come back. When she does, S&B will reconnect and rescue each other from the dark nights and bring themselves back into the light of day. As they do that, they will bring all the S&Bers out of hiding (watching YT clips and reading amazing fanfic) and we will all EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE again. You’ll see!

I had to add in this beautiful mvid Shelby made. She worked long and hard on this and it is amazing and gorgeous.. I hope everyone loves it as I do.. Hell, it made me cry and I still have tears sliding down my cheeks!

The mvid won’t play here but click on watch on YouTube when it comes up. 🙂

I love you all very much and thank you for hanging with me this past year! No matter the ride with Sonny and Brenda, as long as we are all on the bus, we’ll be fantastic & together!!

TTFN xoxo~Ro


5 responses

  1. There are no words Ro, only stunning recap of our year with SnB, Vanessa and Mo. You have me in tears…again. Till they meet again, let’s keep the flame burning even if it’s just a flicker there’s hope. Thank you!

  2. Ro, you summed it up perfectly, as usual. S&B had some amazing moments, but we should have had so much more for them and for Brenda. But the moments we did have and the good friends I’ve made because Vanessa’s return make it all more than worth it. It’s been an amazing year. Thanks to Vanessa and thank YOU, Ro!!
    Much love,

  3. Thanks Ro!!! I miss them so much. They are so good together and it is hard to watch one without the other.
    I love your summary of the one year we got the chance to see Vanessa and Maurice amazing chemistry again. We were blessed S&B fans.

  4. OMG Ro beautiful Blog and Shelby you did an amaizng video. Music fit so well, it had me crying all afternoon. Love my S&B, and miss Vanessa on the show. Heres to S&B Endgame.

  5. There were SO MANY missed opportunities with Brenda/Vanessa’s return. Sure, there were some highlights but at the end of the day TPTB seemed to completely forget and dismiss why Brenda Barrett was a fan-favorite in the first place. From the time she arrived back on screen, her character was almost completely obliterated. It was like they didn’t know who Brenda was other than a woman that had relationships (romantic and otherwise) with Sonny, Jax and Jason. I’m not sure if they wanted to destroy Brenda or not. But what I do know is that they DID destroy Brenda. It was almost like they went out of their way to make her “unlikeable”. The question is, Why? Was it to prop Carly ’cause let’s be honest…they (the writers) haven’t made it a secret of how much they LOVE the character of Carly. What was the point of even bringing Brenda back? It certainly wasn’t because she was adored by fans because they wouldn’t have written her the way they did. As a viewer since ’93, I’m dumbfounded.

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