Sonny and Brenda Tee Shirts for a GREAT cause!

Sylvia came up with a fab idea a few weeks ago to make herself a Vanessa and Maurice tee-shirt. She showed me and a few others what she made and suddenly people decided they wanted one, too. So an idea was born!

Syl and Amanda approached me with a fantastic idea to fundraise for our new friend, Suzanne Whang and create tee shirts, mostly S&B related and donate all monies to Suzanne to help with treatment for her stage 4 cancer, which has spread to her bones. We thank Nikki for helping Sylvia come up with the great logo for some of our tee-shirts! All profits will go to Suzanne Whang.


First, we will offer shirts in sizes  XS,S ,M, L,  XL, XXL. Please specify your preferred size in your order. We offer regular tee-shirts and tank tops. (I hope to have tank top pictures, soon.) You pick which images or the above Live, laugh, Love logo you’d like on your shirt. Each shirt is $25. That includes shipping and handling.

The shirts in the pictures are all in size medium.

Choice #1

Have you ever kissed passion on the lips

Choice #2

MoNessa from GaGoo Bash!

Choice #3

Old school and recent SnB

#4 a simple Live Laugh Love logo top (shown as tank. Pls specifiy if you’d like tee or tank)

#5 is Old School S&B

#6 is a Vanessa by herself — coming soon

#7 is Maurice by himself— coming soon

#8 Mr. & Mrs. Corinthos

You can place your order here:

Each shirt is $25. Includes shipping and handling & is for a very good cause! After you go to PayPal, please email

Be sure to state which shirt you’d like, the size and a description. Also, be sure to say if you’d like a tee or tank top. Please include both your address and phone number. Also, include your comfirmation number from PayPal, please so we can match up the orders.

Support not only your love for Sonny and Brenda, Vanessa and Maurice BUT Suzanne Whang, who needs our help.

Thank you and check back in the next few weeks to see if we are offering more options!

P.S. We will be running this special fundraiser until October 31, 2011. Please order asap so you can get your tee-shirt and support an awesome cause!

If you’d like to donate directly to Suzanne Whang or attend the event on September 24 please either see: or more details.

TTFN xoxo~Ro & #TeamChesticleSavers


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  1. Hi Ro, I processed through PayPal but didn’t see where to indicate which shirt. I would like to have the Live, Laugh Love in Medium.
    Thank you,

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