A few Sonny thoughts and other things….


Ahhhh, our Sonny… Maurice Benard has been excellent in his scenes in the past month, but as a true blue S&Ber it has been quite difficult to watch. I can’t lie about it and blow some sunshine up your butts about the past 6 weeks. Since Brenda and our Vanessa left our screen, this fanbase has been floundering about wondering if we should watch or not watch.

First, we WANT to watch. S&Bers LOVE Sonny, even when he is being a jerk. We support Sonny as Sonny, not as a pod and not as part of another relationship. In our heads we understand TPTB want him to move on and bed someone else and have some “love” in his life. BUT, our hearts, the very S&B hearts that have LOVED this character for 18 years and helped him achieve his very popularity are crushed. So many of my girls try to watch, either live or on YT and wind up crying because of the hurt this story is causing to the very couple we love with all our hearts. It’s hard to see past the hurt.

It’s almost like Sonny let US go along with Brenda…. So, Brenda, we were with you and Alec (and Jax) on that plane and now live with you, Alec and hopefully Baby C in Rome. Hope your house has a lot of room for #Team! 😉

Second, we absolutely ADORE Maurice Benard. Not just love and eeeeeee or admire, we adore this man with beautiful dimples, sex appeal, charisma out the wazoo and think he’s the bomb! Nothing can change our minds on this. We will always support Maurice because he is the real deal and loves all of us, too. He is a very special human being who has so much love, compassion and amazing spirit to triumph thru his personal illness. So much to admire about Maurice and I feel blessed to have watched him since his very first day on AMC as Nico Kelly. Loved him then and love him now.


Above pic is from Maurice’s twitter: @MauriceBenardMB.. Follow him if you don’t already!

Each day I watch the show, yes I watch LIVE and daily; unless preempted or I have a family thing to do, I become a bit more disappointed in how this storyline is panning out. I know it is still early days but the constant bashing of Brenda, by Sonny because she left and then the lack of support, compassion and medical treatment for Sonny is heartbreaking. I wish watching was easier. I watched for 8 years without Brenda, suffered through Carly, Emily, Reese, Claire and God knows who else. I always hung in there because I knew she would come back.. Even after that INSULTING, stupid Peace Sign goodbye. UGH! That killed us 9 years ago.  It was so stupid considering S&B’s history. Now, we have a less than stellar exit by our heroine and constant bashing of our heroine by our hero. It’s so sad to watch. BUT, we try. A lot of us try to watch and chalk it up to the fact that Sonny is sick and needs to be on his meds.

It comes down to this, we don’t want to see Sonny being beaten up by ever Port Charles citizen everyday. We don’t want to hear about how bad he is by EVERYONE, especially by people who helped him achieve this mental state. We want him to get help, maybe Dr. Kevin Collins can come back and be Sonny’s therapist because who ever he’s been seeing is stinko at his/her job. We want him to get healthy and realize WHY Brenda left. We would like him to find that letter, tape that thing together and READ it. If not for him, then do it for us. We are so curious!! We want Sonny to have a friend, like Stone. Stone ALWAYS stood by Sonny, even when Sonny was a jerk. Stone was Sonny’s very best friend and brother in so many ways. There was unconditional love there. Sonny needs that more than he needs a bed warmer. He needs Mike to come home and be strong for Sonny where he wasn’t able to do so back when Sonny was a boy. We need some growth for Sonny as a character so it is compelling for us to watch everyday and look  forward to Sonny scenes.

We also need Carly to die. Seriously, there is not another character I have ever hated more than Carly! She is the black hole of SUCK , a hypocrite , a bitch, self-centered, selfish and screechy. At least Lily had the decency to die so we could be rid of that albatross for Sonny. I do find Carly worse, much worse for Sonny in every possible way. She enables his bad behavior and seeks him out to bid for his attention, help & schemes. She also just doesn’t die. :/ BTW, she is NOT a heroine. There are no redeeming characteristics of this character what-so-ever.

I could go on about what I’m not really liking about the show for days and it won’t get me anywhere. I’m bored. Not with Sonny so much because I am interested in his journey, so let’s just get that out there. Even though it’s hard, I do want to watch so I can see for myself that Sonny can rediscover himself and begin to heal.. I am just plain bored with the show. Bored of Lucky in tears every 5 minutes. Not interested in the drugs. I love the Q’s and would like more of them but now with the tie in to Gino Solito & the mob from The City is zzzzzzzzzzz for  me. I wished we’d see less mob all together and deal more with issues, relationships, love and friendship. Maybe a tad bit of adventure, too… But it looks as if Garin Wolf has the same fascination with the mob as Guza had. That makes me sad. Yes, maybe there’s a little more balance on a daily basis but on a whole, not really.  

Anyway…. No matter how I feel about the show, with my frustrations on my sleeve and a broken heart I can see the shining star of amazing acting on my screen in Maurice. No matter the material, no matter how I feel about the current situation or how I see my friends cry and complain, I see how truly gifted Maurice is. He is so wonderful, honest and raw with his emotions as Sonny. You can not only SEE his hurt but, as a fan, you can FEEL it. I can feel how lost and confused he is in the clouded, muddy recesses of his mind. In Sonny losing his soul mate, true first love and forever love, Maurice lost his acting soul mate, trusted friend and you can see he misses Vanessa.

Sonny will heal. It will take time, a love interest or 2 and then his mind will clear, the crowd in the room will part and there will be Brenda, waiting for him to come back to her/find her and make things right. In their split, they both made some really bad choices but the rift can be fixed and we can, eventually have our beloved Sonny and Brenda back again.

I just hope that during this arc and what is coming for Sonny in the future, we can all band together, support our dimpled guy and have some fun along the way. We have been told S&B are endgame. Hold on to that, follow Sonny’s journey back to himself and hopefully to Brenda. We have bumps before we hit that open road again. Grab a seat, open up some clips, maybe watch the show or YT Sonny scenes. If for nothing else but because you love Maurice. As hard as this all is for us, it must be hard for him, too.

TTFN xoxo~Ro


4 responses

  1. Nice blog Ro! I agree with what you said about Carly, Lucky and Stone. It is hard to watch Sonny these days without his acting soulmate, but I do watch him on yt. Maurice has been doing a great job in every way. The show is just plain boring especially if Sonny is not on it 🙂 I will make an effort to watch. Thanks so much!!

  2. Dear Ro, To say that every word of your blog was spot on is an understatement. You so eloquently stated the fact that – not only is Sonny hurting, you can see that Maurice is lost and hurting as well. He was just starting to enjoy being with his acting buddy and friend Vanessa and, and just by the shear timing of it all, that came to an end. That’s sad in any environment when a dear friend and co-worker is no longer around. It takes time and we, the Sonny and Brenda – Maurice and Vanessa fans, will be here when they are reunited. Thank you for keeping us going and keeping us positive as you always do.

  3. Loved your blog Ro, as always! Agree on everything & especially with Carly needing to die ASAP! Hate hate her, ugh..I’ll admit I haven’t watched much of GH since Vanessa leaving BUT i’ll always love Maurice/VMG and will hold out hope that S&B is endgame!!

  4. I hope brenda comes back to port charles and realizes she cant live without sonny. I want them together again, i cant stand to see sonny heartbroken. I dont want sonny to be with anyone else let his heart to be with brenda only noone else sonny never stop loving brenda even what she did leaving he forgives her and besides maurice bernard misses vanessa they are great working together.

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