Giving Season

It seems to be the giving season, not only of money, but time, goods, services and good thoughts. It’s quite exciting to see so many in my daily, offline life and in my daily, online life looking to be involved in any way they can.

I think for some, it may be beneficial to look in your own backyard, in your community and see who needs what kind of assistance and possibly how you can help. Some ideas are these:

  • Clothing donations
  • Taking non perishable food to your local food bank
  • Volunteering at your local homeless shelter or women’s shelter
  • If you have children in school, volunteer at your school. Your kids love to see you there.
  • Donate your gently used baby gear to Goodwill or a consignment shop or donate them to your church. There’s always a family in need & baby gear is expensive. You can sometimes donate your old furniture (in good condition) this way, too.

I see many S&Bers, including myself rushing to be involved with a couple suggested charities, which is awesome. During all of this excitement, I’ve had an awful week. This past week, my parents put our family dog to sleep after a lengthy illness and in my house directly, my family became very sick. My children & husband needed me to care for them and then once they were better, I became sick with their illness. I have had time to think and search my soul. Charity begins at home, and helping your family become the best it can be. Sometimes in rushing to help others, you lose sight of your family and their needs.

With that said, I am very proud of my girls who are choosing to help the children and adults of Nkosi’s Haven ( you can donate here, it’s simple, easy and not expensive in American dollars: or you can follow the organization on Twitter @nkosishaven ). This happens to be one of Vanessa’s charities in which she feels very passionate about. There will be a team of women from our #team heading over to Africa in February of 2012. They will bring supplies, provide nursing care and I believe help build a school. This is a HIV & AIDS ravaged community which needs help. I will be blogging more information on this topic as I get details, in case any of you would like to offer any assistance.

But, don’t feel you have to travel to a foreign country to help.. Project Red is a fabulous way to start from home. You could donate a few dollars and help the AIDS community: 

To help children specifically, you could always look at UNICEF:

If animals are your passion, there are many organizations you could look at, in my opinion, the ASPA is the best:

In the past few months, Vanessa has spoken out about Hydrofracking, which you can learn about here: and here: You should sign the petition and get the ban underway. Our water needs to be safe to consume in its pure form and in our animals, fruits & veggies. Vanessa is calling for people to write their local and state governments about banning this practice. That is another way you can be involved.

Maurice has been quite vocal about supporting  a variety of charities, including children’s charities and the promotion of mental health and cancer awareness. You can see more at his official site:

These are just a few ideas in a sea of millions. I, myself , am throwing a little get together at the end of October, just before Halloween. It’s a simple wine & cheese party, maybe 10 girls and during the party, we will watch clips, chitchat and fill Halloween goodie bags with individually wrapped candies, no peanut products and on that following Monday or Tuesday, I will take the filled bags to my local children’s hospital for the kids who can’t trick or treat, maybe never trick or treated or may never trick or treat again.

Whatever you choose to do, just have the effort come from your heart and do what you can. Know that it is ok you can’t help everyone or every cause. If everyone just helped a little, it would make a huge difference! Let it be a dollar, a hundred dollars, a gesture, a kind thought, your time or give unwanted items. Every ounce of effort helps and does make a difference. Don’t feel pressure to be amazing, being ordinary is ok, it just takes a little extra to become extraordinary.

As I said before, I am quite proud of my S&Bers. They have huge hearts & great souls. Vanessa has provided us with great inspiration. Use the inspiration in the sense in which it was given. Be thoughtful, generous and amazing with the gifts you have to give.

TTFN xoxo~Ro

Roasted Weeked!

It seems as though #Team had an amazing weekend in Los Angeles! They had fun together from the moment they all landed in California to the wee hours of this morning where some started to catch flights back to their real lives.

They had a surprise for me in printing out one of my personal pictures, now called FlatRo, and bringing it with them during their adventure.

The girls arrived that the venue around 6pm and mingled before the evening’s events began.

Some Tweets about last evening’s festivities:

Very moving and funny night to celebrate @suzannewhang hosted by @VanessaMarcilG #winning #cockwaffle #kickingcancersass
@MarkGantt @suzannewhang @vanessamarcilg it was an amazing night 🙂
Such an incredible night! Glad I made the trip from Buffalo NY! @suzannewhang and @VanessaMarcilG you two r amazing! So happy I met u!!!
All I have to say is I love @suzannewhang @VanessaMarcilG @NancyLeeGrahn and the hottest nyer ever @CarmineGio.. #bestnightever
@suzannewhang event was an amazingly funny & emotional night! Thank u @VanessaMarcilG for putting on an awesome event!! Good night!
Originally #TeamS&B raised $1,200.  Once the auction got underway, the girls decided to bid on a set tour for 2. The bidding I think started around $4,000 (or maybe that’s when #Team jumped in) and ran the bid up to $9,000! Nancy Lee Grahn had also upped the ante for the girls and made it a set tour for 12 and lunch! Needless to say, the #Team is quite excited and had trouble sleeping! All in all, #Team helped raise at least $10,200!! WOW!!! GO #TEAM!!! (that figure does not reflect anything donated to Suzanne’s donation page on her website.)
Here are some images tweeted by Vanessa:

I’ll have more detailed recaps from #Team once they’ve recovered & are able to jot something down for me.

Thank you to all #Team who participated in Suzanne’s fundraiser! A little went a long way and no matter how much any of you were able to contribute, just a few dollars to a lot of money, it was the spirit in which you gave that is most appreciated. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me proud. xo

Thank you again to Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo, Suzanne Whang and Kathy Fisher for all you did to include us “regular” girls. You let us give ideas and feel as if we were a part of your planning of this Roast. We were inspired to help, we were inspired to give. We also thank Vanessa for thinking of all the people who would have loved to come to the event and opening it up for everyone to attend. It was an amazing experience for the girls and they will never in a million years forget last night.

TTFN xoxo~Ro & FlatRo 🙂

Weekend Roast

This is the weekend of Suzanne Whang’s Roast, thrown by Vanessa at a posh estate in the Hollywood Hills. I know of about 12 to 15 S&Bers attending the roast. They were quite generous to buy tickets, fly out to L.A. and also donate in a number of places to Suzanne’s cause.

Some of the girls have met Vanessa, Carmine, Maurice, Suzanne, Eric and Nancy during Fan Club weekend in July and at Maurice’s PA’s this past June, so they are old pros! But, then on the other hand, this will be some of the girls’ first time meeting Maurice & Vanessa. I know those girls are nervous! Also, there will be quite a few noteworthy names at the roast to look forward to other than Vanessa and Maurice:

Emcee: Tom Bergeron

Host Committee: Laraine Newman, Marianne Williamson, Dana Delany, Josh Duhamel, Jeffrey Tambor, James Lesure, Carmine Giovinazzo, George Eads, Maurice Benard, Nancy Lee Grahn, Bruce Cohen

Performers/Speakers: Marianne Williamson, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Judd Nelson, Rick Overton, Dov Davidoff, Billy the Mime, Tracy Newman, Kelly Carlin, Richard Lawson, Dylan Brody, Ken Kragen, Eric Schwartz, Suzanne Whang, surprise guests! (list subject to change)

I know you all can’t travel out to L.A. to attend and I know many of you would still like to donate to Suzanne’s Roast and you still can. This is where you can still be a part of the Roast and part of the fundraising:

I will have a full recap up next week, including pictures. I wish my amazing #Team a happy, safe, fun and amazing trip!

This is a trip of a lifetime, which will make wonderful memories for all!

I would like to take the time now and thank Vanessa and Suzanne for sharing this night with us “regular” girls who would never in a million years ever have access to such an amazing evening. I wish Suzanne many years of good health, happiness with her main squeeze and for cancer to never set foot in her body again. I wish Vanessa a happy pregnancy and an amazing birth when the time comes. We love you both. xo 🙂

I am proud to have been a part of the fundraising effort and will have a $ amount to share with you all next week. The S&Bers really banded together and raised a nice amount for Suzanne. Thank you for your support and thank you for being you.

Have fun, ladies!!

TTFN xoxo ~Ro



Support Maurice

Just a short reminder to everyone….


Maurice is doing an amazing job as always playing Sonny Corinthos. Unfortunately, not many people are very happy with the direction of his storyline at this time. He needs and deserves our support and love more than ever.

I can’t make you watch the show nor am I suggesting you to do so. What I would like for people to do is to please drop a note in the mail to Maurice. He needs to feel your love and support. Tell him how Sonny/Maurice have touched you through the years, congratulate him on his 18 years with the show. It is important that he doesn’t feel us pulling away from him.

Maurice Benard                                                                                                                                                                                   c/o ABC-TV
4151 Prospect Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Please be kind and supportive to Maurice.. He’d LOVE to hear from all of you.

TTFN xoxo~Ro

Broken Hearts

Broken hearts all around, dished out by no other than TPTB to all S&Bers, Sonny fans, Brenda fans and what the hell… SKate fans and Megan Ward fans. 

I understand TPTB WANT us to watch. I understand that in my head but I’m confused as a S&Ber/Sonny fan as to WHY exactly I would watch this mess of a show? It IS a mess. Giant, holy crap of a mess that is almost scary to see.

Before anyone jumps down my throat about we should support the show, support Maurice, yadda, yadda… I do. I watch. I suffer through this asinine show daily. Even if I have nothing to say on Twitter, the show is on, I am watching and cannot believe my eyes or my ears most of the time. There’s little to no fun on the show, no character growth, no depth, no intrigue. I am compelled to watch because it is so bad. I keep waiting for that magical day that the show suddenly becomes AWESOME again.

I miss my show. I miss an interesting Sonny. After that A-HA! moment in August when we discovered he no longer takes his meds, nothing happened. No follow-up, no therapy, no meds, no discussion… Just beat up Sonny time! Go ahead and take your best pot-shot at him, it doesn’t matter, who cares that he is sick and broken!…. That’s the message TPTB are sending the audience. They are basically saying “Sonny is a burned out thug who is fucked up, not worthy of love or friendship and should be taken down a peg or 598. Who gives a crap if he completely goes off the deep end as long as Jason and Carly are happy!!” WTF?

I had high hopes with his bipolar storyline. I had hopes we’d explore more about what makes Sonny tick. Why does he make such drastic decisions and why does he blow up his happiness and choose the wrong path? I was hoping he’d have an A-HA! moment once the meds kicked in as to why Brenda left him… I keep waiting for that letter to be re-found, put back together and read.  I just keep waiting.

Now, we are anticipating nuKate. Hmmmmm….

Question #1….. What was wrong with Megan Ward?

Question #2….. Why must this Kate look and truly be so much younger than Sonny? (Some may say she appears to be a fine age and others have been recast younger before but, again, there was NOTHING WRONG with MEGAN WARD!!)

Question #3…. What the hell is TPTB’s problem with maintaining HISTORY? This includes recent history, past history and in-between history. The viewing public is not senile and we can remember past yesterday, contrary to popular belief. We, the S&Bers watch clips LIKE NOBODIES BUSINESS!! I’m sure other fanbases do this, too and it’s not just us. BUT, we have memorized just about every S&B scene there is. S&Bers are hard-core clip watchers!

Question #4…. Why must all the characters of GH constantly trash Brenda? What did she do to them? Exist? I’m sorry but the character of Brenda has been around longer than MOST of the cast at this point. She is a vet, a legacy character and a heroine. She is not and should not be a victim, she should not EVER be insecure, she should not be trashed or bashed, she should be looked to for inspiration and viewed as a strong woman.

Question #5…. The bashing of Sonny breaks my heart daily. Why must EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER act superior? Carly has shot several people, probably killed one or 2 along the way, has slept with all the leading men and sucks as a friend, mother, companion and also has no moral code. Why don’t they bash her? There is not one character on-screen who should get a free pass to bash Sonny. Not now, not ever.. especially considering some of the vile, awful things they have done during their time in PC.

I am frustrated at the loss of All My Children. I am anticipating the unfortunate loss of  One Life To Live. I am devastated beyond belief over the fact these shows will no longer be. They are being written beautifully, are interesting and compelling. I understand there are cycles, but this is crazy! GH has not been good in YEARS, folks!

Now, I feel very badly for the Megan Ward fans. Very bad at this point. Think of it this way…We don’t see Brenda for a while and finally, we hear we’re gonna have S&B again… BUT, someone else will be playing Brenda.. NOT Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo. What would we do? How would we feel if our efforts didn’t do anything? Those MW fans campaigned their butts off and some of us helped them. Nothing worked! MW was out and this woman Kelly, was in. If this was us, I would be so beside myself… I think my heart would be forever damaged. I’m not sure if the MW fans have the same type of love for her and for the character of Kate, but I know we have more than just a strong bond to Brenda and Vanessa. We do love this fictional character and the woman behind her, very much. I just can’t even go to the dark place where someone else would be Brenda. It is not feasible.. Not at all. Can’t do it. I’m sorry for the SKate fans.

The forcing of SKate part 2 will do nothing to gain viewers back. I’m sorry but it is an insult in many ways to S&Bers and original SKaters. They may tout a romance, love and a forced friendship and bond but it won’t resonate as true at this time. All last year Sonny ran around telling EVERYONE HE COULD that Brenda was the only one for him, understood him the best, accepted him warts and all, was his soul mate, true love and best friend. How do you go from that to this is 2 months? Hmmm?

BUT anyway, I do believe SKate will fail. TPTB are NOT invested in the character. They recast her and there wasn’t a problem with the original. Without the bond between the actors, and in trying to create chemistry, the viewers attentions spans are quite short. They will not tune in to see this romance take hold. I’m sorry if it’s a hard truth.. Hell, maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think so. I’m bored, haven’t seen Sonny since sometime last week and nothing has been accomplished since our beloved Brenda left and what happened then was this; our hearts broke and then proceeded to shatter into a million pieces.

I miss seeing Brenda on our screens. I know why she is no longer there and I am ok with it. Brenda comes and goes. I always miss her when she is gone. She has always been herself and has done what is best for her life. Unfortunately for us, we are left with a void and having to watch Sonny move on. However, it makes watching the show quite difficult, especially when she and Sonny are bashed daily. 

Wish I could figure out exactly where the show went wrong. There are so many factors to look at. Of course, Guza is top dog on that list. But, he started off strong. He made the show dynamic, exciting and interesting in the beginning. Did he become complacent and confident that he would not be replaced year after year, then proceed to just not care? Then, there’s Carly. I swear that chick just ate the whole freakin’ show! That character needs to die. <— Enough said about her. We have Jason who apparently is a superhero-hitman-with-a-heart-of-gold… WTF? A better plan would have been to uncover the fact that both Sonny and Jason were deep, deep undercover as WSB agents. That would explain why they always escape the law and why the PCPD always looks moronic. Why did the writing become stale and stupid? Why was this allowed for so many years? Why was it a 3-ring circus only showcasing Sonny (in the past, he’s missed now), Carly and Jason? Why are we subjected to Michael and his hooker-stripper girlfriend daily? Why is it now that Robin who is CoS, but no one really respects her or trusts her judgement? Why CAN’T SHE BE A STRONG WOMAN????

Why is it with this show all the women, except that slut, Carly, are victims, needy or insecure? Why can’t they drive a storyline? Why can’t Alexis or Olivia really drive their stories? Why not Robin, who imo, should be the heart of the show, drive a compelling story about herself somehow? This show is sexist and unbelievable most of the time and it is a huge turn off and sometimes, even though the show is on in the background, I tune it out and just chat with my friends on Twitter. It is frustrating to me considering the fact I used to RUN home from the bus or school daily so I wouldn’t miss even a second of GH!!! It breaks my heart. Hurts the soul. The show used to inspire me. Robin, Brenda… They both inspired me to be a better person and to help others. I have always been a giver. I have given my years to GH and in these past 10-12 years… GH has given me nothing back. I look back on that time as this:

Sept. 2002- Feb. 2003 Brenda came back

Aug. 2010- July 2011 Brenda came back again

In between and before?

A big load of BS that includes some of the following: Toxic Balls, Monkey Virus, Franco stunts, Black and White Ball where it was 2 people to a room time, Alan, Georgie, Tony Jones and AJ died. Oh, and Sonny kissed or slept with every woman who joined the canvas during this time. There was also changes to history, rewrites for recent stuff, dropping of possible good storylines, too much mob and way too much Carly and Jason for my taste.

No matter what, I will continue to torture myself daily because I guess I like pain. No, actually, I have hope, not a ton of it right now but it’s there! Hope for the following to happen:

  • Carly dies
  • SKate bomb
  • BRENDA comes back and we have S&B once again
  • Sonny might take his meds and have a change of heart about things
  • Jason may morph into Jason Q, take over the hospital and really become a hero of the show
  • The Quartermaines may grow and dead relatives may spring back from the dead to make a compelling, dynamic family once again. I’m sick of the skeleton crew.
  • Resurrecting the Cassadine Family. Bring back Helena and let’s have Laura back. She can turn from the Webber/Spencer side and becomes a full on Cassadine. Stefan can return from his Bat-Hell also.
  • Discontinue all crappy Carly stories. They all suck.
  • Michael should join the army or something.. He needs to just go away.
  • Ned and Ric come back to fight over Alexis. Alexis gets to bask in the glory of 2 HOT men wanting her. She decides to have them both and they agree.
  • BRENDA comes back and kicks ass
  • Sonny leaves to find his Brenda and lives happily ever after in Positano.

I could go on, but these are some of the things that I hope for daily. I have hope, I have patience. BUT as with everything, patience, hope and positivity wear thin. Each day because it is so bad as a fan, I lose a little bit of hope. I know a lot of fans feel the same way. The ones who Tweet and post on boards are quite vocal about it. Some see a little more balance but imo, it’s not enough. The offline fans I know, who have no voice online wonder what is wrong with the show they used to love. They are bored and switch off the show to do other things.

I support both Maurice and Vanessa tremendously. If not for them, especially Maurice for hanging tough with this show, I would have disappeared years ago. Maurice BRINGS himself into his role. He ROCKS the house daily (when on-screen) and I adore watching him. I will watch him in any role he plays, just like I watch Vanessa in all her off GH roles. They are the real people behind Sonny and Brenda. They have feelings and attachments about their characters. Neither character would be anything without V&M. It must hurt them very much to see their characters bashed daily on-screen, on Twitter and wherever else.

With that said, I will, no matter what, watch the show and support Maurice and I hope Vanessa does come back to I can support her presence, too. I hope people do watch, even though their hearts’ break. But, I know that is a very tall order and in that, I know my hopes for that are dashed. For some, it’s too late, they won’t come back and they question if they’d come back if Vanessa does come back. I think this is sad and it breaks my heart, too.

I hope the state of the show turns around. I want to rush in from Nicholas’s bus stop not wanting to miss a minute of the show again. I want that anticipation of an AMAZING GH day. I want to be happy with my show instead of broken-hearted. Broken hearts have a long way to go before they heal. Hopefully we have that time.

TTFN xoxo~Ro