Support Maurice

Just a short reminder to everyone….


Maurice is doing an amazing job as always playing Sonny Corinthos. Unfortunately, not many people are very happy with the direction of his storyline at this time. He needs and deserves our support and love more than ever.

I can’t make you watch the show nor am I suggesting you to do so. What I would like for people to do is to please drop a note in the mail to Maurice. He needs to feel your love and support. Tell him how Sonny/Maurice have touched you through the years, congratulate him on his 18 years with the show. It is important that he doesn’t feel us pulling away from him.

Maurice Benard                                                                                                                                                                                   c/o ABC-TV
4151 Prospect Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Please be kind and supportive to Maurice.. He’d LOVE to hear from all of you.

TTFN xoxo~Ro


6 responses

  1. you are am amazing Actor Maurice..I seen u in Nashville @ Zanies an du were awesome and down to earth ..youe children were amazing as well and u said it best no matter who they put you with please continue to support Your Character Sonny …and thats exactly wat im doing ..Your the best man take it easy sending lotsa love n light and God Bless ya man you are doing a n amazing JOb …..Js much love from Kentucky

  2. I think you are an great actor. In my opinion you are the best male actor on daytime tv right now. I don’t like your current storyline, mostly because I love the character of Sonny and I hate that they have all turned on you. With that said you are still knocking your scenes out the park, keep up the great work.

  3. Hi Maurice,
    Just want you to know that I enjoyed coming back to watch GH when Ms. Vanessa returned. It made me realize how much I missed seeingt you on screen. You are truly a multi-facted actor. The scenes were deep and emotional as well as some comedic acting which I truly loved. I want to give you my ultimate support in all your endevors and I want to see you move along in your career. I’ve been a fan of GH since the 80’s and fell in love with you and Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo. Your character Sonny has been through the mill, and your acting this year has been phenominal. I want to see only but the best for you and your career. The best to you and your beautiful family. Love to you from Hot Lanta!! The ATL – Georgia.

  4. Dear Maurice, You are the one and only reason I am still keeping up with GH. I’m not watching every day as I was when Vanessa was on. I am one of those VMG fans who fell in love with SnB and find it hard to tolerate you with any one else. Having said that…I think you are without any doubt the most talented male actor on daytime and find it hard to believe some network didn’t snatch you long ago for the lead in a prime time show. You are more talented than most of the nighttime actors and a heck of a lot more attractive. Not just physically, but, you are a genuinelly beautiful person. It shows in your work., Love you, Love your work and will tolerate GH as long as you are still on. There is no way I would ever consider abandoning GH as long as you are a part of the cast. Now, one favor from you…I would like to request that you use your pull, power, mojo, whatever you got and get VMG to return prior to the show going of the air and have SnB be the end. You can do it! We are all counting on you.
    Love you Maurice and always will,
    xoxoxoxoxo, etc.

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