Roasted Weeked!

It seems as though #Team had an amazing weekend in Los Angeles! They had fun together from the moment they all landed in California to the wee hours of this morning where some started to catch flights back to their real lives.

They had a surprise for me in printing out one of my personal pictures, now called FlatRo, and bringing it with them during their adventure.

The girls arrived that the venue around 6pm and mingled before the evening’s events began.

Some Tweets about last evening’s festivities:

Very moving and funny night to celebrate @suzannewhang hosted by @VanessaMarcilG #winning #cockwaffle #kickingcancersass
@MarkGantt @suzannewhang @vanessamarcilg it was an amazing night 🙂
Such an incredible night! Glad I made the trip from Buffalo NY! @suzannewhang and @VanessaMarcilG you two r amazing! So happy I met u!!!
All I have to say is I love @suzannewhang @VanessaMarcilG @NancyLeeGrahn and the hottest nyer ever @CarmineGio.. #bestnightever
@suzannewhang event was an amazingly funny & emotional night! Thank u @VanessaMarcilG for putting on an awesome event!! Good night!
Originally #TeamS&B raised $1,200.  Once the auction got underway, the girls decided to bid on a set tour for 2. The bidding I think started around $4,000 (or maybe that’s when #Team jumped in) and ran the bid up to $9,000! Nancy Lee Grahn had also upped the ante for the girls and made it a set tour for 12 and lunch! Needless to say, the #Team is quite excited and had trouble sleeping! All in all, #Team helped raise at least $10,200!! WOW!!! GO #TEAM!!! (that figure does not reflect anything donated to Suzanne’s donation page on her website.)
Here are some images tweeted by Vanessa:

I’ll have more detailed recaps from #Team once they’ve recovered & are able to jot something down for me.

Thank you to all #Team who participated in Suzanne’s fundraiser! A little went a long way and no matter how much any of you were able to contribute, just a few dollars to a lot of money, it was the spirit in which you gave that is most appreciated. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me proud. xo

Thank you again to Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo, Suzanne Whang and Kathy Fisher for all you did to include us “regular” girls. You let us give ideas and feel as if we were a part of your planning of this Roast. We were inspired to help, we were inspired to give. We also thank Vanessa for thinking of all the people who would have loved to come to the event and opening it up for everyone to attend. It was an amazing experience for the girls and they will never in a million years forget last night.

TTFN xoxo~Ro & FlatRo 🙂


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