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General Hospital

In noticing the awful ratings this past week and how GH has come in LAST in pretty much every category and lost 300,000 viewers is quite upsetting. Whether you watch or listen consistently or you’ve finally tuned out, these ratings should hit a bit hard. The reality of how much ABC hates the soaps, didn’t support them and is now allowing the feather in its daytime cap to implode is very sad to say the least.

The last time GH was in the toilet was back in the lat ’70’s when they hired Gloria Monty to finish out its tenure. But, also, she turned it around, ratings shot up and GH became a critically acclaimed daytime drama that even was able to boast “Luke and Laura” gracing the cover of Time Magazine. Gloria made a dead-end show into something magical and amazing. I can recall RUNNING home from school or the bus so I wouldn’t miss even a minute of my favorite show. I loved Luke & Laura, Robert, Tiffany, the Cassadines, the Quartermaines, the Jones family and everyone else in between. There were characters you absolutely loved and then those delicious characters you loved to hate. There was family, friendships, romance and adventure. They were incredible times that took us from our every day lives to escapism, GH style.

Times changed, new regimes came in, along with new characters and different tales. but, the recipe Gloria Monty left was still in use. Claire Labine, head writer under, EP Wendy Riche took GH into a heart and soul era, timely tales of breast cancer, BJ’s Heart and HIV/AIDS and weaved those stories into the fabric of what has made GH great all these years. Each story was an umbrella story that wove all smaller stories into the one because of how the characters interacted together and how their lives would overlap. Almost always from the ’80’s and ’90’s, at the end of each week, many of the characters would end up at the local waterhole, whether it was Dellafield’s, The Outback or Luke’s Club, they came together and had a good time. Things were not blown to bits nor was someone maimed each week.

Once Frons took over ABCD, things for the soaps took a turn for the worse. The promotion for daytime dramas seemed to disappear where as under Angela Shapiero, they flourished in the ’90’s. That should have been our first clue as to what ABCD/Disney wanted to do with the soaps, they wanted them gone. During the next 10 years of the new millennium, bit by bit the soaps were dismantled and criticized. Not just by ABC, but by all 3 networks. The soaps were disappearing and viewers were becoming jaded and quite critical of behind the scenes happenings. Fan faves were being replaced by cheaper, younger, green actors. Pieces of the fabric of the shows (GH in particular) were getting lost and it caused a disconnect between the fans and their favorite show.

I look at now. I look at All My Children leaving the daytime line up and The Chew taking it’s place. The past few weeks, the ratings have been in the sewer for The Chew and ratings have dropped for OLTL and GH (GH has lost the most footing) and I blame the loss of AMC as their lead in. I, for one, would put on my local 12 Noon news broadcast and just leave ABC on until after dinner. Not anymore. I turn off ABC at about 8am and put cartoons on or one of the major news channels until 2pm. But, I find that I am not as invested in any of the shows any longer. I get to 1pm and miss my show and I know in January my OLTL is gone.. Then there is GH. GH with how it is written, edited & directed makes it seem like it is just about already gone. At least with the other two shows, at this point they were pulling out all stops and really bringing the drama, romance and sense of family & friends back to their canvases. But, TPTB at GH really don’t care at all about how the show is perceived, if we watch or if we even LIKE the show.

The things I feel are wrong with the show are these:

No adventure, no intrigue, no friendships, no family, no romance, no love, no heart, no soul.

All there is discord, choppy stories, stories that have been dropped, stories that have been changed every 5 minutes, and a lack of anyone caring a fig about the show one way or the other.

The show cannot be fixed. The show will not be saved. Katie Couric is already slated to be in the GH time slot in many major markets, starting next September. That time has been given back to the affiliates to do with as they see fit in many markets.

I would like to see a very strong writing team come in and fix the darn show! I want GH to go out on a high instead of in the crap factory! I absolutely ADORED this show for the majority of my life. I could not get enough for more than 20 years. I FLOVED the show!! But now, I am just so sad when I watch. The characters just sit and talk so much that much of what they say gets lost because it’s all redundant, drawn out and we, the viewers, get board, eyes glaze over and just can’t believe the lack of any movement in any scenes. I don’t wish to ever see Luke or Lucky cry again. Forget the drugs! That storyline sucks ass and is so depressing and low. I’m not sure who exactly Lulu belongs to because other than looks, she’s nothing like Laura or Luke. I’m not interested in seeing Sonny in a relationship at this time. He needs to have a relationship with himself before anyone else. I am underwhelmed at the Dante/Olivia/Kate/Sonny speculation. I think Garin Wolf is Bob Guza in badger clothing continuing to ruin this once wonderful show with drab, boring, bleak and redundant storylines.

I wish I could explain to you all how much I loved this show. I wish I had a snapshot to share of how great it once was. Amazing stories, talented cast, fabulous editing and thoughtful writing. I carry my memories of this show and savor the past, take the present for what it is worth and worry about not only GH’s future but the future for the soap genre in general. Yes, they are continuing online. It won’t be the same and there are no details as to how exactly we will view them, if they will be daily, weekly or an hour or 30 minutes. Things will be quite different in many ways. Perhaps, the medium will grow and continue to evolve as soaps did once before from going from radio to tv. We’ll have to wait and see how progress continues or fails. I hope changes will be for the better and eventually my soaps, our soaps, will grace tv, internet and wherever else they could possibly pop up again in the future.

For now, I do hope for our show that some GOOD changes happen to interest the current viewers and attract new viewers to the once magnificent show. But, I hear through the proverbial grapevine many changes are to come and none that we, the viewers will like. I wonder how much further the ratings will drop and if anyone will care when the final announcement comes about GH’s future?

TTFN xoxo~Ro

Happy Birthday Vanessa!

Today happens to be the birthday of a very special person! Today is Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo’s birthday!

The Sonny and Brenda Forum wishes Vanessa a very happy birthday, filled with family, friends, good times, love, light and peace. We wish her a year full of great health, much happiness, love, family and friendship.

In this past year, Vanessa has graciously allowed us to get to know her, her heart, her passion for life, learning and giving and she has been very kind to my S&Bers and to me. She is a beautiful person inside and out and she cares about others tremendously. She is the type of person I strive to be and I admire her greatly for all of her accomplishments, kind and generous spirit and her ability to love life fully.

We hope you have a very happy day and that all your wonderful dreams come true! All the S&Bers love you and wish you all the best in your new year.

Blow out the candles and make a happy wish:


If anyone wishes to wish Vanessa a happy birthday you may tweet her @VanessaMarcilG or you can leave her a message here for her.

TTFN xoxo~Ro



I’m saddened to see such a separation between S&Bers. There is such a huge rift between the SFF’s and BFF’s. Some people are bashing one or both, along w/the portrayers and they are going after each other as well as being taunted by other fanbases.

I am a S&Ber. I enjoy Sonny and Brenda together. I do not like Brenda with anyone else and I do not like Sonny with anyone else. BUT, my head is not in the sand and if Vanessa is not available, TPTB are going to put Sonny into a relationship. Plain and simple. No need to cry, no need to shout or call anyone names. It is the truth. WE, as S&Bers lived thru this, time and time again but we stayed on The Sonny and Brenda Forum and rarely ventured elsewhere. It is difficult now because of the many forums and social networking out there to be able to block out the insanity of others.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being positive and having hope as a S&Ber. It is what we thrive on as a fanbase. We didn’t survive Snarls and the others for nothing.

What happens, happens. It’s out of our control now. I can’t tell you what the future will bring for GH, S&B, V&M or any one of us. I can’t make you guys support something you don’t believe in nor can I ask anyone to make nice with people you don’t want to.

I can ask this:

Please do not bash Maurice or Vanessa for any passing comments about the show or characters. They are doing their job. Yes, I know Vanessa is not under contract but she is trying to support her friend, Maurice, and be a bigger person. She is trying to set an example. Maurice has to talk about Kelly/Kate. It is his job. He is trying to encourage his fans to support him. Bashing them is rude, immature, insensitive (they have feelings just like us) and makes our fanbase, along with others look ridiculous.

Neither Vanessa or Maurice are trying to hurt anyone’s feelings. That is not their intent.

Yes, I know so many of you, me included, are hurt over the writing. It sucks ass so bad most days I just cannot believe this is the same show I ran home from school to watch all those years ago. It is a shell of its former self.

I know we are being encouraged to watch. Either watch or don’t… Don’t complain about the encouragement by the actors, that is their job. You choose what is best for you and go from there. Personally, I won’t hold whatever your choice is against you.

Nobody in this is wrong or right. We are being played by TPTB in a huge way. If our once VERY strong fanbase can crumble under pressure & encouragement and then attack each other, then maybe we weren’t as strong as I thought. But, that’s ok. We can only be as strong as we want to be.

Support the actors or don’t. Just don’t take offence to tweets, encouraging or otherwise if you’re not watching or invested in the characters anymore. It’s not worth it. Personally, I feel you should support the actors, because it’s the right thing to do after all these years but, again, it is your infinite choice.

We may NEVER get the “I’m not on meds and why” speech or find out if S&B are divorced or still married. We may always have the question of the letter over our heads. We may never have closure. While we have been promised S&B are endgame, life happens, new paths are taken and plans change. I am ok with that. I will take all of the grand, sweeping positives of last year and tie them up in a huge pink bow and be happy with our CITA, proposal and wedding. The rest will live on for me in fanfic and my imagination.

I’m just hoping and wishing for the day to arrive when watching and tweeting about the soap will be fun again. That day may never come at this rate but, I will hope and pray that before this show takes its last breath, I will enjoy it again and I will have my S&B back again on my screen.

I will be a S&Ber Always.

TTFN xoxo~Ro

Jani Lane

It amazes me the anguish you can feel over a death of someone you met in passing a handful of times but never really knew. Each day I wake up and at some point in the morning, he is on my mind…. Jani Lane was the lead singer and songwriter for Warrant. I’ve written about him in the past and I bet I’ll have another blog or two about him in the future.

I suppose Jani is my Elvis. I’m an honest person so, here it is…….  I loved him. From the moment I heard his voice and laid my eyes upon him sometime in the late ’80’s, he was the long hair for me. My girlfriend, Christine and I followed Warrant from Ft. Lauderdale up to Manhattan one year… I wrote about that adventure after he passed away back in August. 

Jani Lane wrote some fun, raunchy songs, serious songs and very heart-felt songs. He had a gift of a beautiful voice that made not only me, but probably a million girls fall in love with him. He could touch you with a smile or a gesture and he could turn a stadium into a small, cozy bar because he made everyone his friend each night he performed. The thing was every song that was played each night, he, himself wrote. The music came to him (not sure if it was easy through the years or if he had to “work” to gather inspiration for his songs) and he made the words and notes into magic. He wrote the hits and the obscure fan favorites that didn’t get airplay. He wrote the music that made Warrant famous and made us fall in love with him or the band. Jani was a charismatic frontman with a warm heart and inquisitive soul. It came through in his music and in his interviews.

Some of my favorite songs are some of the oldies but goodies and some newer like Heaven, Sometimes She Cries, Mr. Rainmaker, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Bed of Roses, Stronger Now, Bitter Pill, Down Boys, Southern Comfort, Hollywood (so far, so good), Thin Disguise.. just to name some. I’ve heard some of his solo work and I really like that as well. I just wish I had more of it so I could say I have new favorites. I had Back Down to One, but lost it in a move. I’d love for Jabberwocky to be released for the fans and family. But, none the less, he has touched so many people with his music. He wrote songs that people loved and his writing was always amazing. He was very underrated and hugely talented. Jani deserves kudos and accolades for his work. He should have had it before he passed.

The music he made always brought a smile to my face and made me feel good. The way he wrote his lyrics was pure storytelling at it’s finest. I think he could have been a great novelist or screenwriter if it wasn’t for the music. Jani has inspired me through the years and I’ve been writing a work of fiction that I hope to one day finish. When I write, I usually listen to his music. It has been the soundtrack of a huge part of my life. I don’t think it’s too huge of a stretch to say that it inspired me deeply. “Follow that Band” was brought to life by a fun trip to Florida and a crazy adventure that followed. Maybe this year will be my year to write 30,000 more words in addition to the approximately 60,000 I already have written, and finish my dream to have a novel written by me.

Everyone has someone who has touched them and imprinted themselves on your heart. Luckily for me, I have a couple of others, too *not music related* ;)… I think if you are a regular blog reader you know who they are and if you’re not, if you take a look around on this site, you’ll know….. but Jani was a muse of mine for even longer than S&B. He is my longest crush/love. For more than 20 years I loved him, followed his career… Highs and the lowest of lows. None of it mattered to me because I loved him anyway. I wished him strength, will power & people to love him through his bad times and cheered him during his great times. I wish he had more great times ahead of him… Maybe he does, but someplace else with his people who have already passed on.

To me, Jani was breathtakingly gorgeous inside and out! His long blond hair in his early years, with those beautiful, big blue eyes and that soulful voice…<sigh> Back in the day, I had made this huge piece of plywood (maybe 2’x5′), left over from one of my dad’s projects, into a “Warrant-Jani Lane” board. All my Metal Edge magazines were cut up and I made this huge-ass collage of them. I think I worked on it for a year and had it for about 10… There were so many pictures of Jani on that board… hehe… Wish I had it now! Jani was on my wall when I was young, then found a home in my heart and probably always will be there.

As time went on, I met and married my husband and didn’t follow the news about Jani or Warrant so much anymore. Life got in the way but from time to time, I would play my CD’s or tapes (hehe) and remember my good times with friends & concerts I went to. A few years ago I found him on Myspace and we messaged back and forth a little bit. I wish I saved those messages. I wish I really told him how he touched my life and how he lived in a part of my heart. I was supposed to see Warrant play on their reunion tour in 2008, but my date at the Asbury Park Convention Hall was canceled due to Tom Keifer (Cinderella) blowing out his voice box. How I would have loved one more chance, one more opportunity to see him live, hear some of my favorite songs and be my inner fangurl again.

I was fortunate enough to have met him a few times in the early ’90’s. I was fortunate enough to be old enough during Warrant’s heyday and go to many concerts. It was all such a good time, always electric, raw and real. Jani was a genuine showman, with talent oozing from his pores. He was a bright star of the era and he proved with his many ventures over the past 10 years that with a little faith and heart, he had staying power. Jani has an amazing soul & spirit and still has the power to touch us, even from Heaven, through his music, fans, friends and most importantly, his family.

Jani weighs heavily on my mind now. I think about him so much. I think about his family, his girls and his close friends. They all have my condolences and my prayers for peace & comfort. I joined a Facebook group called “Jani Lane Legacy (Official Organization)” It is run by his family. His family is so kind to his fans. They answer our questions and share stories about Jani/Johnny and make all of us feel welcome. I, as a long time fan, really appreciate their kindness and openness about their loss. To be able to interact with them is a blessing & you can feel Jani’s spirit come thru his family’s page. They loved him with everything they had and it shows. There is a peace about the page even though there are questions surrounding his death & another fanpage. If you were his fan or maybe just curious about Jani, you should check out this page:  It is worth the click and the like in my opinion.

TTFN xoxo~Ro

circa 1991 🙂 lol

Sonny and Brenda

Long ago, there were two forces of nature who came into direct contact on the docks of Port Charles, NY. Dimples flashed, flirting began, a little bit of a temper flared but what really happened was, a spark turned into a flame that very day. All across the country from little girls, to teenagers, and grown adult women, we all caught the fire of what was to begin. The development of the last ABCD supercouple.

Sonny and Brenda were really not ever together for a long time. They were always broken apart only to be brought back together again. The wonderful gift we were given, during our S&B ride, was the gift of watching them slowly fall in love with each other and as they did, we did. It was a story that has taken almost 20 years to play out. Our ride is still not over by any means, nor will it ever be finished. It doesn’t matter who Sonny is with, who he says he loves or whatever backstory may be written or rewritten. Sonny and Brenda are meant to overcome their obstacles, they are meant to find their way through the rain and be together again.

The thing about Sonny and Brenda is this, they were meant to be. Whether it is forever or for just a few moments at a time, they were written as soulmates in every sense of the word. Sometimes soulmates are separated because of timing or circumstances. This time the circumstances were troubling, sad and heartbreaking. Choices by each of them were made. Some choices were made for the good of someone else, like Alec, or were bad choices like siding with Carly.

I know that I am still quite sad with the fact that Brenda had to leave and in the way she left. I am also still angry at how Sonny behaved from mid-April on thru now. There were high hopes for a marriage, a happy, fun, sexy and joint marriage. I don’t see how they couldn’t have gone in a different direction with them. No matter what, whether Vanessa stayed, left or will return, the story could have been written with care, class, compassion and penned with love. But, it just wasn’t and we, the fans, were left with a huge void, lots of questions and cannot accept Sonny with anyone else at this point. For anyone to feel that we should accept Sonny with someone else at this point is barking up the wrong set of trees. It’s too soon, there’s no mention of divorce, no remorse by Sonny, there’s no discussion about Sonny taking his meds or going to therapy.

I think about soulmates and I think about their past, present and future, just like the rings. I think they need to complete each stage of their existence, learn what they need to about themselves and complete each task in their lives to get it right. They certainly don’t need to make any more of the same mistakes when they get together again. Sonny must take his meds and he must discover about himself what his triggers are. Brenda must overcome her insecurities and become the strong woman we know she can be. Once they complete their tasks separately, they will be able to come together again. I just pray we have a writer with heart, soul & compassion when that time comes.

To me Sonny and Brenda are:

Twin Flame Soulmates
This is the most popular type of soulmate. There is usually one twin flame soulmate for each of us. Twin flame soulmates have spent multiple lifetimes together in past lives. There is incredible chemistry and attraction towards each other. They “complete” each other and only few lucky people are able to find their twin flame soulmate. Twin flame soulmates, if separated, usually suffer enormous pain.

They were not only created that way, but how Vanessa and Maurice are with each other leads me to believe they are this in real life:

Twin Soulmates
These types of soulmate are your closest friends or a person whom you really click with. According to those who believe in reincarnation, you have already met them in a past life, and in this life you are continuing the relationship. There is an emotional bond between these soulmates and each is able to sense the feelings of each other..

Sonny and Brenda are the last Supercouple. I have yet to see another since they first came together. the glory days of soaps are over, sadly. The days of Luke & Laura, Frisco & Felicia & Sonny & Brenda are over. The soaps are ending and a new incarnation of them should show up on the internet in January and beyond. There is a chance that S&B will ride off into the sunset together. We have been promised this repeatedly. We believe this. We just need to continue to hold on to hope and be positive.

So many crazy things are happening behind the scenes. We found out Friday night that Lexi Ainsworth was let go and TPTB were taking Kristina into a different direction instead of working with the talent they have and finding a great story for her, they are going into a superficial direction to make Kristina fit into a story. It’s sad. I wish Lexi luck and thank her for all her years as Kristina. She is a sweet and lovely person who has a bright future ahead of her. But, just know changes are happening constantly behind the scenes.. Nothing is how it seems.

I’m not liking the show at all right now & am having a hard time talking about it. The  changes will make it worse I’m for all of us who continue to watch & talk about the show. I just hope that with the changes they leave the door open for Vanessa to return and to continue the story with Maurice. The story needs some closure, it needs to make sense.

Back to Sonny and Brenda, my muses for so many years. They are the couple who captured my heart, feed my dreams and inspired many stories… They always will because they are natural, organic and they not only have a spark between them, they have a flame that fed a fire in all of us. We keep coming back, we keep having hope that drives other fanbases crazy. We stick together & have forged great friendships. We are genuinely lucky. We have had the same two people portray our couple on and off for almost 20 years. No substitutions for us… Always the real deal. Only supercouples can say that. No one has yet recast Luke and Laura or even Frisco & Felicia in that way. Perhaps there was a stand in when someone was sick or to finish an arc, but never as together in the couple.

Some fanbases have no choice but to accept a recast of a fave. If we were given a choice to continue with Sonny and Brenda, but with a recast or not to continue with them at all, I think our fanbase would choose not to continue with S&B. I think that sets us apart. We don’t just accept what is thrown at us… I’m not digging at others because I obviously am not a part of some other fanbases but looking at how many times Carly was recast and how the SCummers all accepted each Carly is ridiculous! All to say that S&C are still together. RME

I’d rather S&B be apart and KNOW they belong together when time is right & to know that my original loves will portray them is enough for me. I can wait. I can be patient, I can know in my heart down the line things will be made right. It’s just too bad we all have to wade through the sea of nonsense and 2 person scenes until we get our wish granted again, probably for the final time.


We just need to keep the faith, stick together and have comfort in what we have had through the years. It’s more than what a lot of others have. No, we don’t deserve what just happened with our couple BUT we were given so much last year.

This is a season of thanks coming up. I am thankful for Sonny and Brenda, Maurice & Vanessa, the forum, Twitter, my #Team and all my friends who read my blogs about serious things, fun things and sometimes not much at all. All I know is that S&B/M&V/GH brought us all together… I wouldn’t change much, maybe just the writing. (LOL)

TTFN xoxo~Ro

Info on the Rally in Trenton about Fracking

There’s not much going on in the world of Sonny and Brenda at the moment but Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo has been very active and vocal on a few issues recently.

As of the past few months, VMG has been campaigning pretty hard against HydroFracking or just Fracking.

What is Fracking?

“Hydraulic fracturing or fracking is a means of natural gas extraction employed in deep natural gas well drilling. Once a well is drilled, millions of gallons of water, sand and proprietary chemicals are injected, under high pressure, into a well. The pressure fractures the shale and props open fissures that enable natural gas to flow more freely out of the well. ” ~Josh Fox, Gasland

For more info please go here:

This is something that will eventually affect all of us on a grand scale. There are scary things going on in small towns all over the country that is not spoken about in mainstream media. I had no idea what this was or that it was happening until Vanessa told us about it. All I know is that if our water supply is damaged and poisoned, what will we drink, bathe in, water our plants/vegetation with or give to our animals?

Vanessa will be attending a training rally and rally in Trenton, NJ on October 20-21 against this practice that TPTB would like to get started on in the Delaware River.

Vanessa Marcil G
VanessaMarcilGVanessa Marcil G

there will be buses to take us to the hearing the next morning at 8am Come and save our water in New York. Insist on the truth coming out..
Vanessa Marcil G
VanessaMarcilGVanessa Marcil G

WWW.SAVETHEDELAWARERIVER.COM for info. We will be in Trenton, NJ night of Oct 20th for a training session 4 non violent rally training….
Go to this site to sign up for Nonviolence Training on Thu 10/20 8-10pm in Trenton NJ for hydrofracking:
If you are in the area and have time, you should go and attend the rally & training. If you cannot attend, on Josh’s site, there is a petition you can sign.
There are other sites and blogs you could check out if you’d like to read for yourself:
The time is now to be aware of this issue and maybe if we all work together, an awful practice, such as this can be stopped.
TTFN xoxo~Ro

Shhhh…. Someone’s having a Birthday!

It’s that time of the year… Vanessa’s birthday is on October 15 and it’s coming up pretty fast.. (I apologize for not doing this sooner being sick & hands full with family)

You can send her a birthday card to this address:

Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo
c/o Kathy Fisher
13351-D Riverside Dr. #643
Sherman Oaks, CA  91423

You may also make donations to the following charities she supports:


Nkosi’s Haven:

You may also tweet her on her special day and wish her much happiness!! @VanessaMarcilG

Let’s do our best to make this birthday a very special one for her!

Edited to add: I will create a new blog post on her birthday where you can leave a message for her here, in Blogging with Ro and she will see it, too.

Go #TeamS&B!!

TTFN xoxo~Ro