I’m saddened to see such a separation between S&Bers. There is such a huge rift between the SFF’s and BFF’s. Some people are bashing one or both, along w/the portrayers and they are going after each other as well as being taunted by other fanbases.

I am a S&Ber. I enjoy Sonny and Brenda together. I do not like Brenda with anyone else and I do not like Sonny with anyone else. BUT, my head is not in the sand and if Vanessa is not available, TPTB are going to put Sonny into a relationship. Plain and simple. No need to cry, no need to shout or call anyone names. It is the truth. WE, as S&Bers lived thru this, time and time again but we stayed on The Sonny and Brenda Forum and rarely ventured elsewhere. It is difficult now because of the many forums and social networking out there to be able to block out the insanity of others.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being positive and having hope as a S&Ber. It is what we thrive on as a fanbase. We didn’t survive Snarls and the others for nothing.

What happens, happens. It’s out of our control now. I can’t tell you what the future will bring for GH, S&B, V&M or any one of us. I can’t make you guys support something you don’t believe in nor can I ask anyone to make nice with people you don’t want to.

I can ask this:

Please do not bash Maurice or Vanessa for any passing comments about the show or characters. They are doing their job. Yes, I know Vanessa is not under contract but she is trying to support her friend, Maurice, and be a bigger person. She is trying to set an example. Maurice has to talk about Kelly/Kate. It is his job. He is trying to encourage his fans to support him. Bashing them is rude, immature, insensitive (they have feelings just like us) and makes our fanbase, along with others look ridiculous.

Neither Vanessa or Maurice are trying to hurt anyone’s feelings. That is not their intent.

Yes, I know so many of you, me included, are hurt over the writing. It sucks ass so bad most days I just cannot believe this is the same show I ran home from school to watch all those years ago. It is a shell of its former self.

I know we are being encouraged to watch. Either watch or don’t… Don’t complain about the encouragement by the actors, that is their job. You choose what is best for you and go from there. Personally, I won’t hold whatever your choice is against you.

Nobody in this is wrong or right. We are being played by TPTB in a huge way. If our once VERY strong fanbase can crumble under pressure & encouragement and then attack each other, then maybe we weren’t as strong as I thought. But, that’s ok. We can only be as strong as we want to be.

Support the actors or don’t. Just don’t take offence to tweets, encouraging or otherwise if you’re not watching or invested in the characters anymore. It’s not worth it. Personally, I feel you should support the actors, because it’s the right thing to do after all these years but, again, it is your infinite choice.

We may NEVER get the “I’m not on meds and why” speech or find out if S&B are divorced or still married. We may always have the question of the letter over our heads. We may never have closure. While we have been promised S&B are endgame, life happens, new paths are taken and plans change. I am ok with that. I will take all of the grand, sweeping positives of last year and tie them up in a huge pink bow and be happy with our CITA, proposal and wedding. The rest will live on for me in fanfic and my imagination.

I’m just hoping and wishing for the day to arrive when watching and tweeting about the soap will be fun again. That day may never come at this rate but, I will hope and pray that before this show takes its last breath, I will enjoy it again and I will have my S&B back again on my screen.

I will be a S&Ber Always.

TTFN xoxo~Ro


4 responses

  1. I personally will admit that as I watched on YT Sonny and Kate getting a little close, reading a few tweets from the actress Kelly Sullivan about how lucky she was to take pics w/MO, and then MO’s tweet about how much fun he was having on GH, I began to get upset. I was remembering just a few short months ago that Mo was laughing and having so much fun with the beloved Vanessa. Sonny and Brenda were still together. I don’t know much about gag orders or soap opera “lingo”. I wasn’t familiar with SFFs or BFFs. All I knew was that I was someone who fell inlove with the Sonny and Brenda love story and I was sooo happy to meet others who felt the same way.
    Inwardly I began to be frustrated and I needed someone to blame for my feelings. I blamed Mo. I blamed Mo for Vanessa not staying. I wanted him to fight for her and boycott the show for her. I wanted him to give a limb for her. I wanted him to want what I wanted and get it at all cost. I wasn’t thinking about his feelings and how he must’ve been hurting. All I cared about was I want Vanessa back and I want Mo to want her just as bad and do whatever it took to get her back.It didn’t help that I was enamored by their closeness and friendship off screen. They are so cute together on and off screen that you can’t help but want these two characters together. Sadly, I held that in my heart and carried it until today. I didn’t know that Mo had to do what he had to do. I thought surely he must have some clout. He’s been on the show for 16 yrs or so. I never thought that he simply had to do his job whether he liked it or not.
    Today I want to say that I am sorry for blaming Mo and I’m not sure what happened with the bashing but I was not a part of that. I don’t even think I want to know. But it got me to thinking and I just want to say that I still love MB and VMG sooo much. I respect them both as actors and people. I think they both do a phenomenal job and always know how to bring the magic. Yes it’s frustrating and yes I want to give up sometimes on my couple but I can’t. NO matter what happens I know S&B will always be each others’ one and only true loves.
    Their love is forever written in the stars and I will always be a S&B fan/Mo&Van fan for life.
    Thanks Ro again for another timely blog!You are amazing with such a beautiful heart.

    • Thank you, Kasaundra. It means a lot. I just hope we can all see ourselves past this and remember we are all people with feelings and try to be a little more sensitive to each other. I hope that the lot of us don’t scare away either V or M from tweeting with us. We have the love story that brought us together and I believe, that story will carry us through…. xoxoxo

  2. Maurice Bernard not staying either he say he leaving next summer when he turn 50 plus we can’t give up on sonny & brenda no Maurice did try to keep vanessa but they wouldn’t work with her schedule she wanted some time off but they wouldn’t give it to her so please blaim maurice bernard & vanessa marcil

  3. Thanks for the blog, Ro!! It was much needed. I’ll always be a S&BFF til the end and will support Maurice & Vanessa any way I can. They allowed me to step outside of real life and watch a dynamic loving couple.

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