Join Maurice’s Pack….

Thank you for visiting Maurice Benard’s fundraising page!  Anyone who knows of Maurice knows how much he and his family love animals.  They have a menagerie of dogs, cats, birds and other family pets.  Maurice is very happy to be able to take part in the festivities of Cesar Millan’s National Family Pack Walk!

Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support his fundraising efforts. Proceeds go directly to the Cesar and Ilusion Millan Foundation. And.. if you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, register on the main page and come out and join us on October 30th!

Many thanks for your support — and don’t forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

 This was taken from from the team page for Maurice… Let’s get him above and beyond his goal if we can! Maurice needs our support and I bet we can all help him get there! <— Link to donate
TTFN xoxo~Ro

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