Bye, Bye Robin

 Goodbye Robin Soltini-Scorpio-Drake… Thank you for all your years in Port Charles, NY. Thank you for falling in love with bad-boy, rolling-stone-off-of-the-street, Stone and giving us one of the best and poignant storylines ever written. Thank you for being one of the only characters in the past 10 years who had heart & soul on the show. Thank you for being the conscience of Port Charles when the rest of the city has none.  Thank you for being friends with Sonny, even though it has been hard at times, but, know that you usually are the one who can see him for who he is, love him anyway and who has always been a constant in his life. Thank you for being Brenda’s friend and always being there for her. You will be missed, you will be remembered. The S&Bers will miss you & we will always love you.

Excerpt from Soap Opera Digest:

GH’S McCULLOUGH LEAVING: It’s true: GH’s Kimberly McCullough (Robin) is exiting Port Charles, but will air into the early months of 2012. “Kimberly McCullough has decided to pursue her dream of directing full-time, so she has decided to leave GENERAL HOSPITAL as storyline dictates,” says a show spokesperson. “Expect a poignant and must watch storyline for Robin and Patrick.” This announcement comes hot on the heels of the news that Jonathan Jackson (Lucky) has also opted out.

Good luck to Kimberly in all her new ventures. I wish her much success, happiness and an interesting life ahead! While she will be missed on GH, she has so many new possibilities opening up for her. She is so talented, beautiful and smart… I bet it won’t be long until we see more of what she has been working on. Her movie, “Nice Guys Finish Last” has achieved some accolades and won awards.. Kim has a very bright future ahead of her!

Thank you, Kimberly for all your years with us. It has been more than wonderful to watch you grow up as I grew up. You’re a part of the fabric of my life and I love that you are.


TTFN xoxo~Ro…..short for Robin




3 responses

  1. Great Blog as always Ro (Robin)…With all the wonderful actors leaving GH it truly feels like an end of an era and a personal relationship. Fans who watch soaps really fall in love with specific characters from the beginning and Robin was one of those for me. As with a lot of families, we her fans have been through so much with her character that we feel a personal connection regardless of where storylines and plots may take us. And as in lot of these families, it’s hard to watch the ones you love move on and make their own path. Kimberly McCullough is moving on to do bigger and better things that make her happy, but, no matter where she goes or what she does…she will always be Robin Soltini-Scorpio-Drake first and formost to her #GH family.
    Thank you Ro, as always, for giving us a place to call home!
    Barb xoxo

  2. Farewell :-(. Thank you for all of your hard work throughout the years of GH. We fans appreciate it. Wishing yoou the best of luck for the future. PLEASE COME BACK soon. U WILL B MISSED.

  3. oh Ro, you said it. I will miss her terribly. the only thing we can hope for is that if the show ever ends, she will return…I really am sad. Especially since she has always been such an integral part of the S&B story.

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