Jammies for Nkosi’s Haven

Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo is involved in a charity that is very dear
to her heart. Nkosi’s Haven is a residential care center in Johannesburg,
South Africa that shelters Women and children infected with HIV/AIDS and
as well as orphans who are infected or not with HIV/AIDS. This year, she
is doing a project that will warm our hearts and put smiles on the faces
of these beautiful angels.

Vanessa and crew are sewing and making jammies made of organic materials
to help clothe them to keep warm and make their lives a little easier.
These kids depend on us to keep them safe and happy, thus, what we are
wanting to help, too. Vanessa asked us a couple of weeks ago, both via Twitter
and Facebook to email her at gagoovmg@gmail.com and be put on a waiting
list to buy one pair and donate the second pair, (or you could donate
both pair if you like, the more the merrier and the more these children
will be warm).

Take the time to give this season and give to those who really is in
need, like these children of Nkosi’s Haven. Every little donation helps
to bring us one step closer to making their dream come true. These
children’s smile will be the biggest reward you can ever receive…

Thank you to Amanda for writing this up for us a few weeks ago. xoxo

To get on the waiting list to order a pair of jammies for your child please email gagoovmg@gmail.com a second pair of jammies will be made for a child of Nkosi’s Haven.

Please follow @GagooJammies for more information or keep checking back to this blog. I will have pictures of the jammies as soon as they are available.

If you’d like to actively do something for Vanessa in light of her recent loss, this would be a perfect thing to do! You’d be putting organic jammies on your own child or a child you know and a child in South Africa who doesn’t have much, if anything. It will not only make you feel great for doing something sweet for your child but you will feel wonderful for making a little boy or girl you don’t know, warm and cozy at night with great jammies!

Thank you for helping out Vanessa in her quest to help those at Nkosi’s Haven.. Our goal is 10,000 jammies to be ordered. Please tell your friends and family. Once we reach 10,000 jammies, we will have a price for you. The more jammies ordered, the better the price. **** My understanding is the price of the jammies will be $25 – 30 each.****

I am happy to update this blog post with images of the fantastic jammies Vanessa made! This is not the finished product, but at least everyone will have a great idea as to what the jammies will look like:

The jammies are made out of all organic cotton and will feel scrumptious on the skin! Please help Vanessa achieve her goal of 10,000 jammies for the orphans of Nkosi’s Haven. Dress your child or a child you know and another pair will be made and donated to Nkosi’s Haven.

Website for BabyGagoo is www.babygagoo.com

Thank you!!

TTFN xoxo~Ro


3 responses

  1. What amazing project to get involved in and I support it with all my heart. I’m not aware of any other initiative that encompasses the circle of giving that this does. Not only are you giving a gift to children, with these wonderful jammies, but, you are giving yourself a gift as well. for there is not greater feeling of warmth and love than giving to a child….you receive unconditional love in return. I hope everyone will join in.

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