Why do I love Sonny and Brenda?

Why do I love our Sonny and Brenda?

I love them because 18 years ago, when they met in the fictional town of Port Charles, they were seriously attracted to each other from the start. They bantered, flirted and sent sexual tension into overdrive. I fell in love with them as they fell in love with each other. I believed what I saw on my screen… I know that they are a work of fiction, but as with Scarlett & Rhett, Noah & Allie, Romeo & Juliet, Carrie & Mr. Big and so on, I’ve loved them and believed in their love stories… We love them still and in our minds’ eye, they will all be together forever and always.

There’s nothing wrong with loving a couple who has reached thru the pages of a book or the screen of tv or movie and holding them dear in your heart. It’s called hope, faith, true love, soul mates and it’s romantic. It gives us hope that there is that amazing, romantic love out there for all of us and that love can overcome all odds.

As for Sonny and Brenda, I have been a fan of theirs since the very beginning. I will always be a fan of their characters, together or separate. I just don’t become a couple fan of S or B in other relationships. It doesn’t mean I don’t support the individual character, because I do, it just means I am just not into seeing one or the other with other people. I hate Carly & don’t care for any other woman Sonny has been with. I also didn’t like Brenda with anyone other than Sonny. Not Miguel, not Jax…. Ok, so I have a small soft spot for Jagger but that happened before Sonny… It doesn’t mean I want that part of Brenda’s life revisited anytime soon. It’s a fairly simple concept, imo. If you are one who can couple hop as long as one of your faves are part of that couple, that’s great… But not everyone feels the same… AND, that is ok. We can’t all be the same, life would be boring.

As for telling a story, what I see on-screen doesn’t tell a complete one. I feel that so much is missing and skipped over/glossed over, whichever works for you better. It’s not even just about the writing for Sonny, Brenda or their marriage.. but with everyone on the show.

Back to the magic of S&B.. They captured my heart so long ago. They danced their dance and because of the magic of Claire Labine’s writing, I feel hard, hook, line and sinker to the point there are no substitutes for S&B. When they would look at each other, touch or kiss, I felt it in my heart. Vanessa and Maurice connected on a very primal, organic, natural and glorious level. It wasn’t forced or rewritten, the connection wrote itself because without words, their chemistry and passion leapt through the screen by V&M’s natural connection. The way they portrayed S&B leads me to believe they were connected in another lifetime.. It just comes so easily for them in this life. They make me believe and have hope.

I believe they way they were initially written, they were each other’s lost pieces to their own puzzles of love. Now, others may disagree or think a bit differently but I think ultimately, Sonny and Brenda are meant to be. They are magic, they are complicated, they are passionate and they accept each other for who the other is. Sonny LETS Brenda go in order to keep her safe & happy. Her safety and happiness has always come above and beyond anyone elses. I believe Sonny loves Brenda more than he loves himself. I believe she sacrifices her happiness each time she walks out the door. She remembers the rain, how cold it can be and how her heart has broken when he sacrifices his love for her, for her greater good… She would rather there be no rain falling anymore when he leaves.. So she leaves before the rain can even start to fall.

Neither one is perfect. They are hugely flawed characters with awful childhoods where they both were unwanted. Sonny was abused & Brenda was abandoned in a boarding school. They both have abandonment issues from their childhoods. Their fathers both left them and both their mothers died. (Granted B’s mom came back from the dead only to be a nutcase who then tried to kill them both..) They had no one & when they met each other, their souls recognized the hurt in the other. They found a home within each other.

 That is how I saw them written. I saw how hard they tried to overcome the obstacles they encountered and how they each stumbled & fell. But somehow, no matter the hurt they may have caused the other, the love was always there. It always shone through… Not just to me, but my fellow S&Bers. We still feel it. We see bits of ourselves in Brenda and love Sonny because he is an amazing character, who gave his whole heart to Brenda.

I will always be a Sonny and Brenda fan. I will support them, I will watch GH for Sonny now. I hope he finds the root of his pain and works on resolving those issues. I commend Maurice for amazing, heartfelt scenes and for continuing to play Sonny, whether or not I care for a current pairing… He will always be my Sonny and I, in my mind’s eye, will always see him with Brenda.

TTFN xoxo~Ro


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  1. Very well said, Ro. It’s nice to read a perspective from someone who has loved them from the very beginning. I’m no romantic, I don’t like cheesy lines or happy endings but I do agree that V&M share an amazing chemistry that I have never seen before. I know I’m not one of you guys that adores them for so many years now, but I also feel their love for one another is an inspiration. Sure they are fictional characters, but like you said wonderfully written. They are not perfect and they bring so much happiness to others whenever they appear on screen together.

    Aside from that, they just fit perfectly together as actors. Their affection for one another is believable and this strong chemistry they radiate is just so fascinating.

  2. I have been an S&B Fan for half my life and I can’t imagine or take them with anyone else. I stopped watching GH the minute Sonny left Brenda at the altar. I watched on an off again when Vanessa returned but have been let down each time. I PRAY that if the show ends….the writers will give us Sonny and Brenda fans some peace. 🙂

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