S&B 2011

2011 started off with a bang for S&Bers. Sonny and Brenda were engaged, hanging out together at CITA, had a wacky wedding planner, Robin was having scenes with them and we were happy. It was glorious to see Sonny and Brenda communicating, having fun and looking forward to their life together.

The wedding was AMAZINGLY beautiful and as a S&Ber of almost 20 years, it was a long, overdue pay off and I appreciated every moment of it. We had a fantastic media tour, pictures, beautiful scenes and magical lines spoken. I loved Brenda’s dress and she looked gorgeous. Sonny looked so dapper and happy in his tux.. What a beautiful couple they make! Everything was great, until the end of the reception, when things started to get a bit hairy for our couple.

Why Guza couldn’t write something else, something creative, full of love, passion and sharing between Sonny and Brenda is beyond me. Regardless of what Vanessa’s plan was, they could have gone in a way where maybe we wouldn’t have seen the departure coming like it really was spelled out for us. They could have written a passionate S&B, very much in love, working together and truly having a marriage. We should have seen that honeymoon. March was so depressing and dark last year. It was quite unnecessary for the whole month to be crap. I believe it was 15 or 18 scenes of the honeymoon cut. That would have been a week or 2, may 3 with how TPTB drag out things of happiness inserted in the wake of tragedy… We didn’t even see Liz, Lucky or even Jason mourn together, see a funeral or how Liz healed during those dark days. Instead it was about Luke and his drinking. Not about the life lost and what he meant to those 3 people who were his parents.  Jason may have been a “donor” but he was a parent who sacrificed his happiness for his son to grow up in a “stable” home. Anyway, it was depressing, sad and very dark. There was no light.

As soon as we had S&B again, we had Lucian thrust onto the scene. This is where the WTF really comes into play in our S&B story. In no way shape or form would our “old” S&B NOT work together for the good of someone else, especially if a child belonging to one of them was kidnapped.I also don’t get the shutting out they both did to each other. Also, my opinion is this, Sonny did the majority of the shutting out, put Carly ahead of Brenda and stopped taking his meds. I believe Sonny was in the wrong during this. Sure, Brenda was a bit crazy during this time but who wouldn’t be if their child was missing? Then when the discovery that Lucian was not Brenda’s child but Alec was? Is Lucian still sitting in that airport? Does anyone care?


The exit was written poorly. Yes, Brenda’s exit. Wow, I, off the top of my head could have written at least 5 other ways for her to have been written out so Sonny could continue to have a gf down the road if they chose to go that route.

1) Brenda could have been kidnapped & presumed dead. Franco could have been involved. Thus creating an umbrella story and including other cast members into the story with Sonny.

2) Sonny & Brenda could have staged a break-up and Sonny could have taken extended trips to be with his wife and step-child.

3) Brenda could have continued modeling and would have been away with phone calls, references to her flying in for the weekend.

4) Brenda could have been in an accident and wound up in a coma. We could have watched Sonny deal with being a sudden father to Alec. He never had a child with him full-time when they were that young.

5) Brenda could have gotten a call from Julia and Brenda, along with Alec could have gone to be with Julia as she maybe dealt with a health crisis.

So many better ways than Brenda hitching a ride with Jax. It was a cop-out in my opinion. A way not to deal with the impact S&B have had on ratings, nothing about their history or the connection they shared. Just a “peace-out” sort of  ending. Full of unsaid words and broken promises. No meaty story to send either S or B off in their new directions. It was sad and frustrating.

Honestly, other than 2 mentions after Brenda left about Sonny NOT taking his meds, we never really heard about it again, nor do we understand exactly why he stopped taking them. There’s been no therapy, just loose ends and a rush back into a relationship with Kate. I would have rathered to have seen him deal with his demons and dark areas of his life. Why couldn’t he let Brenda in? Why did she really leave him? Why did he trust Carly over Brenda when we all know Carly is crazier than a loonybin? Why couldn’t he trust Brenda? Why couldn’t she really confide in Sonny and why couldn’t he comfort her when her little boy was missing? Why was this storyline written in a way that was really unrecognizable for Sonny and Brenda fans? Neither one was true to character. Except that Brenda always runs away when she feels unwanted and Sonny lets her go because he wants to protect her.

We had huge ups and downs this year at The Sonny and Brenda Forum and now at our new spot, The Sonny and Brenda Haven. During 2010/2011, we had Sonny and Brenda. We were so fortunate to have them together having fun, beautiful chemistry and a true, real life friendship that leaps off the screen like nobody’s business. Vanessa and Maurice also reached out to their fans this year in a major way. Vanessa started tweeting with a whole bunch of us and Maurice had a wonderful and fun fan tour on the east coast. They both had events at GHFCW.  Some of us even saw both Maurice and Vanessa together, which to see “Sonny and Brenda” in person is a unbelieveable gift and honor to see your faves for so many years live, in person in one place.  Best night of my life after marriage & babies.


We don’t know what 2012 has in store for us, we could have S&B again. It was a crazy year for S&Bers.. Highest of highs and really bad, bad lows but, we made awesome friendships, had a lot of fun and have bonded even more to each other. S&Bers are the best #Team out there.

We really had a fantastic and fun year. It was unexpected but always hoped for. It could have been better but, I will relish the moments we had because those moments are what keep our fanbase together, our bus rolling and hope for the future.

Happy Holidays from The Sonny and Brenda Haven! We wish you all light, love, happiness, good health and a wonderful New Year!

TTFN xoxo~Ro

*new* board url, if not already registered on our new board, you will have to register: http://s11.invisionfree.com/SonnyandBrendaHaven It is an entirely new board. Please join Lisa and I there for discussions, fanfic, art and all sorts of fun! xoxo


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