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Sonny and Brenda…

One day, I know I will wake up in the morning and either have 500 emails or Tweets that Vanessa is finally coming back again. It happened before and I’m sure it will happen again. I’m patient and waiting for that amazing day….

Until then, I bide my time, tweet pretty pictures, encouraging words and make fun of Kate as much as I can. It’s what S&Bers do, we make fun of who ever Sonny spends his time with.. If Brenda were on-screen sans Sonny, I’d make fun of who ever she was paired with. Why? Because he wouldn’t be Sonny.

Seeing Sonny by himself, sans a woman, allows growth to happen within the character and I love to see Sonny grow and understand exactly who he is and what makes him tick. He’s one sexy character, whom I love to watch!

As a S&B Fan First, I unfortunately fall into a bad category. I like both characters separately but there is a magical thing that happens when the characters are put together. They exude sexiness, friendship, comfort, passion and overwhelming love between them. I can’t help but get drawn into their love story. S&B are special and when I first laid eyes on them, I fell hard. I suppose like a first love. I will never forget the feeling I had when I first met Sonny and Brenda, separately and as a couple.

I will never be just a Sonny Fan First or just a Brenda Fan First in the true sense of the meanings. I couldn’t choose between them.  I choose both. 🙂  I see their flaws and in spite of their problems, I feel they are at their best, together. Neither is perfect and I wouldn’t want them to be. They came from two opposite ends of the spectrum and found their way together by the grace of Claire Labine’s pen. The scribe wove such an unforgettable  tale, it has lived on in my heart and many others. We can’t let go. S&B ALWAYS come home to the other. In 1 year, 5 years or another 20, there will be a continuation to their love story, I just *know* it! Our loyalty proves that fact.

I don’t have much to say except that I love my Sonny and Brenda. I love Maurice Benard for being our Sonny for all these wonderful years and allowing me to enjoy my favorite mobster, continuously. I love Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo for being as much of a S&Ber as I am and my friends are. I love that she will take time to play with us on Twitter.

We’re such a LUCKY fanbase! We really are…. I thank my lucky stars for having all my S&Bers and for getting to know both Vanessa and Maurice through their tweets. I am fortunate to have “met” so many fans, just the S&Bers, SFF’s and BFF’s. You all have brought so much to the table and have made interesting points, fun discussions and amazing support for our safe haven.

Have fun, play nice and remember.. One day we will have a day full of EEEEEEEEEEE’s and our ride will continue.

TTFN xoxo~Ro


Ending Piracy, Not Liberty….

The Sonny and Brenda Haven opposes SOPA & PIPA… If the bills go through, it would affect my blog & others like it. It would put a stop to sharing any information, spoilers and rumors.

For more information and to sign the petition go here: https://www.google.com/landing/takeaction/

Please take a moment and sign the petition… I did!

TTFN xoxo~Ro

Claire Labine’s Magic

The magic of the 1990’s era of GH has stayed with Sonny and Brenda fans because of the seamless way the tales were written. Sure, we are S&Bers but along with that, we are Claire Labine fans, always.


Claire Labine wove tales that captured our hearts, had us falling in love and took us on adventures that would break our hearts, give us hope and ignited passion on our tv screens. She wrote stories within stories, used all the cast, from old-time vets to the newest of newbies and intertwined them all so the stories would unfold and affect all of Port Charles. It was magical because it caused the fans to enjoy ALL of GH, not just select couples or characters.

Claire introduced us to the feisty Brenda Barrett first. She was a spitfire who had been stuck in a few European boarding schools along the way and suddenly showed up on her sister, Julia’s doorstep. From there, she meddled in her sister’s love life, fell hard for Jagger Cates and struggled to find where she fit in. She became friends with Robin Scorpio, Ned Ashton and AJ & Jason Quartermaine. Finally, Brenda was coming into her own and had a place to be herself in Port Charles. Our favorite heroine was on the fast track to being one of the greatest female characters of all time. Vanessa Marcil had mad chemistry with EVERYONE!

Next, Claire introduced us to the brooding mobster, Sonny Corinthos. He came on the scene running the very seedy, Paradise Lounge and coaxed the very vulnerable Karen Wexler into becoming a stripper. He fed her need for pills and got her into bed. Maurice Benard’s role was only meant to be short-term at that time but, Maurice’s on-screen presence, and crazy chemistry with others, destined him to something more on the show. His character was brought on more and began interacting with some of the other already established characters. Claire also wrote a best friend for Sonny in the new character of Stone Cates. They were two outcasts working their way into the hearts of the citizens of Port Charles and the viewers at home.

Once Sonny and Brenda met and connected, their love story was written in the stars and captivated our hearts like no other couple. They flirted, bantered, eyes met from across rooms and we fell for them hook, line and sinker! General Hospital struck gold with the pairing of Sonny and Brenda! They leapt off the screens and into our imaginations for almost 20 years. They were passionate, sexy, bold and daring!  Sonny and Brenda are soulmates and meant to be together.

What happened next was the treat of watching 3 different couples fall in love and over come the obstacles placed before them. Claire wrote the love stories of Sonny and Brenda, Stone and Robin and Ned and Lois simultaneously, slowly and seamlessly. The way they were written was amazing and the viewers at home were taken on the path to love along with the characters. The viewers saw all 3 couples flirt, go on dates, argue & make up, have fun with their friends/families and deal with different nay-sayers about their relationship. Claire wove stories. Made them realistic and memorable. So much so, most of us fans from that era enjoy watching those clips on Youtube over and over again. 

Obviously, we are big Sonny and Brenda fans. We love their love story, undeniable chemistry between Vanessa and Maurice, the genuine friendship both the couple and actors have for each other, the history the characters have; separate and together and the amazing loyalty they have inspired in their fans. S&Bers have been loyal to Sonny and Brenda as a couple & to their characters individually. We are also quite loyal to the actors who portray S&B, too. We fell in love with the whole package and never wavered.

Claire Labine left an imprint on GH and on the viewers hearts. We thank her for the powerful, amazing and fun stories of that time. We would love to see some of that amazing storytelling come back to our show. We would love to join the journey of couples falling in love, over coming all odds and see adventure, drama and fun back on General Hospital.


TTFN xoxo~Ro

*I wrote this for the Sonny and Brenda, Always project run by @slygirlSnBFF . If you haven’t gotten your paragraph, art or S&B quotes yet, please do so soon. She needs everything by January 16, 2012. Please tweet her or DM her if you have something to contribute! xo

Sonny and Brenda Always: Campaign Project

Our friend, Sylvia has a great idea to send a scrapbook to TPTB. (The scrapbook shown was a gift to Maurice & Vanessa last year)

She would like to receive 100+ letters (paragraphs, images or quotes) from S&Bers to put into her scrapbook to show TPTB why and how much we LOVE Sonny and Brenda.

Her email for this project is: SnBteam@hotmail.com

Let’s make this work and get as many letters together as possible. You don’t have to write something long and drawn out, it can be something simple as:

Sonny and Brenda Always (hehe, use of campaign slogan)
and underneath and awesome picture of our couple.

Or you could list some of your favorite quotes.

Or you could write out your favorite scene…

Or if you make art, make a beautiful banner for TPTB.

Just do something and participate however you can in making our New Year Wish come true..


Let’s do THIS!!

TTFN xoxo~Ro